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  • Mild Bondage: The Basics

    Wednesday, August 14, 2013   |   Blog Admin

    The Problem:

    Sex is as good or as dreary as you make it. When things get monotonous, there's always the tendency to lose interest in them. Quite like maths in school, we weren't always fond of the subject and tried to find ways and means of avoiding it. Well, now apply this paradigm to your sex life... "Not tonight darling, I have a headache!" Sounds familiar?


    What couples are saying about mild bondage?

    Mild bondage is definitely not for the faint of heart, but ask couples around the world and many will grudgingly admit, that it is one of the things they'd love to experiment with. If done right, bondage and discipline is one of the most erotic experiences you can have.

    What you need to do before you can even think about indulging in mild bondage?

    The decision to indulge in mild bondage isn't one you can make on your own, be open and honest with your partner. Read up together on the subject (the internet is full of helpful tips and do's and don't's). Discuss your fantasies in a mature and serious manner and arrive at a decision together.


    Once you do, here are the next steps...


    1) Establish ground rules:

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    Easily the most important aspect of mild bondage, is deciding in advance what you are comfortable with, and what point you will not go beyond. Remember there is a lot of trust involved in this fetish, and in the heat of the moment, lines can easily be crossed. So always prepare in advance.


    2) A safe word:

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    Some role play scenarios can get rather intense. A 'naughty cops and robbers' scenario for instance, can easily get out of hand if either one of the two partners (especially the dominant one) gets a wee bit carried away. It is therefore vital to agree upon a safe word in advance. Something that when used, means that the submissive partner is either tired or feeling overwhelmed.


    3) The right equipment:

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    Remember, the right equipment is very important, to ensure, maximum pleasure & safety, and to make sure that the experience is authentic one. At That's Personal, India's first and largest adult products e-store, we have the most comprehensive range, of everything that your bondage adventure would necessitate. From blindfolds to floggers, restraints to fetish wear and role play costumes, with us you will not go wrong!


    Here are a few important things to remember once the session ends:

    1) Always indulge the submissive partner in a soothing massage:

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    A massage is the perfect sequel to a stimulating bondage session. It helps relax the submissive partner and provides a soothing contrast to the previous session.


    2) Always be receptive to feedback:

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    Remember, the submissive partner is the one, experiencing the bondage and his/her feedback about the experience should be considered priceless, simply to better the dominant partner's performance, the next time around.


    3) Be open to reverse roles:

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    The best way to experience the whole spectrum of mild bondage is to play both the parts, viz. the dominant and the submissive. While dominating has its vicarious side, being at someone's mercy, completely also opens one up to newer pleasures and possibilities!


    As far as sexually adventure and stimulating situations go, you can't go wrong with a little light bondage. Remember to follow the simple cautionary steps, enjoy each other's roles and most importantly the signs that your partner gives you and we're quite certain it will change your sex lives for the better!

    Until next time, keep on loving and being adventurous. Don't let the sun go down on romance!



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