10 easy tips to last longer in bed

Aleena Oct 1 2018 at 7:17 AM

Tick, Tick, Whoooooosshhhhh.

If that sounds like you in bed, you my man need help.

Without wasting anymore time and words, let’s get straight into actionable tips that will make you last in bed all night.

*What are you? An owl?*


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1. Simple things first.

Have you experienced those cranky moments where you are shut down from inside. You don’t feel like doing anything. You just feel extremely drowsy.

That happens when you work a lot and don’t get enough sleep.

When your partner initiates sex during this time, result? Bad performance.

You start getting anxious when you are tired, which is not what you want if you are looking to perform longer in bed.

So do yourself and your partner a favour, get a good night’s sleep preferably for 7 to 8 hours.

This will greatly improve your chances of performing better in bed.

Simple, right?

2. Hey, what’s that pigeon doing on my window sill?

No you don’t have to literally ask that. You just have to think that.

Confused? Don’t be. Here’s how it works.

When you come close to an orgasm…when you feel like your liquid is gonna come out any second,

Instead of thinking about all the heavenly sex feelings,  think of all the things which you “should not” be thinking during sex.

Like your bald boss, electricity bills, the friend you need to take money back from.

All these not-so-pleasurable feelings inside you will prevent the cum from coming out right this minute.

Bonus- Your girlfriend won’t even know that you just did that.  Because you did that in your mind!

The trick is simple, just take yourself out of that moment for a few seconds.

Once your orgasm is long gone, get back to thrusting again. Extra time yayyy.

So get dreaming guys.

3. Position, position, positions!

Can we say that enough?

Sex is all about the positions you do it in.

While your favorite doggy and your wife’s favorite missionary are a bad position for premature ejaculation, there are a few positions that help delay a man’s cum.

How does that work?

A man’s ejaculation heavily depends on the pleasure his penis is getting. In some sex positions, a man is in a really active situation and his penis gets a lot of stimulation. Which isn’t something a man with premature ejaculation should be going for.

Doggy style position let’s you go inside her fast and deep-which increases the chances of cumming quickly. So it’s better to avoid it if you suffer from premature ejaculation.

An ideal position for men suffering from premature ejaculation would be where his penis does not get stimulated that much. And this happens when a penis is deep inside a woman’s vagina since a penis’s head is the most sensitive region.

So which are these?

a) The cowgirl and reverse cowgirl

These are commonly known as woman-on-top positions wherein a penis is deep inside a woman’s vagina. In this way, the head of the penis does not receive much stimulation leading to longer time in bed.

Moreover, this position works great for the partner. It targets her G-spot and gives her all the control and power over you. It’s a total win-win, you guys.

b) The back seated position

The seated position is where the man sits on a edge and the woman sits on his lap facing the other side. The woman’s back is facing the man in this position.

Here the penis stays deep inside the vagina and receives very little stimulation. Also, the man cannot perform long strokes/thrusts inside the vagina which again means little to no stimulation to the head of the penis.

c) Face-to-face position

This position is very much similar to the previous back seated position with the difference of both of your bodies being face to face to each other. Even here the penis stays deep inside the vagina and receives very little stimulation. Also, the man cannot perform long strokes/thrusts inside the vagina which again means little to no stimulation to the head of the penis.

4. Spray it on

Did you know there are sprays and creams available that can help you last longer in bed? Without any side-effects?

If you didn’t, here’s news for you.

India’s most loved sexual wellness store, ThatsPersonal.com has brought to you a wide range of products only dedicated towards increasing your time in bed.

Check them out here- Delay sprays and creams for premature ejaculation at effective prices and safe delivery.

5. Find new ways

You are not gonna agree with me on this one, and I know that.

Sex is so much more than entering the vagina and giving shots after shots.

So give that thrusting some rest and try this instead.

Hold your penis and and place the head of your penis on the woman’s clit. Place it there and massage it sensuously. Give it a nice pressure and allow yourself to get lost in the pleasure.

So next time you are coming close and you don’t want your penis to release cum just yet, slow down and do this instead.

You gonna love this one

Remember as a teenage boy how you loved masturbating every now and then. Good news! You get to do it now as well.

Masturbating about an hour before having sex can make your orgasm come really late.

Pretty cool, huh?

6. How much stamina have you got playboy?

All our bodies are different and some are stronger than others and as much you would not like to believe it, stamina is a very essential part of performing longer in bed.

If you get tired quickly, obviously that passion won’t be there.

So get that exercise routine in place and go on all night satisfying your lady love.

7. Try a cock ring

Remember that phrase, if you like it too much….put a ring on it. And obviously you love the junior version of you.

So show him some love and put a ring on it.

Cock rings or penis rings are simple, stretchy rings worn around the penis to trap in the blood flow.

The ring fits over the base of his penis and keeps his penis harder longer while also delay his orgasm. Cock rings also come in vibrating versions, increasing your pleasure simultaneously.

8. Porn, no thank you.

Porn is all about erotic visuals.

Stunning girls with big assets.

If you are dependant on porn to get you aroused and reach a climax, it will get really difficult in bed to perform well and satisfy your partner.

So limit your porn watching time. Occasionally watching porn is fine. Really fine. Don’t worry about that.

9. The most popular one

Open any premature ejaculation article and the first point or the most stressed point will be- Edging.

Hain? Ye kya hota hai?

Well, it’s pretty simple.

When you feel you are about to orgasm,

Hold your penis just below the head and squeeze for 5-10 seconds.

Why to do this?

This makes the blood flow out of the penis and decreases the sexual arousal and tension that got created inside it.

Hence delaying the ejaculation.

This kind of tactic is a common practice for edging, where the goal is halt an orgasm (for men or women) just before climax, take a moment to calm down, and then start back up again, ultimately leading to an incredibly intense orgasm eventually.

10. Condoms could do that??!

Yes! There are condoms that can delay your orgasm and make you last longer in bed.

Delay condom has a special ingredient that desensitizes your penis and delays your climax.

Buy Moods All Night Climax Delay Condoms at an attractive price.

And lastly, it’s common to wish to make your lady’s world rock…..every lady deserves it. Do not feel inferior at any point, coz that will only effect your performance in bed. Follow these steps and get control over your premature ejaculation.


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