Easy ways to increase penis size at home

Aleena Sep 11 2018 at 4:14 PM

I don’t need to tell you, that…..

  • Men are insecure of their size.
  • How penis size plays an important role in your sex life.
  • And so many bogus treatments and spams are available on this issue.

So let’s get straight to the point, shall we?

By the end of this article, you will know-

  • Science behind how a penis actually grows? (Not boring at all, Promise)
  • What works and what doesn’t? (All truth, no lies)
  • Quick, easy penis hacks for an enhanced appearance.
  • 3 Indian women reveal what it was like to have sex with a man with small penis. (I bet you are dying to read that one).
  • Which foods increases penis size.(They are lying right in your kitchen).
  • Supplements you can take.(Safe and healthy ones).
  • Penis enlargement exercises. (And how they are performed).
  • Penis enlargement pumps.(Do they really work and how exactly?).
  • Penis extender (Pumps? Extenders? What’s the difference?)
  • Surgery to grow penis size in India (In case you are considering them).

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Pros of penis enlargement-

  • Longer length of the penis that reaches deep inside a woman’s vagina.
  • Fuller thickness of the penis that makes a woman feel loaded inside her.
  • Harder and stronger erections that never hang loose.
  • Enhanced penis health, for those using penis exercises.
  • Elevated sexual stamina in the bedroom.
  • Increased self-confidence in every sphere of life.

It all sounds so dreamy and nice, right?

Hey daydreamer, drill these into your noodles before starting.

You already know, it is possible.

But how? That is the question.

Let’s clear this out first…….

It’s NOT quick and easy like the 2 minutes Maggi. *Side note- Maggi is never made in exactly 2 minutes*

You will see real, positive change in your penis size only with…





Blah, so boring. I know right.

But seriously guys, imagine trying to get abs, grow hair, get clear skin or lose weight.

You won’t see your hair sweeping floors after one day of oiling.

Or you won’t see biscuits forming on your tummy every time you walk towards the auto stand.

It does take time and effort to see that happen, right?

In all the above activities, you are trying to “change” a part of your body.

Just like the penis.

So why would that happen magically with a pop of one pill? Like you believe in those spam advertisements?

Just like all other bodily changes that happen over time, you will see permanent, measurable results of increasing penis size as well.

Quick Penis Fact- The longest penis size record stands at a staggering 13.5 inches.

Yeah, try digesting that fact while we move onto our next segment.

1) Light-hearted sidekicks

Before getting into serious remedies, let’s go through a list of easy peasy lemon squeezy things you will have to follow in order to see that never-ending penis.*Okay too much exaggeration*.

A) Kitne kilos the, Sambha?

Watching Stranger things on Netflix and munching cheese covered chips seduced your taste buds like a deep, gratifying orgasm……..

You looked dapper stepping into the lift wearing formals to reach up to your 4th floor office……..

Those 6th month, 9th month, 1 year completion office parties had all the oil dipped platters to binge on…….

But what has all these done to your stomach down there?

Yeah, we are talking about that hanging belly going straight down to your pelvic area(the area from your stomach to the top of the penis).

This fat starts expanding from the pelvic area to the area around the penis making your pee-pee appear shorter.

When you cut down (not literally) some fat around your pubic/pelvic area, you can actually gain 0.1 to 0.3 inches in length because the pubic fat would be less.

So take those stairs, ditch those lays and hit that damned gym for a toned body right now.

B) Cut down the jungle

Imagine this,

A huge glob of lower tummy fat hanging over your pelvic area.

And just below that area is another huge bush of curly, unruly hair right down till the anus.

Ugh, disgusting.

Will your penis be the highlight here?

What will your partner first see after stripping you down? The fat slab and hair right?

So how do you get you define your penis to shine?

Simple, the answer is Philips.

Or probably Nova or Panasonic…..okay you take the call.

Grab a shaver or trimmer and shave off those hair around your penis. Use a razor and shaving cream, if required.

Give a close trim and let your natural skin shine through.*Along with those sexy veins*

So you got toned and shaved……..much better now.

Quick Penis Fact- The smallest penis size in the world is recorded that just 2 inches.

C) Get out of that Manali Trance

Lot of matters of penis depends on the blood inside it.

Less blood=Softer, smaller penis.

How does blood reach there?

Through the arteries.

Artery is basically the “Ramu Kaka” of our body carrying blood.

Now when you smoke, the artery tube that carries the blood to your penis narrows down and shrinks in size.

This causes less blood to reach the penis.

So stop shrinking down your arteries and let that red, healthy blood gush to the penis and fill it with health and life.

D) Your favorite……Foooooooooooooood

Hey, we stopped you from oil-dipped platters, you can still have food that are loaded with penis-nourishing nutrients.

Just like coconut oil nourishes hair, walnuts nourishes brains…..there are some common food available right in your kitchen that can increase your dick size!

The right food is going to help improve the health of your penis and give you stronger erections.

Erections are what’s gonna make your partner touch you there and go “So hard mmmmmmmm”

Without that hard erection your penis will be soft and spongy like an overripe banana.

For an erection, penis needs blood. And where does that blood come from? Food.

Also with the right vitamins and nourishments, new cells will form inside your penis leading to a bigger package.

So you get enhanced erections and a fit, healthy body.Win-Win.

Let’s get to the food quickly-

Quick Alert!

Eating the below given food is not going to increase your penis ALONE. You will have to couple this diet with some serious penis enlargement routines to see results.

Okay back to the food,

i) Bananas-

You may have heard, walnuts look like your brain so they are good for your brains.

And the whole world knows what a banana looks like. *wink*

Mr.K (Potassium) present in bananas increases the flow of blood.Just imagine a water slide….yeah that water flow is the blood flow in your body.

And we just saw increased blood flow=bigger erection. Simple.

ii) Onions-

They are not there just to make your eyes water guys.

At some points of our body, blood may clot and flow slower than normal.

Onion is helpful in making the blood flow smoothly and consistently throughout the whole body.

And yes, inside your penis too.

Let’s repeat the formula again together, increased blood flow=bigger erection. That was fun.

iii) Dark chocolate-

*Yes Bournville I am coming!*

Nitric oxide is found in raw cocoa which increases blood flow leading to?

Yeah you got it.

Increased blood flow=bigger erection.

iv) Watermelon-

*Super food alert*

Watermelon does help in boosting penis size. Big claim!

Allow us to explain…..

That big, loaded fruit comes with an amino acid called Citrulline *ooh sexy word*.

This citrulline when goes into your body and gets converted into Arginine.

This arginine improves blood circulation into the penis. Enough said.

v) The one true love-Chicken.

We have all seen those “Chicken actually died for you” memes.

And we cannot agree more.

Chicken is a lean protein. What is lean protein?

In simple words, foods with lean protein have minimal to no fat at all.

As a loaded source of protein, Chicken is going to keep you fit, healthy and keep a check on that hanging belly.

Also, Chicken contains a “penis enlarger” nutrient called Niacin which we will discuss later in this article inside the supplement section.

E) Food NOT to eat when you are trying to increase your penis size.

The simple rule here is,

Less calorie.

Because food with high calorie and fats will directly affect your heart, which in turn will affect blood circulation.

So avoid,

  • Salt
  • Fat
  • Potato chips
  • Cakes
  • Cookies
  • Coffee
  • Soft drinks

In short everything you do along with Netflix and Amazon Prime. Just Kidding.

That was all about the food you need to eat and you need to avoid to increase penis size.

Quick Penis Fact- Shoe size or foot size has no relation to the actual penis size……so stop looking down there you creeps.


2) Natural supplements you will be needing.*No magic pill here*

This is where all those spams fool you.

Anywho, now you are in safe hands.

Learn the science behind how these supplements work to make your penis bigger and make an informed choice.

A) L-Arginine

*Arginine sounds so fancy, just try pronouncing it for me once. The pronunciation goes like “R-Ji-9”

Our beloved R-Ji is an Amino acid and also the most important supplement to make penis longer.

What is an amino acid?

All our cells, tissues and muscles are made up of amino acids and amino acids are important for a lot of function in our body.

Back to our R-Ji,

Our body uses this amino acid (L-Arginine) to produce nitric oxide.

Why do you need nitric oxide here? Good question.

Nitric oxide enlarges the blood vessels that carry blood and increases blood flow. So with L-arginine comes nitric oxide.

And more nitric oxide means more blood flow.

And more blood flow means larger erection.

Its effective in improving nitric oxide levels in the blood. It also causes the outer tissues in the penis to expand, making the penis thicker and longer when erect.

Benefits of L-Arginine for increasing penis size -

  • Harder erections *No brownie points for guessing this one*
  • Increases blood flow to the penis
  • Thicker and longer erections
  • Better sexual arousal
  • Helps with semen production
  • Increases sperm count

B) Niacin

Is it just me or this vitamin sounds like my cousin Nancy?

Jokes apart, this one is another crucial supplement to increase penis size also known as Vitamin B3.

This supplement is excellent for your heart condition and we all know heart pumps blood.*Other than stupidly falling in love*

Niacin improves the health of your heart pumping healthy blood and the arteries carrying blood.

This ensures that your penis receives sufficient amount of blood at all times and is ready to-

Rise for the lady.

So go grab Nancy right now…….I mean Niacin, right now!

C) Folic Acid-

No, you don’t have to eat some acid ewwwww.

Again folic acid boosts smooth, rapid blood circulation. Especially inside the shaft of the penis. And you know what happens when blood gets into your shaft *Wink Wink*.

Folic acid supplements are greatly useful for men who face problems with their erections. Like, not getting sufficient erection, getting an erection but losing it soon.

D) Ginkgo Biloba-

Okay, make some noise we have a celebrity in the house guys!

This supplement has gone through 300 different studies and came back as a winner!

That’s some achievement right there.

I mean it came back as a proven remedy for-

  • Healthy blood vessels.
  • Improved blood circulation.
  • Enhanced sexual performance.
  • Increased energy and passion.

If you have poor blood circulation in your penis, this one is gonna help you leaps and bounds.

Our Recommendation- If you are looking out for sex capsules and supplements that will make a rockstar in bed, check out our herbal range of sexual supplements.

3)What do women feel about small penis size?

A) “I once dated with a guy who had a micro-penis (There’s no other word for that I guess). Even after hitting the 1 year milestone he did not initiate sex and that made me feel extremely doubtful of my own sexuality.

I started feeling like I wasn’t attractive enough that a guy would be with me for 1 year and still doesn’t wanna be intimate with me.

But in reality, he was just plain embarrassed of his size. When we actually got to sex (which by the way I started) , it was a terrible sex for me.

First because he was extremely under-confident about himself being naked. I could see no passion in him whatsoever. He kept saying sorry 100 times during the 10 minutes act and his penis just kept slipping out of me.

Overall, I wish no one should have sex the way I had. In his defence, I would say it wasn’t as bad as he caused it to be. Only if he was a little more confident, it would have been fun.”

-Meera Nair

B) “I was vacationing in Goa with my girl gang where I met a really cute foreigner. We did not like hit it off with our conversations but there was definitely sexual attraction. His eyes were brightly colored and he had the most intense eyebrows I had ever seen.

We had gone into his hotel room and we both anticipated what was going to happen next. I need to admit he was passionate and intense but then he dropped his pants off and there I saw the smallest penis I had ever seen. It should be somewhere close to 3 inches when erect.

It felt like a finger inside me and I literally felt like he is fingering me, instead of fucking me. But his passion was what saved that night. Even after having a tiny penis, he had really good confidence in bed….which I appreciated.

So all you guys out there, no matter what your size….Be confident. It’s sexy.”

-Diksha Kale

C) As much as I hate to say this, my husband is the one who has tiny penis and not my ex-boyfriends. We had a fairy tale arranged marriage and I got the shock of my life on our honeymoon.

For quite a few months, it was like an elephant in the room…..none of us talked about it clearly with each other.

Until the day I was giving him a blowjob and he pulled me up onto the bed and said, “It’s a bit small, isn’t it?”. I instantly felt bad for him and ended up saying, “It’s what you do with it that matters baby.” I tried to make him feel good but the sex is as always bad with him.

Whenever he thrusts into me, I cannot feel him inside and every time his penis keeps slipping outside my vagina. He always reaches an orgasm but I don’t. It’s just a sad reality that I have accepted to live with.”

-Radhika Khatri

Quick penis fact- Only 15 percent of men have penises more than 7 inches long

4) Exercises to increase penis size-

Exercises for penis sounds fun, doesn’t it?

For guys, doing anything with their dicks is fun and pleasurable.

You cannot go any more natural than this for enlarging your penis.

With these exercise routines, you can take supplements, exercise with penis pumps/extenders to maximize your penis enlargement results.

First let’s understand how will a particular penis exercise actually work.

Penis exercises work by any one of these three ways-

  • Contracting the penis muscles to strengthen them for quality erections.
  • Applying pressure on the penis tissues and stretch them. So it multiplies in number leading to increased length and girth.
  • Forcing nutrient-rich blood  into the penis to stimulate penis growth.

Over to the exercises-

A) Jelqing

  • Basic penis exercise.
  • Works really well if done correctly.
  • Jelqing applies “stress” and “pressure” to the penis.
  • Strokes your penis in firm motions to force healthy blood in penis.
  • Also, stretches the penis to increase size.
  • Before starting, get at least a 50% erection by lightly stroking.
  • Keep the penis relaxed.
  • Do not exercise with a full erect penis.
  • Perform 5 to 15 minutes per session up-to 3 times a week.
  • Can be done with a partner to spice things up.

Step by step Jelqing exercise-

  1. Join the tip of your thumb to the tip of your index finger to form an O shape.
  2. Now place that OK shape at the base of the penis.
  3. Keep sliding it up in slow motion.
  4. Stop right before the head of the penis.
  5. This should take about 2 to 3 seconds.
  6. Repeat with the other hand and continue doing this for 5 minutes at first.
  7. Gradually increase your time upto 10 minutes per session.

B) Kegels

  • Kegel exercise strengthens a muscle called the “pubococcygeus”.(Try pronouncing it, give a try….okay I give up).
  • This muscle supports the angle of your erection and controls orgasms.(No curved penis, yay).
  • Apart from that, this exercise increases blood flow to the penis for enlarging it and is convenient to be performed anywhere.
  • If your cum leaks out in drops or just drizzles and does not shoot properly, we have a good news for you.
  • Kegel exercises makes your ejaculation power strong so that you can shoot your cum quite far than you already are shooting.

Step by step kegel exercise -

To perform kegels you will have to find where that pubo whatever that muscle is.

In order to do that,

First, strip naked.*Yeah boy do it*

(Okay I love my job, asking guys to get naked)

  1. Take your finger and place it right at the area behind your balls and between your anus.
  2. That’s the muscle we are targeting here.
  3. Now imagine you are trying to stop yourself from peeing. Flex that muscle.
  4. If you can’t, do me a favor go drink a litre of water and pee. Try to stop yourself there.
  5. You should feel some movement where you put your fingers, and you might feel movement in your penis and balls.
  6. Hold it for minimum 3 seconds to maximum 10 seconds.
  7. Done.
  8. Release and repeat.
  9. Do that 5 times. That’s it.

Related- Step by step guide to penis enlargement with masturbation.

C) Compressor-

  • Compressor uses “compression” on your penis. Duh, common sense.
  • Dictionary explains compression as an act of  pressing something into a smaller space or putting pressure on it from different sides.*Hmmmmmm, sounds hopeful*.
  • So compression basically stresses the tissues inside the penis to allow new cells to grow and enlarge your penis.
  • Compressor is essentially helpful if you want to increase the thickness of your penis.

Step by step compressor exercise-

  1. Unlike the other penis exercises we saw above, this one uses both your hands.*So keep both your hands ready captain*
  2. Now join the tip of your thumb to the tip of your index finger again in a “Mast hai” gesture.
  3. Do the same with both hands.
  4. Now place one hand at the base of the penis at the bottom above the balls.
  5. Place the other hand at the top. Just a little below the head.
  6. With a slight pressure, bring both the hands close to each other.
  7. This will “compress” your penis.
  8. And when you feel your penis is most compressed somewhere in the middle, try bending it back and forth to promote growth.

D) Stretching

  • Stretching works by putting stress on the tissues inside the penis.
  • This stress and tension creates micro-tears in the tissues.
  • As natural process, new tissue grows in its place and fills up the space created by the tears.
  • While the compressor targets thick penis, stretching aims at longer penis.

Step by step to stretch exercise-

  1. Grab the head of your penis.*Just like your girlfriend would*.
  2. And just pull your penis with a little force away from your body.
  3. Stretch and pull for about 10 seconds.
  4. Now hold your penis in the upward direction and stretch again for 10 seconds.
  5. Next hold your penis downward, then left and then right to increase the effect in all parts.
  6. Repeat this exercise once daily for about 1 to 2 minutes.

For more detailed penis exercises, check out this ultimate guide to penis stretching exercises by Dr.Jeff at Phallogauge.

Back to the article,

5) How does penis actually grow?

Penis has two chambers inside it……Imagine Mumbai-Pune highway. Just like that. Two of them.

Called the corpora cavernosa.*I am not even gonna try pronouncing that*.

What’s interesting is what happens inside these chambers.  These highways, I mean chambers, are made of lots of spongy tissues…..imagine candy floss. Yeah buddhi ke baal.

These spongy tissues have a magical power of holding blood and growing in size.

When you are sexually aroused, the brain send signals through nerves. And then our dear artery carries blood to the penis.

Just to rewind, Mr Artery is the Ramu Kaka of our body carrying blood.

So everything is for either-

Making your penis hold more blood and grow its size.


Put pressure on the tissues and create gaps between cells so new cells take birth and enlarge your penis.

6) Penis Enlargement Devices

If you are a Sharma, Varma or Kumar ji ka ladka, chances are you never even knew there existed devices in which you could put your penis in!

Like seriously, ye bhi hote hai kya?

Baat simple hai, Technology is there to make  your lives easier.

I mean just imagine, till where would you go pulling your penis with your hand in the hope of lengthening it?

So these penis devices are a powerful substitute to all the exercises we discussed just now. But if use these devices along with the exercises, aap ki toh Nikal padi !

How do Penis Enlargement Devices Work?

If you remember how penis grows, you would remember there’s some level of “force” applied to the muscle, tissues and cells inside the penis to start growing it.

Penis devices does exactly the same on a more “intense” level. The applied pressure is much more than manual exercises giving better results.

Do you have one of those friends who’s a gymaholic? Who starts his day gymming and ends his day by posting half naked pictures of himself on Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat?

How do you think he achieved those huge biceps and toned muscles?

Workout, right?

He stretched his muscles, used weights, performed HIIT workout etc etc……

Why am I telling you all this?

Listen carefully,

Penis devices , be it penis pumps or penis extenders, work as a “workout” for your penis.

Your penis goes through high intensity workout inside them which grows them and makes them healthier and stronger.

No rocket science, see.

Let’s check out penis enlargement devices available in India.

Its India you see, where “ladke nahi rote” is an ingrained mentality since a grown-up young man was a toddler crying over his cerelac.

It’s high time we address that “Men in India” face issues with their body too. Just because they don’t have long hair to take care of does “not” mean they wished their body looked like something else.

Let alone their penises.

Penis enlargement industry has well-understood it and seeped into Indian markets with these revolutionary penis pumps and extenders.

The working with both is pretty straightforward-

Penis enlargement pumps use vacuum inside a pump that’s in the shape of your kitchen cylinder. It expands the tissues and forces blood into them.(More on that later)


Penis extenders stretch the penis by keeping it in a “traction” position and then starts the “cell-division” process .(High techy-techy stuff ….don’t worry it’s gonna get simpler).

A) Penis Enlargement Pumps to increase penis size:

We started with penis pumps because they are “massively” popular in India and maybe that’s why “Penis Enlargement Pumps” is the top selling category on our homesite ThatsPersonal.com.

What exactly are these?

Penis pumps are basically pumps in the shape of a cylinder that fits over your penis.

And then what?

Then they perform “suction” on your penis.

Suction in simple terms is “something getting sucked”. So in that sense, your penis gets sucked inside this pump.

Oh my god !  So you really mean…..


Calm down, not really. Penis pumps do a more serious job than that.

*Although it does feel really good though*.

The suction creates exactly what your girlfriend keeps asking you for……Space!

This makes a lot of blood from your body to come running to your penis and fill up your penis completely with thick, healthy blood.

This increased blood flow makes your penis enlarge and grow to its maximum size and thickness.

So what?

So now when you keep repeating this process everyday with your penis pump, your penis undergoes a serious workout which may cause it to permanently increase in length and thickness.

Where does this suction come from? Will I have to create it?

Don’t worry you don’t have to.

These pumps are designed to use the power of “air” and “water” to create suction inside the pump.

Compared to air, water gives a more uniform, powerful and consistent suction .

Our recommendation – Bathmate Hydro Penis Pumps which uses the power of water in its revolutionary technology of penis enlargement.

B) Penis Extenders to increase penis size:

Extenders=something which extends.

What will extend here? Your penis.

So, penis extenders will extend your penis, but how?

That is the real question.

Penis extenders work on the “traction” and “cell division” principles.

Traction is just a fancy word for “pulling” and “stretching”.

When your penis gets pulled, the cells inside gets stretched and create several gaps. From here the process of cell division starts.

New cells are made in place of the gaps which gives you a longer, thicker penis.


Our recommendation- MaleEdge Penis Extender that provides top-notch comfort when this process is taking place and can be worn easily anywhere you want.

C) Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis surgery is the most drastic,expensive and not to scare you but, risky method of getting bigger dick.

Why we say risky?

Here are some risks associated with penis enlargement surgery-

  • Permanent damage to your nervous system-the system that sends signals throughout our body.
  • You may lose sensation – that is, the power of feeling something.
  • You may lose an impressive erection angle.
  • You may not have an orgasm afterwards.
  • Your penis won’t be able to achieve an erection.
  • And the scariest one, you may even die while undergoing this surgery.

Although, results on increasing penis size are immediately seen and are mostly permanent.

How do penis enlargement surgery work?

Penis enlargement surgery does changes to various parts of your penis depending on what you wish to achieve at the end of it.

If your want to increase the size of your penis-

The connecting tissue attaching the inner penis to the public bone is sliced which makes the inner penis to come forward thereby increasing the length.

If you want to increase the thickness of your penis-

Fat is injected under the skin of the shaft for a more huge penis.

Just like there different plastic surgeries out there to shape and change the way your nose, boobs and butt looks, there is no one definitely surgery for penis enhancement.

It’s wise to talk to a doctor and zero down on a particular surgery that will suit you.

So there you go, you hold the most knowledge on this topic than anyone in your friend circle.

Go ahead and flaunt your smartness along with a bigger penis.

Life is too short to roam with teeny weeny down there.


Keep Calm and Grow Your Thing.


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