Erection sprays vs erection rings vs erection pumps

Aleena Oct 30 2018 at 12:01 PM

Let the battle begun…..

You want better erection….and you want a solution for it.


What does market has to offer?

But before that let’s understand what is a better erection?

The erection you are having right now is not good or something? You are having satisfactory sex so what needs to be changed and why?

There is something called “quality of erection”.

Men get a boner in metros too. It’s not that difficult to achieve a boner. But how does your erection turns out to be, that is the real factor.

Here’s a few indications of a quality erection-

1) Erection that sustains-

As I told you before, getting an erection is easy. But sustaining that same erection can be difficult for some men.

Erection that sustains does not mean an erection that goes on and on and on even after the sex is done .

A sustainable erection should last satisfactorily long for both the partners to get equally satisfied and if possible reach an orgasm.

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2) Erection that is not loose-

You may have a really long penis. You may have a really thick penis too. But if your penis gets erect loosely….let me tell you, the length and the girth is of no use.

All it boils down to is how good an erection it gets. Loose erections are generally soft to touch. And they are somewhat curved and not fully standing.

And no woman would enjoy a soft, spongy, squeezy penis.

Remember they want a man, not a teddy bear.

3) Erection that is free from erection problems-

Have you heard of erectile dysfunction? If you haven’t, here’s a detailed guide over it. And just like erectile dysfunction, there are countless other issues that can spoil the quality of the erection. There are health issues, there are issues in your diet, there are smoking and alcohol side effects…..all of these lead to an unhealthy erection.

So what is there on the market?

Erection and everything related to penis comes under “sexual wellness”….and sexual wellness is a category in India that is not only “not-spoken about” but also “not accepted”.

No one wants to accept they have underlying sexual health issues ….and they are “not” a playboy in bed.

It’s a sad, sad reality.

But hey, into the glooming sadness in the aura right now we have got you cheerful news.

There are still some entities that care for your sexual wellness and want you to have the best sex of your lives….not once but every time.

And these entities have brought in products from abroad….where it’s okay to discuss sexual wellness. One of those entities is which truly takes care of your all your personal needs in a safe and confident space. You can check out that space here.

So with birthing in India, it has brought in world-class erection products for the Indian masses.

So you don’t have to have bad sex ever again.

For erections, Indian market currently has to offer 3 exciting category of products which we are going to compare today.

I) Erection sprays-

Erections sprays, creams, lotions etc. We’ll discuss what they are, how do they work, where to buy erection sprays in India, what are the possible side effects and everything else about it.

II) Erection rings-

Also known as penis rings, cock rings and pleasure rings. How they work? Where to buy penis rings in India? How to use them? Potential harms and their comparison to others on the market.

III) Erection pumps-

Which are actually penis pumps. But for the tone of this article, we are calling it erection pumps. How do they work? What are they used for? And so much more…….

We’ll keep this as interesting as possible…..

So let’s start,

Welcome the tagda competitor of Axe perfumes!!!

I) The one and only tabahi spray – Erection sprays!!

First question-

A) What are penis erection sprays?

You know someone somewhere may have wished for a penis like they see in porn. But those men in porn made use of injections into their penis to make them solid hard.

And let’s suppose this man was scared of injections… he had to find another alternative…..a rather less painful one.

And that’s how penis erection creams may have come into existence.

Penis sprays use natural extracts to stimulate the nerves and tissues in the penis and increase the blood flow inside.

And if you know the functioning of the penis….you will know that more blood gives better erections.

And erection spray gives you just that.

B)How to use penis erection sprays?

Now you may be thinking…..are these penis spray magical? Can I keep spraying 100 times and I will have sex all night? One spray will make me perform like a rockstar…..





Don’t let such questions cross your mind even for a second.

Because that’s not how it is gonna work. Let’s be a little practical here.

These erection sprays need to be sprayed over your penis about 10 to 15 minutes before sex.

Give that 10 mins to let the spray absorb into the penis and show results.

Go ahead and get turned on.

You’ll get an erection naturally.

But this erection will be naturally healthier, harder to touch and will not go down in a few minutes. This erection will last longer than any of your erection before.

That brings us to,

C) Possible dangers of penis sprays-

Because you may be thinking how can everything be so good with this.

Of course like even the holy Parachute clogs skin pores, erection sprays have downside as well.

Firstly, do not use too much. Only about 3 sprays are advised for one time. Do not get excited about it even if you are having sex with the girl of your dreams. Do not by any means cross 10 sprays.

And even in between those 3 sprays….wash off the previous applied spray after it has absorbed and only then apply the next coat.

When you apply for the first time, wait and see how it feels……touch your penis and check….you should not feel numb or irritated by the spray.

If you feel completely numb or if you lose your erection, please stop using the spray.

The spray also should not be used if your partner is pregnant.

Spray should be applied directly to the penis and not eaten from the mouth or anywhere else in the body.

Think you can handle all these possible side effects? If you said yes, here’s the next part.

Where can you buy this erection spray in your city?

So here’s a thing… matter where you are living, if you go out to buy such a personal thing you “are” going to invite curious eyeballs and people “are” going to judge you.

Plus erection sprays are not widely available in the country like Melody or Mentos is.

So what do you?

Where do you buy penis erection sprays in India?

Without making you think too much, here we present to the safest place to shop for hard penis spray with a wide range of options to choose from.

Buy penis erection sprays in India here-Penis sprays in India.

Want to buy penis spray really badly? Wait for our next competitor.

II) We are pitting erection spray against erection rings next.

Let the battle for “hardness” begin.

A) What are penis rings?

Have you seen the rings your mother, sister, girlfriend, wives wear? If not that, seen the rings Tanishq, Titan advertises?

Ofcourse you have seen that one….

Just think of how they look. A silver plated round ring with a stone on top of it, right?

Ring for the penis look exactly like that….but….made with a different material and for a different purpose.

Penis rings are soft, stretchy rings that you need to wear over your penis…..then slide the ring down all the way to the base. To the point where the penis connects to the body. Now let it sit there.

That’s where it will work.

B) How do cock rings work?

Good question.

Hold onto that thought while we take you back to how a penis gets erection. It’s simple….just 4 steps.

You get sexually turned on.

Your brain sends signal.

This signal rushes blood to your penis.

Blood gets collected there and you get an erection.


Now think back to where you placed the ring. You placed the ring at the bottom of your penis.

That is the place from where the blood comes in. And when you have erection issues….the blood that comes in there, goes back the same way.

What penis ring does is….it stops that blood from going back. It keeps the blood collected inside the penis only doesn’t let it flow back to the body.

So after you wear it, there is a lot of healthy blood collected inside which gives you a strong erection that lasts long.

C) How to use penis ring?

Wear the ring over your penis.

Slide it back.

There are 2-3 different ways you can wear it. Check them out here.

Once you are done wearing it, make sure the sensation is comfortable for you.

Proceed to have sex as normal.

D) What are the possible side effects of using a penis ring?

Here’s a good news,

There are no possible side effects of a cock ring, IF you use it correctly.

By correctly we mean – Not to wear it for more than 30 minutes.

Make sure the ring is not too tight for you and make sure you don’t wear it for too long.

Those are the only two things you need to take care of when you wear a penis ring.

If you feel your penis has gone numb or you see the color has changed and it has some kind of swelling then stop using the ring immediately.


E) Where to buy penis erection rings in India?

Same as penis sprays, you won’t be able to find good-quality branded penis rings offline in India. It’s much safer to buy penis rings at a reliable online store. One such store is this one with top quality, affordable cock rings online.

Buy them here-Penis rings in India online.

That brings us to the last competitor of this article,

III) Penis erection pumps-

A) What are actually penis pump?

Penis pumps are cylindrical looking pumps that fit over the penis and give various loads of benefits to the penis. Right from thicker penis to strong erections, penis can do it all.

B) How do they work?

They do all of that by creating a suction inside the pump and drawing blood from the body towards the penis. More blood inside the penis leads to a fuller erection. When this process is repeated over and over again, penis pumps give you consistently strong erections which are hard and don’t hang loose.

Read here if you wanna know in-depth about how a penis pump works.

C) What are they used for?

Penis pumps are used for a host of different things as mentioned earlier.

  • Longer penis size
  • Thicker penis
  • Healthier erection
  • Increased stamina
  • Longer time in bed
  • Improved sexual performance

D) Where to buy penis pumps?

We’ll show you the reality, there’s hoards of plastic and cheap quality pumps available in the market. Even on reputed marketplaces. These pumps are made of flimsy material and do not create enough suction required.

And none of us want anything cheap for our intimate parts. These pumps not only don’t work but they also have high chances of injury.

Instead, go for penis pumps that are established in the market. Have a name for themselves and is proven in other countries.

One such name is Bathmate penis pump which is said to be the best in the market. Even a 5 minutes google will be enough to convince you for this product. It’s gonna be a one-time investment for your penis. And remember, you only have one penis and one life to perform well in bed.

Buy kick-ass penis pumps online in India here.

So go ahead make your erections as harder as your horny thoughts and give her the best sex of her life!


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