Erection sprays vs erection rings vs erection pumps

Aleena Oct 30 2018 at 12:01 PM

Let the battle begun…..

You want better erection….and you want a solution for it.


What does market has to offer?

But before that let’s understand what is a better erection?

The erection you are having right now is not good or something? You are having satisfactory sex so what needs to be changed and why?

There is something called “quality of erection”.

Men get a boner in metros too. It’s not that difficult to achieve a boner. But how does your erection turns out to be, that is the real factor.

Here’s a few indications of a quality erection-

1) Erection that sustains-

As I told you before, getting an erection is easy. But sustaining that same erection can be difficult for some men.

Erection that sustains does not mean an erection that goes on and on and on even after the sex is done .

A sustainable erection should last satisfactorily long for both the partners to get equally satisfied and if possible reach an orgasm.

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