How to get and maintain an erection

Aleena Sep 27 2018 at 4:58 AM

Do you know about the thermometer? Of Course you do.

What a thermometer does ?

It measures your body temperature, right?


Do you know that thing that measures body confidence?

Can’t remember anything?

Look down.

Yeah that Burj Khalifa down there is the measure of your masculinity, your manliness, your self-esteem and your self-confidence.

Are you going to just let it hang there? Loosely?

Nah, you are too good looking for that.

So put in some work, grow that hulk and satisfy your partner deeply for a longer time.

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1. Don’t smoke up a hulking penis.

We don’t hate cigarettes. But what it does to your penis is what makes us not like them.

The smoke from cigarettes basically clogs your arteries. Arteries are the tubes that carry blood around in your body.

The smoke fills up toxins inside the arteries and makes the artery inefficient in its work.

Which leads to less blood reaching your penis.

Without proper supply of blood each and every time, you can’t have a healthy erection.

*You can’t even hope of a healthy erection*.

2. The Ram Lakhan jodi

If we have mentioned cigarettes here, we can’t possibly leave out it’s nach baliye jodi-daar Alcohol now, can we?

Your erection is linked to the nervous system.

Nervous system? The Shahenshah of bollywood. The motherboard of your PC. The mother in the Indian family.

In other words, the central commander.

Nervous system controls all the actions. So when you are aroused, it’s the nervous system that sends signals to the brains and then blood goes running to the penis to give you that erection.

Now our very dear alcohol affects your nervous system and prevents it from functioning properly.

No signal = No erection.

Here’s a scary news guys,

If you have a serious medical issues like you have been diagnosed with diabetes or you face bouts of high blood pressure then you will have to control them first.

For better erections, keeping a strict check on your health condition is an important precursor.

4. The real Axe effect

Have you seen those Axe advertisement? The axe effect?

How Irfan Khan sprays a perfume and all the girls are attracted towards him.

If you are a guy above 20 years, you know for sure that doesn’t work.

It’s all just a clever advertising trick crushing hopes of millions of teenage Indian boys.

But hey, not all sprays are bad. I have got a spray that actually works.

That too for your penis!!

Erection sprays are supposed to be sprayed about 10 minutes before sex and massaged into the penis.

This allows the penis to have a strong erection that stays maintained !

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5. Chintamani-

If you are the Chintamani , it’s time to break free!

When you stress out and take tension, your cortisol level increases. And that my dear, makes your sexual desire drop down to shameful levels.

Stop working overtime if you are.

Make time for things you love….like card games, sudoku, music, reading poetry.

Work towards balancing your life not stressing yourself.

And lastly, relax….take a deep breath and believe that everything is alright.Everything is just where it’s supposed to be.

So for better sexual energy, laugh a little louder…..break free from the grind that makes you a robot… a little harder and just have fun with your life.

6. Porn? No thank you-

You see….you imagine….you visualize and you jack the shit of your penis.

For no reason at all!

Just think about it.

Porn actually reduces the strength that your erection gets….you know those harder penis? There’s actually “strength” in them.

And oh yeah, you have seen so many busty and plastic naked women, that won’t be able to get turned on with a normal, natural one.

So porn also affects the sexual arousal in your relationship with your partner.

So if you want to form better sexual relationship with your girlfriend/wife and have stronger erections, stop watching porn for a couple of weeks.

It won’t be that bad. I swear.

After a couple of days when you finally try getting an erection, that erection will be filled with healthy blood and it will be fuller and bigger.

7. Put a ring on it-

Remember how people say, if you like it too much….you should put a ring on it.

So just show that Junior Sharma how much you love him and put a ring on it.

Not a diamond ring. Your junior is not so demanding.

There are simple penis rings available in the Indian market that work like a charm.

And guess what? They are super light on your pocket.

Just like this one here- DND erecto ring which retails for only ₹249.

And you can reuse it as many times you want.

Not sure how they work?

Here’s the science behind it (Not boring at all, I promise).

Our body is a free flowing arena of blood. Blood keeps flowing through our entire body 24*7.

When you sexually excited, your brain sends a signal and lots of blood rushes to the penis and gets collected in it……And your penis gives a standing ovation to your body for this action!

No just kidding.

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Blood gets collected and you get an erection.

When you lose the same erection, that extra blood flows back into your body and a little blood remains in your penis.

Due to which your penis gets softer, your erection goes down, your penis doesn’t stand up again, you get an erection but it’s not firm and hard and so on and so forth.

All these issues are related to the amount of blood in the penis.

Now coming back to penis ring. Did I lose you? Are you with me? Great!

When you wear this stretchy ring on your penis, it traps the flow of blood inside your penis and does not let it flow back into the body.


Yeah you guessed it right!

Stronger, harder, firmer erections!

8. The other half-

No not the other half of your penis, the other half of your life.

The woman that loves you and is there for you deserves to know about your erection. If you notice problems with your erection, make sure you let your partner know about it.

Otherwise, all women are overthinkers. They are famous of over analyzing every situation, especially when it comes to your relationship. They might end up thinking that you don’t get an erection because they don’t turn you on or you don’t find them attractive.

So just her know instead of suffering in silence….and making her suffer too.

And lastly, it’s nothing to ashamed of. It could have happened to just about anyone. Follow the above given steps and lead a proud life!For better performance in bed, shop for sexual performance products on’s leading sexual wellness store.


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