How to satisfy a man in bed? What do men want in bed?

Aleena Nov 28 2016 at 1:49 PM

Is your man obsessed with you yet?

We mean the obsession that does makes him do these

All he wants to do is, grab onto you and do you for the rest of his time

He would wanna show you off to his friends and steal you away from your girlfriends

There would be no one else ruling his mind at every damn second other than you

He would volunteer to do all your work himself, so that you get free from the chores and spend time with him

When you both are with a group of people you can see him visibly struggling to keep his hands off you

He would be so damn desperate to have your attention all the time

He would want you not only physically around but also emotionally together with him

He would cancel his guys day out plans to stay back with you

You both would be more emotionally connected during sex than ever

He would want to have more meaningful conversations with you

Obsession in a relationship is super powerful (the right kind, of course). Everyone loves it when a man is utterly and truly addicted to the existence of you.

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