Insanely dreamy “married couple bucket list” ideas to work on this wedding season

Aleena Oct 6 2017 at 7:08 AM

Every couple goes through a different journey. You may have moments of care spelt like chocolate ice cream on a period day, while your friend may have a love note tucked in the lunch box spelt as their special moment. From first eye glances to awkward hugging postures, every couple has had their fair share of ups and downs and a totally different story which they have lived through.

But guess what? Every newlywed looks forward to a cliche-free adventure as well as lazy mornings. In this listicle we have covered all the guilt free and worth ticking off ideas!!

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1. “Your” regular place

It does not have to be a magical Disneyland or even a very close by cafe. Just one special food place you both equally look forward going to. No matter how late you get, you both know you need to reach there crossing oceans and borders ( too much exaggeration right there) Well, we actually meant traffic !

Two couple romance at a place

Couple romance at a regular place

2. Find an equally connected couple

Double dating trend dates back to our high school days. Getting ready with our girl best friend and strutting out together was fun, until you found out that the couple is too much into PDA which served to mortify the hell out of you both all evening. Or someone who just wouldn’t stop glorifying their love.

It is highly important to have another stable married couple to share your adventures, dreams and weirdness. And even someone who would give you a supporting shoulder to cry on.

3. One day of Khatron Ke Khiladi

Does your partner have a stage freight ? Or a height scare? Barge in that karaoke night or a poetry group and get over your biggest fears. Maybe you can sing holding hands or conquer your height scare holding hands. (*perfect moment alert*)

But the condition is; All you have is one day! At the end of the day we assure trillions of laughs and heartwarming moments etched in your hearts waiting to be cherished for an eternity.


Couple romance and adventure

Couple overcoming fears

Side fun- You should try laughing together until you topple over. We know, it sounds pretty lame but hey try picturing this, in comfy pajamas you see your partner laughing while they have no idea what the laugh is all about and you burst out laughing too. Isn’t that crazy and fun?

4. Billion star gaze

You will be going to a 5 star hotel for your honeymoon but nothing can beat the peace of a pitch black sky gleaming with uncountable stars. Try pulling off an “eventful”  all-nighter once.

Plan the activities well in advance to experience a night full of chit chat, kisses, naughty adult games, and loads of romantic moments.

You can have a facial together, or play twister or have midnight desserts from each other`s mouth…the possibilities are endless!!

Night full of stars

Night full of stars

5. Recreate magic

There are tons of thing you can take on when it comes to recreation as an activity. You can pull out a wooing scene from your favorite movie or full blow dramatic narration from a novel, you are sure to experience fits of laughter and craziness specially when you both are terrible at keeping straight faces.

It can be a cherry on the cake if your favorite novel happens to be Fifty Shades Of Grey *wink wink*

Couple romancing activities

Couple in the kitchen


Fun Tip- Just walk into a supermarket without the intent of buying anything. You can play games involving products, guess your partner’s choices out of the shelves or even rustle in a hide and seek match together.

6. Get Handsy!

No we don’t mean in a naughty way, we are encouraging craft here. Pull your partner and get crafty! Grab on a pair of scissors and some washi tapes, some colored papers and some glitter.

The idea is to blend in both your ideas and create something extremely unique which belongs to solely both of you.

If you wanna get handsy in a naughty way, check out fun, adult stuff here.

Crafting with love

Crafting with love

7. Get Coding

You know when you are trapped at a family dinner waiting to hear the end of their embarrassing questions and stories and you desperately need your partner to get the cue? Yeah yeah we all have been there.

Guess what?  Enter code words for the win!! You can devise some code words along with your partner for situations like these.

And lastly be the couple who is obsessed with each other! Household chores or office troubles you are with each other no matter what.

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