“Silent Sex” and 6 other sex escapades every newly married couple should take today!

Aleena Sep 21 2017 at 10:52 AM

With all the excitement and build up a newly married Indian couple have in their minds surrounding sex, we bet they eagerly look forward to a long honeymoon of lusty fun. However, let`s be honest here for a moment, how many variants of sex do we all know in totality….like in our entire lives!!

The night time vanilla which is probably extreme mild and the fifty shades kink (on the extreme rough side for a newly married couple you say?) There is tons of experimentation you may not be aware of with the couple sex you will have in your life.

Pick one for each day and get adventurous *lustfully*

1. Your pitch to the roof

Let us all agree, moans are the sexiest noise ever!! Like seriously ever…then why kill them? For just one night, let go of your inner inhibition and unleash the grunting devil in you. Crash that lamp or blast that fifty shades song, there`s no stopping your newly married couple sex. Look here for some kinky inspiration and accessorize your honeymoon night.


Fifty shades flogger for kinky sex

Fifty shades flogger for kinky sex


2. That smoothened marble

Remember those sneaky romance scenes in the kitchen from your favorite Bollywood movies? You can start there and take it up a notch with putting the table top to good use!! The sneakiness of the entire endeavor is sure to drive you both newly marrieds crazy with excitement.

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