“Silent Sex” and 6 other sex escapades every newly married couple should take today!

Aleena Sep 21 2017 at 10:52 AM

With all the excitement and build up a newly married Indian couple have in their minds surrounding sex, we bet they eagerly look forward to a long honeymoon of lusty fun. However, let`s be honest here for a moment, how many variants of sex do we all know in totality….like in our entire lives!!

The night time vanilla which is probably extreme mild and the fifty shades kink (on the extreme rough side for a newly married couple you say?) There is tons of experimentation you may not be aware of with the couple sex you will have in your life.

Pick one for each day and get adventurous *lustfully*

1. Your pitch to the roof

Let us all agree, moans are the sexiest noise ever!! Like seriously ever…then why kill them? For just one night, let go of your inner inhibition and unleash the grunting devil in you. Crash that lamp or blast that fifty shades song, there`s no stopping your newly married couple sex. Look here for some kinky inspiration and accessorize your honeymoon night.


Fifty shades flogger for kinky sex

Fifty shades flogger for kinky sex


2. That smoothened marble

Remember those sneaky romance scenes in the kitchen from your favorite Bollywood movies? You can start there and take it up a notch with putting the table top to good use!! The sneakiness of the entire endeavor is sure to drive you both newly marrieds crazy with excitement.

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Since you have made your way to the kitchen why not indulge in some naughty edible fun? Grab your favorite flavor into an erotic body paint for some hot married sex.

Buy Shunga Champagne & Strawberries Edible Body Paint

Shunga Champagne & Strawberries Edible Body Paint

3. Hands off Girl!

You have no idea how much power your lips hold when it comes to sexual activities. One flick of a tongue at her most sensitive spot is bound to create insane levels of heat between you both. Pledge for some wild lip and tongue blend.
But hey as a newly married couple, why only use lips and tongue? With this edible lingerie let your teeth spin some magic too

Shop Spencer Candy Bra for Woman

Spencer Candy Bra for Woman


4. Play it out

How many times have we all ogled at a hot doctor or receptionist and fantasized wildly? We all have been guilty of this pleasurable crime. Do not fear to pull that fantasy into the bedroom. This is one activity a newly married couple should not skip for hot sexy romance. Put on that sexy cape and be the Supergirl of his dreams.
If you don’t have one, shop for some irresistibly hot role play costumes here.

Spice Nurse Outfit Role-Play Costume for Woman

Spice Nurse Outfit Role-Play Costume for Woman


5. Who`s your muse?

You may have heard the advice of watching porn together 100s of time over and over again. It just doesn’t get old well guess what? We are going to tweak that idea for an Indian newly married couple and advance it.

How about some porn-inspired action in the newly married bedroom? Re-enact that fun porn you watched the other day and let hormones take the best of you!

6. Pin drop silence

Nothing is more tempting than being told to keep quiet. Imagine being asked to keep quiet *in bed*!!! In between that super passionate moment! Tough but not entirely impossible. This is some thing so challenging that a newly married couple *has* to do together. Try it the next time you feel a little bolder and crave to try something out of the box.

7. Put that makeup on

No ladies put those brushes away; we are talking about couple make-up sex here. Those little morning bickering you two have as a newlywed is the perfect recipe for an hour of passion after the anger has distilled. For the surprise mood of your partner, buy surprise honeymoon products at ThatsPersonal.com.

Buy KamaSutra Honeymoon Surprise Pack

KamaSutra Honeymoon Surprise Pack

As a newly married couple take over the week with some insanely wild sex and let the hormones seamlessly flow throughout your honeymoon.

For more such exciting sex products, explore India’s most loved sexual wellness store, ThatsPersonal.com.


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