How I reached an orgasm without losing my virginity

Aleena Jun 18 2018 at 7:51 AM

First let me clear it out, it’s no “click-bait”

Not a story of my initial unwillingness to indulge but then giving in for the sake of “love”.

No! No! And another No!

Here’s my raw and unfiltered journey of being a regular Indian couple hiding and meeting each other, using social media and fiercely protecting our virginity till marriage through this all. Him not so much, me more specifically…..

Here’s what went down….
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Varun is the most handsome man I had ever laid my eyes on. Unfortunately we are in a long distance relationship, so sexting and frequent video calls paved a way to our longing sexual attraction.

He lived in the exotic land of Goa while I hustled in the busy streets of Mumbai city.

Being two independent individuals madly in love with each other, when we met there was no holding us back……

As you guessed rightly we could not keep our hands off each other. He would slam his lips against mine the moment he landed on the soil of Mumbai.
The sexual tension of being away definitely translated into our makeout sessions.

I say makeout, not sex. Here’s why…….

Even though I have grown up into this 22 year old body I stand at a surprising height of 4 inches and 10 feet and talk in a squeaky squirrel voice. If immature had a personality, it would have mine.

I have always felt this wasn’t the right time for me to lose my virginity.

Although the guy was more than just right. I wasn’t physically and mentally ready for the dreaded deed “sex” yet. And Varun realized it way before I did.

So whenever we met there were heaps of sexual desire between us and make outs would just have to happen.
My favorite part used to be when we dry humped coz that was closest feeling to sex we have ever gotten…….

Varun’s huge package with a rock-like-hard erection used to be placed on my vagina. Once it’s there we just got into the rhythm of sliding up and down until one of us got really horny and the slides became rough and vigorous. It was a great activity……having him look into my eyes and rub his cock on my pussy.

At times, this movement would make me hit somewhere onto my vagina…..some secret spot and it felt really good. But I never orgasmed.

We were still really happy with whatever little we did in bed.

After every session, I buried my face into varun’s body and as always he thanked me for getting intimate with him. Yeah Varun is like that. After 3 years, he still feels honored that I am going out with him. (Yes in case you are thinking, yes I am going to marry this man).

On one of his visits to Mumbai, Varun got with him a sleek looking thing that apparently “vibrated”. I had no clue what that meant.

I was freaking out thinking it needs to be inserted in my vagina

It was June late in the afternoon, the drizzle outside had started to show up on our window. Powerful drops of rains getting splashed on our window panes.

We couldn’t care less as Varun pushed me to the wall and slammed his lips against mine…..

Soon the kiss turned to desire and his hands felt hot and needy on my waist. He slipped his hand inside my tank top and I was already leaking in my panties as his cold hands touched my curved waist.

His hand moved up and down my waist in throbbing lust while his hard manhood poked my vagina over our denims. This was a routine for us- Our genitals grinding against each other, me riding the hell out of him and 4-5 more variations of the same thing.

With his hands still tightly holding my waist, Varun pulled me far from the wall and dropped me to the bed.
I could sense the domination in his move and I was totally up for that. *It was damn hot*.

With a hard thump, my cold back landed on the chilled mattress and this is where it happened……..

Varun smoothly grabbed the vibrator in his hand which I could see was in action.
He cupped my vagina with his fingers and placed the soft, tiny head right on my throbbing clitoris.
Before I could even make sense of that vibrator, OH MY FUCKING GOD that sleek thing was sending the most intense sensations through my clit!!!!

The feeling was beyond what my words will be able to express.

While Varun kissed me and fondled with my boobs, this clitoral simulator made my body shake terribly. I clenched the sheets and started moaning loudly. Varun was clearly enjoying my expressions while keeping the vibrator still intact on my clitoris.

With Varun’s hot and heavy lips on my body and powerful arousal through this toy, I was close to orgasm in like seconds.

I thoroughly enjoyed the pleasure waves it sent through my body and Varun loved using it on me.

So until we lose our virginities I think we are gonna use this holy grail. *Heart emojis*

Story Credits - Shikha Sharma
Shikha hails from Chennai and is fascinated by all things sweet. When she is not talking to her boyfriend Varun, she will be found engrossed in a classic chick flick. She also has the superpower to get lost in reading within the first two words.

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