Premature ejaculation-Causes, symptoms and treatment

Aleena Oct 1 2018 at 7:51 AM

Internet right now is filled with queries like

“My cums gets out really quick”

“I can do two shot and I orgasm”

“My liquid comes out very soon”

So on and so forth……

How ever you put it, all these above conditions are called “premature ejaculation”.

Ejaculation is the cum, liquid that comes out from your penis after sex.

And premature is the condition of that ejaculation coming early than its maturity time.

You have sex everyday….how do you know you are suffering from premature ejaculation?

Here are a few symptoms of premature ejaculation you should check out for-

If your cum comes out with little sexual stimulation.

If you get no sexual pleasure because of quick ejaculation.

You can’t last longer than 5 minutes.

If you continuously feel guilty and embarrassed even outside bedroom.

You don’t feel like having sex anymore.

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Sounds scary right? But what causes all these scary situation? If you know the causes at least you can stay away from them and prevent premature ejaculation.

Causes can be two-

Psychological that is related with your mind. What goes on in your brain, what you think, what decisions you take, how you feel etc etc.


Biological that is related to your body. How your body functions, how your body responds during sex, how your body reacts when you are sexually aroused etc etc.

Psychological causes-

-If you know you are going to cum quickly, you try to rush through your sexual activity. Wishes that it finishes as soon as possible.


None of you are satisfied with what just happened. In this way you won’t be able to satisfy your partner and your liquid will fall out very quick.

-If you know that you have problems with your erection. Like your erection will not stay for a long time, it will go soft, it will not be as hard as it should be etc etc… may cum early.

-If you feel a pressure to perform well in bed, you won’t last long in bed. If you feel anxious about the person you are having sex with, or the situation you both are in….you may cum earlier than you would like to.

-If you are having relationship problems with the person you are having sex with, you will experience premature ejaculation in that case too.

Biological cause

A variety of biological reasons contribute to the condition of premature ejaculation.

Topsy turvy hormones

When you get sexually excited, hormones free flow in your  body. And For your penis to ejaculate, a number of reactions take place in your brain.

When these brain chemicals called neurotransmitters goes haywire, your ejaculatory system goes for a toss.

Having a medical condition of thyroid

When your urinary tract or the prostate gets inflamed, it can behave weird and make you ejaculate prematurely.


Let’s look at the most important part now. The actual reason you are here.

1. It’s your body and it’s you who can control that oozing of the liquid.

So do it. I’ll tell you how….start by jerking off …….yeah the same thing that you do for your pleasure

Masturbate your penis regularly about 3 times a week.

Jerk…..jerk…..jerk and when you come close to that heavenly feeling of orgasm, STOP!!

I know it’s cruel to say that but stop! Think of your mom, grandma, PT teacher and whatever else that makes me feel gross.

You will not release the cum and your erection will also go down. It will become soft and won’t remain hard.

Now once you are completely cooled down, try arousing yourself again- watch porn, read erotic stories and fantasize. Do whatever works for you but get aroused and start masturbating again.

Repeat the same thing 2 times more and then allow yourself to cum properly without stopping.

Any idea why I just asked you to do all of that?

What this will do is ……next time when you have sex, you’ll know the exact point where you’ll be cumming. So when that happens you can prevent it by -

a) Removing your penis out for a few seconds.

b) Change the position you are in.

c) Stop thrusting in and out and just let your penis stay inside.

All of which can give you the control and stop your cum right there. So you can start again and stay on much longer.

2. Next is probably the easiest trick for premature ejaculation you’ll see in this trick or anywhere else on the net

Condoms have a special ingredient laced on it to help you last longer, pretty convenient right?

India’s most loved condom brand, Durex has a time increasing condom called Durex Performance….which is thick to help reduce the amount of stimulation penis get.

Buy Durex Performa for longer performance in bed here.

3. The next trick is apparently quite unknown to most men.

It is said that, once a man has ejaculated…..the second time he gets aroused and gets an erection, that erection is less sensitive to cum than the first one. So you can make use of that erection for longer time in bed.

So a really good technique would be to have foreplay and ejaculate and then move on to your main course…..I mean intercourse.

This way you can use the second erection for longer thrusting time in bed. Initially it might feel odd, but you’ll start enjoying this technique as well.

4. Have you heard about the liquid gold, Lube?

If not, your life is about be changed.

Sex lubricants are slippery gel that helps a lot of things during sex.

a) Pain free insertion of penis into vagina.

b) Smoother strokes

c) Enhances arousal and sensations

d) Delicious oral sex

Okay all that is fine, but how does it help premature ejaculation?

The more friction you face during sex the more stimulation your penis gets……and lube reduces this friction that will in turn help you last longer in bed.

Buy sex lubricants  at affordable prices here.

5. Here’s another good news for you

Now you can masturbate!

Masturbating the same day of having sex will make you last longer because you will have an orgasm already in the day.

So what you can do is,

a) If you are having sex in the evening/night, masturbate in the morning.

b) If you are having sex in the morning, masturbate the night before.

6. Spray and massage it on

Sprays are not only for attracting women, they are for keeping women as well.

Delay sprays and delay creams are designed to help you last longer in bed.

Just apply it right before having sex and it’s ingredients will work magic on your penis and help you perform longer and better.

Buy delay sprays and creams for premature ejaculation here.

7. Next one is something you can do easily.

It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy to do.

During sex, when you feel like you are going to cum now,

Yes that point where you sexily moan “Baby I am cumming”.

Pull out your penis from the vagina and locate the area between the head of the penis and the shaft.

Squeeze that area.

This will create a “STOP” feeling….almost like the stop signs you see on the streets.

Squeeze till you feel that your orgasm is gone!

Then re-insert the penis and continue thrusting again.

You can use this trick as many times you want during one session before you finally release!

And that orgasm will be damn powerful.

Those were some time-tested tips and tricks on premature ejaculation that can heavily impact your sex life. For thrilling sex life, shop for sexual products on


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