Sex Lubricants for pleasure and safety

Somnath Kamble Jun 8 2016 at 11:17 AM

Vaginal lubrication occurs upon sexual stimulation. The amount of lubrication for sex may vary from woman to woman. Lubrication is essential for pleasurable sexual activity.

It is common for women to suffer from vaginal dryness which may occur due to numerous

causes such as emotional factors, medications, and low estrogen levels during menopause,

changes during breastfeeding, chemotherapy, and depression. Also, she may have decreased lubrication if she is dehydrated, or not fully aroused. Sex lubricants help tackle this vaginal dryness by making intercourse more comfortable for the woman. Also, sex lubricants make it more pleasurable to use condoms which are a must for protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

Personal sex lubricants (colloquially termed lubes) are specialized lubricants used during intercourse and masturbation to reduce friction to or between the penis and vagina, anus, other body parts, or applied to sex toys to reduce friction or to ease penetration.

Lubrication aids in:

  • Enhancing sexual arousal and making sex more pleasurable
  • Reducing friction in the vagina or anus
  • Lubrication of clitoris which again makes sex more pleasurable
  • Keeping the vagina soft

Sex lubricants or lubes are of 3 main types: water, oil, and silicone based.

Water-based sex lubricants are slippery and may need to be reapplied. Since they easily absorb into the skin and evaporate they have a tendency to dry out. Typical water-based sex lubricants cannot be used in the pool, bathtub as they can be dissolved or dispersed in water. Water-based sex lubricants have been recommended for use in safer sex because they do not weaken condoms as oil-based lubricants do.

Water-based sex lubricants with synthetic glycerine have a mild sweet taste. Most flavored lubricants and warming lubricants contain glycerin. It is best to add water or saliva to them when they dry out as the water makes them slippery again. They are easy to source, low- cost, safe to use with latex condoms, do not stain fabric. However they tend to dry out quickly, are often sticky. Also, synthetic glycerine can cause yeast infections in women who are susceptible to them.

Water-based lubricants without glycerine are used by women who keep developing yeast infections. They can contain vegetable-derived glycerine, which does not trigger yeast infections like the lubes with glycerine They tend to last longer than lubricants with glycerine and can reduce irritation to the genitals. They are safe with latex condoms and do not stain fabric. These types of lubricants are usually thicker and provide padding and hence some are more recommended for anal sex. They have a bitter taste due to the absence of glycerine.

Oil based sex lubricants like petroleum jelly can cause tearing of condoms due to loss of elasticity. They are usually used by those in a relationship that does not require condom usage.

Natural oil based sex lubricants are natural products such as grapeseed oil, apricot oil, olive oil are commonly found in the kitchen. They are safe to use as the lubricants are safe to ingest. They are easier to clean out than petroleum-based sex lubricants. They are great for genital massages, safe for the vagina, safe to eat, good for all forms of sexual play, low-cost, and easily accessible. However, they can’t be used with condoms and stain fabrics easily.

Synthetic Oil-Based Lubricants like Vaseline and petroleum jelly are great for external masturbation. They are low cost and easily available. However, they take longer to clean out from the body than natural lubricants. They also stain fabric, tear condoms and tend to irritate the vulva.

Silicone based lubricants feel different from water-based ones. They are not absorbed by the skin. Silicone-based lubricants are not usually recommended for use with sex toys or other products that are made from silicone because the formula may cause damage to the toy over time. They can be used in water and need lesser applications than water-based lubes. They are cleaned up using soap and water.

Desensitising lubes like Pjur help the man to stay erect longer if he is suffering from premature ejaculation. Arousal lubes add a warming and tingling sensation to the sexual experience. Flavoured lubes impart a taste to your sexual experience.

Some things to keep in mind when using lube

  • Always use a water based or silicone based lube with condoms
  • Do not use oil based lube with condoms as they can cause tearing of a condom
  • Lubricants reduce friction and hence make sex more pleasurable
  • Always use lube with thin condoms

You can buy sex lubricants online to keep your identity undisclosed. As a thumb rule, read the label on sex lubricants and avoid products with ingredients which may give you a reaction. The fewer the ingredients in the lube, the better it is. Always test the lube on a part of the body and wait a day to judge reaction if any.


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