How to be a Sex Master – 11 Advanced Sex Positions!

Natasha Jun 29 2016 at 1:43 PM

Sex can sometimes get boring in the bedroom doing the same routine missionary. Incorporating new sex positions and moves can bring back that zest in your sexual life. Experimentation is the key to unlock the door to sexual passion and give entry to moments of sexual bliss, erotica and orgasm. Your sex life may already be hot and spicy and raring to go. However, it does not hurt to keep up the steam with experimentation of these sex positions. So here is a master class on 10 advanced sex positions to indulge in with your partner for electrifying sex.

1. The Anvil

The Anvil: Extension of Missionary

The anvil sex position is a variation of the Missionary position

This is a take on the popular sex position – the Missionary. It is an advanced version of the missionary. To perform this sex position the woman needs to lay on her back like in the Missionary and spread her legs apart while the man positions himself over her. Instead of placing her spread legs on the bed, the woman pulls them closer to her chest and places them on the man’s shoulders so that her calves or ankles are resting on his shoulders on either side of his neck. Hence the name – The Anvil. To give him unimaginable pleasure the woman can give him an oral in the Anvil position as her mouth is closer to his penis. Although the man seems in control in this sex position, actually the woman can control how deep he penetrates by pushing him off with her legs till she find a spot which gives her erotic pleasure. Both partners need to be flexible and fit to carry out this position as it involves using the strength of calf and thigh muscles for holding in position. If the man’s penis is too long it can be very painful during penetration in this position.

2. The Catherine Wheel or Pinwheel

The Catherine Wheel or Pinwheel

The Catherine Wheel sex position is more complicated than it looks.

This is a Kamasutra advanced and complicated sex position. The man and woman sit facing each other. The man enters the woman in this position and the woman wraps her legs around his torso whilst penetration. The woman supports herself with her hands on the bed or floor whilst leaning back. The man now crosses over one leg over her to lock her in place whilst supporting himself on one elbow. In order to thrust, the woman can push with her arms, and the man can guide the movement with his hands on her waist or knees. This sex position allows penetration deep into the vagina giving utmost sexual pleasure to the woman. In this position the man has one hand free to stimulate the clitoris, touch the breasts or other foreplay. Both partners have the pleasure of looking each other in the eye during the lovemaking act. This position involves slow and sensual sex leading to orgasmic pleasure slowly and steadily. No one partner controls in this position.

3. V is for Vixen or the Erotic V

Both homosexual and lesbian couples can also use it to spice up their sex lives.

The erotic V gets its name from the position of the woman during intercourse

The erotic V is a sex position that gets its name from the position of the woman during intercourse. The woman sits on the edge of a table at a level such that the man is in a position comfortable enough to enter her. She now spreads her legs and leans back. His legs should be slightly bent and spaced slightly apart. Once the man penetrates, she places her legs up on his shoulders. She can support herself by either wrapping her arms around his neck for support or leaning back with her arms on the table. This position allows for very deep penetration. The position also allows the man to fondle the woman’s breasts and kiss her which surely increases the pleasure quotient. This erotic sex position can be used homosexual and lesbian couples as well. Homosexual men can use this position as a variation of anal sex, while lesbian couples can use a strap-on dildo to achieve penetration.

4. The 69

The 69: Serves both partners.

The 69 sex position is one of the world’s most famous sex position

Women like receiving oral sex as much as men. The man gives pleasure whilst enticing her to please him too. 69 is a position in which both partners are mutually inverted and perform oral sex on each other at the same time. It can be performed both with man on top or the woman on top. Performing it in a sideways position is easier. 69 requires skilful coordination and positioning between the couples to make it sexually pleasurable. 69 is a great sex position to bump up the sexual meter when sex starts getting boring and monotonous. Since both partners perform oral sex on each other at same time it is a time saving position. However, if one partners orgasms before the other it can dampen the sexual thrill entirely. Men usually ejaculate faster and hence the man should indulge in foreplay and work on the woman long before the woman starts on him.

5. Joystick Joyride

Joystick Joyride

Show exhibitionist inside and love for domination

This is similar to a woman on top position. The man lies on his back with his arms relaxed above his head. The woman rides him such that her feet are on either sides of his shoulder. The woman makes the man enter her with his penis and then starts swivelling her hips in back and forth, up and down and rotating movements just like a gaming joystick. She gradually increases the tempo and the magnitude of the movements. While she is swivelling, her boobs move in all directions adding visual pleasure for the man. This sex position has the woman fully in control of the speed, direction and intensity, leaving the man free to relax and enjoy. The man’s hands are free to caress the woman’s breasts and stimulate her clitoris. This position is great for G spot stimulation.

6. The Bridge

The Bridge Sex position

The Bridge sex position falls more into the category of Sexercise

The Bridge is an advanced sex position which requires a strong and flexible male partner almost like a yogi. The man raises himself in the bridge position arching his back with his feet and hands in an extended position. The woman straddles across him and sits on his dick making sure she doesn’t rest the entire weight of her body on him by taking the weight off her feet. An exercise ball can be used to support a looser form of the Bridge. Place the exercise ball under the male partner’s back to support him if his strength gives out. Upon penetration the woman thrusts in all directions increasing sexual pleasure. In this sex position, the man gets a corkscrew sensation whilst the woman gets to be in control.

7. The Plough

The Plough sexual position

The plough position is an adventurous sex position for athletic couples

Athletic, flexible and strong couples can indulge in this advanced sex position. The woman lies on the bed facing down such that are hips are on the edge and her legs are off the bed. While she supports herself on her elbows the man enters from between her legs which are stretched out behind her, lifts up her hips and thighs and penetrates from behind. This difficult sex position allows for better penetration and greater G-spot stimulation. Also, it helps increase the chances of pregnancy.

8. The Seduction

The Seduction sex position

The Seduction sex position takes its name from the wanton “take me now” position that they woman adopts to kick things off.

This position needs the services of a flexible female partner who kneels with her back on the bed and her feet tucked under her booty and hands above her head. The man penetrates the woman from the top with his legs together and supports his weight on his forearms which are rested on the bed on either side of the woman’s torso. Some females find leaving one leg tucked under her bottom and the other stretched out straight more comfortable. This position can be extremely pleasurable for the woman but she needs to be highly flexible. This position can make a woman feel as though she is seducing her partner by displaying herself so provocatively, which can be very arousing by itself. In addition, this position tilts a woman's pelvis upward slightly, which can help facilitate clitoral stimulation during intercourse, leading to easier and more intense female orgasms.

9. The Ape

The Ape sex position by Drool

You need to be more of a gymnast for this one

The woman can get animalistic with her man with the Ape sex position. The man lies on his back with knees pulled close to chest. The woman sits backwards on the back of his thighs and slides his penis into her vagina whilst propping herself up against his feet. The trick is to lean on his legs and grip his wrists or then prop herself up on the bed or floor to make the position comfortable and then thrust. This sex position holds good for anal sex too. In this position the penis penetrates deep, touching the vaginal wall giving the woman an incredible erotic sensation.

10. The Waterfall

The Waterfall Sexual Position

That extra effort is going to be worth it

The woman lies down on her back with hips on the edge of the bed and her head and shoulders on the floor while the man moves to the edge of the bed and penetrates her from the top. The head being lower than the body there is a rush of blood through the head giving the woman an amazing feeling. The angle of the vaginal wall is now perfectly positioned for his penis to massage her G spot while he gets a super-tight treat. The positions of the couple can be switched too with the male on the floor and the woman in the top position.

11. The Clasp

The Clasp - kamasutra sex position

This is a position which can be done anywhere, at any time

In the Clasp, the couple stand facing each other with the woman’s back supported by a wall. While she spreads her legs he bends and enters from the front. While squatting he grabs the woman such that her legs are wound around his waist. He then stands up pushing the woman towards the wall while penetrating and thrusting her at the same time. This position is ideal for sex anytime anywhere. However, it requires a certain degree of strength from the man and woman both.

Do not take the advanced sex master class too seriously. Have fun testing the various sex positions to get intimate and bond with your partner. Trying out these sex positions is not easy and you may not look sexy ,hot or glamorous either. But what the heck! Indulge yourselves and have a rocking throbbing night!


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