You have been using sex lubes the wrong way!

Aleena Aug 9 2018 at 12:47 PM

Startled? Offended? Angry? Confused?

Let us get straight to the point.

Since you have taken a positive step towards using personal lubes in your intimate sessions.

We bring to you dripping-hot moves you can try with these lube gels.

All set?

Let’s start…….

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1. When we get a lube bottle or a lube tube in hand, what do we do?

Why do we squeeze in our palms and just slather it on to our partner’s genitals?

Where’s the fun it that?

Where’s that intimacy? Where’s that passion for the act that you are going to start together?

Here’s what you can do instead-

Make eye-contact with your partner- First Thing.

Keep holding their gaze tight. They may ask you “What’s happening”  or ‘What has gotten into you” or you know “Why are you behaving like this?”

Just give a slight wicked smile but don’t speak anything or take away your eyes from them.

Now squeeze the required amount of lube of your hands (A little more than usual actually, for this trick) and clasp both your hands together like you would if you were praying to God.


This would turn all the lube in your hands in a puddle. Fist your hand tight and now let the silky, slippery lube drip in a slow, teasing motion on your partner’s sensitive spot.

Drop by drop, your partner will feel the passion radiate between both of you.

This lube trick works better if your partner is blindfolded with a luxury blindfold.

2. Alternatively you can use warm lubes or cool lubes to apply on your partner’s body the same way and take their sensation to a whole new level.

Warm lubricants give out a sexy heat on the area its applied on – better if its applied on an erotic spot. It will warm up your partner and keep them ready for the steamy session ahead.

Similarly, cool lubes give out a cooling sensation without being too chilly or icy which happens when Indians use ice cubes to bed. Ice cubes can get highly uncomfortable to be kept on the skin, forget keeping on private area.

Even if you survive the ice-cold chilly sensation, you won’t really enjoy as ice numbs the area after some time and you won’t feel anything there. Hence, cooling lubricants are the perfect way to turn that tingly feeling into spicy sex.

3. Buy an edible flavored lubricant, for example choco….pour on a huge quantity of lube on the head of penis, pout your lips and LITERALLY scoop out the chocolate lube off his penis like an ICE-CREAM. Keep pouring and licking till you know, you have got your craving satisfied.


4. Use a regular hair-coloring brush or your make-up brush lying around your house to get creative on your partner’s body. Tease your partner’s hot spots with the brush covered with lube or draw something steamy and lick it off! Take the brush to places your hands won’t be able to go. *wink

Side Note-

Many people in India follow the “chalta hai” attitude and prefer using saliva, oil or even vaseline as a lube.

Like really guys?

Isn’t it the height of Indian Jugaad?

Playing with jugaads we have come to a point where we are ready to play with our health. And play a gamble with one of the basic necessities of life- sex.

We are not even gonna start telling you how harmful it is.

Just gonna suggest that you invest in a high-quality lube that will make you feel luxurious and special in all the right ways.

Forget not, it will make your sex sessions intense, better and more orgasmic.

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