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Anal & Vaginal Lubricants

Anal sex is an unexplored sexual activity for Indians, albeit an exciting one. While anal sex may sound sexy in your imagination, it may get disappointing real quick.

For a penis to slide inside, there has to be some wetness or lubrication. And anal region provides none. So your anal sex might cause pain, friction and even bleeding...because the anus is really small and dry for a penis to glide in smoothly.

Anal lubricants are designed specifically for anal sex to provide that extra boost of wetness and moisture. These anal lubes are basically gels that are thicker in consistency to make your anal sex smoother and easier.

Anal Lubricants

Vaginal Lubricants

Lubricant for anal sex

Why do men crave to make women wet? Why does vaginal wetness drive them crazy? Along with being a major turn on, wet vagina helps sex in more ways than one

  • Wetness helps penis slide inside the vagina smoothly.
  • Takes away the friction caused by two private organ rubbing against each other.
  • There’s no pain during penetration.
  • Makes sex more pleasurable.

Now what happens when there is no wetness whatsoever? Imagine, rough private parts creating friction while making love…...hard penis sliding in dry,creaky vagina….sounds scary right? That’s exactly what happens when you don’t use a personal lubricant gel for sex, let alone anal sex.

Why to use lubricant for anal sex?

Anal region does not get wet naturally like vagina does and hence the previous scenario takes place during anal sex….all the friction and pain and blood. Therefore, while engaging in anal sex it is mandatory to use an external lubricant which is personal lubricants for sex.

There are lubricants specially designed for anal sex known as anal lubricants. These lubricants are made with silicone and they are thick in consistency to make the anal sex process easier and smoother.

How to use anal lubricant

  • For males a suitable amount can be applied to the head and shaft of the penis.
  • For females, smear out good amount of lube surrounding the anal.
  • This allows the penis to glide in smoothly through anal opening.
  • Re-apply as and when required.

Buy anal lubricant in India

Anal sex is still a taboo topic in India because it has religious and cultural stigma attached to it. Although different sections of society own different opinions regarding anal sex, the popularity of anal sex just keeps on increasing. Anal sex is slowly creeping into the mainstream culture and makes its way into numerous couple’s sex list and it is high time we have healthy discussions concerning anal sex in all its orgasmic glory.

If you want to bask in the glory of anal sex and your partner agrees to it, then why not? Go ahead, buy anal lubes and add some gel fun into the pleasure. Buy anal lubricants in India by trusted brands worldwide shipped to you discreetly.

More on sex lubes in India

Vaginal lubricants
When a woman gets sexually aroused her vagina gets wet. That wetness makes the vagina ready for penetration. But most of the times women do not lubricate naturally, even if they do…'s not enough to have a round of smooth, fulfilling sex.
The one that rewards your soul along with your body.
In that case, vaginal lubricants are your best bet. These are rich, smooth sex gels that makes its easier for the penis to enter the vagina without any friction or pain.
Also, sex is always better when lubricated. The slickness from the lubricant turns your erotic moments more passionate.
Especially after menopause, vagina don’t lubricate much and that time sex becomes painful. Vaginal lubricants are a great saviour in that case.

Sex lubricant for women
Women are delicate, feminine creatures who deserve top-notch care especially when it comes to their intimate areas.
Women’s private parts go through a lot in life….periods, penetration,childbirth, menopause and so much more. It is a critical part of being a women.
Therefore, sex lubes for women are made with extra softness and care keeping in my mind the sensitive areas of a woman’s body.
Sex lubricants for women adds the moisture back in a woman’s vagina and boosts overall sexual wellbeing.

Sex lubricant for men
Not many realize but men go through friction, cuts and pain as well. Sex isn’t all flowery or easy for men.
Lubricants applied on penis helps moisturize the skin on the penis and improves sexual performance. After applying the lube gel, the penis will slide inside the vagina smoothly and give you smooth, silky sex!

Shop for best quality sex lubes for men at effective prices only on

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