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Artificial Hymen

Who would not like to have a virgin as his wife? Now, when it comes to displaying virginity, how do you prove that you are a virgin? The natural way is to have an intact hymen so that it breaks during the first intercourse and confirms that you are a virgin. Does it entail that women who do not have an intact hymen are not virgins? No, it doesn't because one can rupture the hymen in many ways. It is not at all necessary to have intercourse to break a hymen. How can such women who are otherwise virgins prove to their husbands that they are indeed virgins? The artificial hymen can come to your rescue.

What is an artificial hymen?

An artificial hymen is a synthetic membrane that can stimulate the loss of blood when you lose your virginity. It is a small pouch-like structure made from water-soluble cellulose containing a red-colored powder that oozes out as a red-colored liquid when you apply pressure. It gives the impression of oozing blood, thereby assuring the man that he is having sex with a virgin. The oozing of the red liquid stimulates the breaking down of the hymen.

How does the artificial hymen work?

The artificial hymen consists of a water-soluble cellulose pouch containing harmless natural albumin to resemble blood. The pouch dissolves under the heat and humidity, leaving behind a red-coloured liquid that oozes out and stains the sheets.

How do you insert an artificial hymen?

Inserting the artificial hymen is vital. Use your fingers to insert the pouch deep into the vagina. The product comes with a pair of plastic tweezers to help you insert it better. The timing is crucial. You have to insert the artificial hymen into the vagina about two and a half hours before you plan to have sexual intercourse.

By this time, the artificial hymen will dissolve because of the body heat and vaginal moisture. It turns into a gelatinous mass and attaches itself to the vaginal wall. As your partner penetrates your vagina, the dissolved compounds mix with the body fluids and ooze out of the vagina, thereby resembling the flow of blood.

This residue is visible on the penis and the sheets to induce the man to confirm that you are a virgin.

Who can use artificial hymen?

Women who have lost their hymen can use this product. It is not necessary for a woman to lose her virginity due to having sexual intercourse. Accidents can also cause the hymen to rupture at an early age. Strenuous exercise can even crack the hymen. Sometimes, the use of tampons can also break the hymen. Such women benefit the most by using artificial hymen.

An alternative to the artificial hymen

Many women try to go for hymen reconstruction surgery to get a tighter hymeneal ring. Such hymen restoration techniques are known as hymenoplasty. However, this surgical process is an expensive one. The artificial hymen is a comparatively inexpensive option.

Advantages of using artificial hymen

  • The artificial hymen is made from harmless materials such as water-soluble cellulose and natural albumins. There are no harsh chemicals. Hence, it is safe to use.
  • It satisfies the male ego that he has wedded a virgin.
  • It gives relief to virgin women who have unfortunately lost their hymen unnaturally.
  • It is cheaper than having hymen repair surgery.
  • There is no problem in using artificial hymen because it is harmless. It is not necessary to remove the pouch or whatever remains of it after the sexual act. The water-soluble cellulose dissolves because of the heat generated in the vagina.

Precautions while using artificial hymen

  • The timing of inserting the artificial hymen is critical. If you insert it too late, the cellulose pouch does not dissolve quickly. Hence, it defeats the purpose of inserting it.
  • The right time is around 120 to 150 minutes before you plan to have sex.
  • One should ensure to insert the artificial hymen deep into the vagina. There is no danger of the pouch detaching itself and falling off.
  • It is necessary to buy genuine artificial hymen, as you can find spurious ones all over the internet.

Where can you buy an artificial hymen kit? is the ideal place to buy the artificial hymen kit. We guarantee the quality of the materials used in the preparation of the product. These materials are harmless and do not have any side effects.

Artificial hymen pills
Nowadays, you also get tiny pills that you can insert into the vagina. It dissolves and creates a synthetic hymen membrane that ruptures when you have sex with your partner. It can also stimulate the loss of blood by oozing out a red-colored liquid resembling human blood.

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