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Bathmate Penis Pump Buyers Guide
Bathmate Penis Pump Buyers Guide

About the Bathmate Brand

Bathmate is a leading name in adult sex products and particularly, penis enlargement pumps where they are recognized as the world leaders. From stimulating anal butt-plugs to vibrator rings and even sex-toy cleaning products – Bathmate covers them all. Bathmate, though, has become a household name by selling revolutionary, hydro-based penis enhancement products such as the Hercules, Hydromax, Goliath, and the Bathmate Extreme in particular. Thanks to Bathmate and their unique line of products, men the world over have gotten to enjoy rock hard, resilient erections and sexual satisfaction which was a key component missing from their lives.

Type & features of Bathmate penis pumps

Bathmate penis pumps come in a variety of types. The most famous ones are their line of hydro pumps including:

  1. Hydromax
  2. Bathmate Xtreme
  3. Hercules
  4. Hydro

Bathmate harnesses the power of water to increase the size of your penis – both in terms of girth as well as length. Another often overlooked but important feature of bathmate products is that they have helped men suffering from erectile dysfunction by giving them a new lease of life. Bathmate products have been proven effective at increasing the flow of blood to the penis thus allowing men the world over to enjoy hard, sustained erections.

How does Bathmate penis pump work?

Clinically proven, Bathmate products are without a doubt the best water-based penis enlargement pumps out there. It's designed to be used in a bathtub or under the shower. Unlike traditional and conventional penis enlargement products which use air, bathmate pumps don’t rely on typical vacuum to enlarge the penis. Bathmate products help in creating a partial vacuum inside the tube in order to create pressure which completely eliminates the risks of other pumps as well.

While air is usually compressible, which can lead to uneven erections, water, on the other hand, is incompressible. When your penis is inserted into the device, the presence of water ensures that the penis must enlarge and broaden to cover for the entire volume of water displaced. This, in turn, results in expanding the tissue of your penis without any bulging or twisting. With consistent daily use over time, your penis’ tissue will expand permanently, which eventually results in a wider and lengthier penis.

Benefits of Bathmate Penis Pumps

  1. is the official distributor for Bathmate products in India. Read news published on EAN website - Bathmate arrives in India. There are fake & cheap Bathmate products being sold online by some sellers. We do not want any of our customers to be cheated for such high-value products.
  2. One of the biggest advantages of this Bathmate hydro pumps over conventional air pumps is that they create a seal around the total penis base and not just the length of your manhood so that your whole penis is enlarged and exercised. Over time, this ensures that you can enjoy stable, rockhard erections.
  3. Bathmate products use water which helps in creating a far more powerful vacuum as opposed to air which allows it to enhance the size while ensuring your penis gets the exercise it needs to permanently expand over time. Moreover, it works best when used under warm water as it increases the blood flow to the penis as well thus resulting in faster and stronger erections.
  4. Bathmate products use very little moving components which makes them practically maintenance-free. All you need to do is rinse it with water after use.
  5. Men have reported a growth of about 0.5 to 3.5 inches in length and usually an inch in girth of the penis over time.

How to use the Bathmate pump in the shower?

In order to ensure you gain the best results, here's our recommended exercise regime.

Before starting, make sure that you shave or trim your pubic area which will allow the vacuum seal to affix optimally against your pelvic base.

After a few minutes under a warm shower to soften your testicles, fill the unit completely with water. While doing so, make sure to block the hole at the bottom of the unit to avoid water from escaping or leaking from it. Once the unit is full, insert your penis inside the product so pump it slowly to ensure a vacuum seal is created. Keep increasing the pressure every few minutes by pumping the Bathmate. In case you have opted for the optional shower strap, you can then slide the connector onto the device leaving your hands free to wash.

In addition, avoid vigorous pumping as this will only lead to discomfort, spots or bruising. For best results, you should remove the device every few minutes to allow your penis to retract. Repeat this process over a period of not more than 15 minutes over 24 hours. Once you’re done, you can make use of the pressure release valve to take the unit off.


How to use the bathmate pump in the bathtub?

Using a bathmate pump in a bathtub is no different than using it under a shower. As mentioned above, first get comfortable in your bathtub by filling it up with warm water. This allows your testicles to loosen up thus allowing them to remain free from the sealing area.

Dunk the bathmate in the water, make sure it’s full and then slide it on your penis. Keep pumping the bathmate every few minutes to create a vacuum. Repeat this process over the course of 15 minutes. Don’t overdo it as prolonged use can cause damage to the penis.

Once you’re done, take the bathmate off by releasing the safety valve located on the top of the unit. This release valve can also be used to lower the pressure while pumping if you feel the pressure is too strong.


Bathmate Penis Pump Range

Bathmate provides hydro penis enlargement solution to men of all shapes and sizes. Their ever-growing Bathmate range includes-

  1. Hydro Series

    Hydro is the very first range of penis enlargement pumps that Bathmate had released and since then it has been the largest selling penis enlargement pump all across the globe. It is an affordable pump which gives high-performance, which makes it a perfect option for first timer users.

  2. Hydromax Series

    With the Hydromax, Bathmate launched a major upgrade over its previous series. It gives out 35% more suction power than the previous Hydro series pump.Bathmate carried out a penis enlargement survey which got a 92% positive response from men who said they were satisfied with the real changes it created to their penis size, erection quality and overall confidence.

  3. HydroXtreme

    Bathmate Xtreme is an incredibly high-performance range of penis pump.HydroXtreme stands out from the rest as it lets you get the exact level of pressure that you require for maximum results. The Xtreme is designed for users serious about sexual health. If you are really serious about growing your penis, Xtreme is the perfect product for you!

The rapid growth of the company and success of the Bathmate brand Hydro pumps prompted an investment of £1million in a new dedicated factory and by the end of 2013 Bathmate Hydropumps were being sold in over 70 different countries worldwide, both the products and the company being in receipt of industry awards for innovation and design.

Bathmate Pump Size Guide

Unlike, other products, Bathmate doesn't have a one-size-fits-all product. They are catered to your specific needs which allow your penis to grow uniformly the way it was meant to. Before buying any bathmate product, we recommend you measure your penis (both length and girth) so that you have a precise idea of which product is right for you. Once you have done that, you can look at our size guide to have an indication of which product you should purchase. Bear in mind, once your penis outgrows that particular size, you should opt for the next logical upgrade if you plan to remain in the penis-gain game.

If your current erect penis length and penis girth are between 3 - 5 inches and 6 inches respectively, you should ideally opt for either the Hydromax5 or the HydroXtreme5. In case your penis length and girth falls in between 5-7 inches and 6.5 inches, the Hydro7, Hydromax7, and HydroXtreme7 are best suited to your needs. For the macho dudes measuring 7 - 9 inches in length and 7.5 inches in girth who still aren’t satisfied, Bathmate has your needs covered as well with the Hydromax9 or the HydroXtreme9.

Components of Bathmate Pump

Bathmate pumps comprise of 3 distinct parts:

  1. The Valve Component right at the top
  2. The Polycarb body
  3. The Pump

Where to buy Bathmate pumps in India offers a wide range of Bathmate penile enlargement solutions that cater to your exact requirements. makes it easy to order Bathmate in India and you can relax knowing that your package will be shipped as soon you place your order and in your hands (or penis, in this case) within no time.

Benefits of buying Bathmate pumps online at ThatsPersonal

Owing to the massive popularity of Bathmate, there's a lot of counterfeit websites out there peddling fakes. At, rest assured, you’re guaranteed to receive only 100 percent genuine Bathmate products which have been sourced directly from the manufacturer so that you can rest easy knowing that you have a genuine product in hand.

Fake products are detrimental in more that one way. They are designed not to work and may not give you the results you are after. In addition, it could also lead to injuries which is why it makes sense to always opt for a genuine product.

Your privacy is important to us. Which is why, when you buy from, you are guaranteed to receive the package discreetly so that your privacy is safeguarded no matter what. If you’re still not convinced, we also enable the option for self-pickup from a courier office near you for your convenience.


Bathmate FAQs

Bathmate has often been described as the unsung hero of sex as they help males increase the size of their members, help them last longer while also ensuring they have a stronger erection. All this have helped paved the way to some terrific, smoking-hot sex sessions. If you have ever been curious about how they work or if they are effective, you're in luck! We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Bathmates’ so that you can clarify any doubts before getting naughty between the sheets.

What is a Bathmate?

Bathmate is a world-famous penis enlargement system that has been proven to work. Touted as the World's No.1 penis enlargement pump, this easy-to-use product can help you increase the length and girth of your penis. Based on Hydro-power, Bathmates are infinitely better than air pumps as they make use of water – as opposed to air pressure– thus maximizing penis enhancement during use.

All you need to do is fill the device with water, press it against your penis and start pumping. Once you pull the penis towards you, excess water squirts out at the end which then helps in creating a vacuum. This vacuum allows more blood to be pumped inside your shaft thus helping expand penile walls to larger than previously possible. Moreover, by using water as opposed to air, Bathmates helps in generating a stronger suction than standard pumps. Almost all men have experienced permanent tissue growth in their penis size thanks to the Bathmate Pump. Transforming your sex life is now as easy as 1-2-3 with the help of Bathmate!

What is Hydromax?

While standard Bathmate are more than adequate for the beginner and there’s no doubting that you will be happy with the results, Hydromax is actually aimed at intermediate and advanced players in the Penile Enlargement game. Once you grow in size, you can consider Hydromax as the next logical upgrade to add to your arsenal. Welcome to the world of dick gains!

For starters, the Hydromax has a stronger pressure setting as compared to the standard Bathmate. Secondly, your penis when erect (length and girth) needs to be measured before choosing which product is best applicable in your case. We have already listed out the various sizes and configurations above so accordingly, make an informed decision as having a pump that is better shaped for the size of your penis will also allow you to get better suction and invariably, better results.

What is HydroXtreme?

Let’s put it this way, with the HydroXtreme, you will never have to buy another pump because they are designed to be very powerful and extremely effective. This is for the experts who desire serious results without messing around. The main difference as compared to its peers is that this particular version comes packed with a hand pump that allows you to increase the size of your penis a lot easier by simply squeezing the pump. The package also comes loaded with tons of accessories thus making it a great value for money as well.

Does the Bathmate pump really work?

That's the million-dollar question, isn't it? Let's lay your fears to rest. Here's a fun fact: In the past few years, the Medicare system in the US has invested ~$172,000,000 on penis pumps alone. Needless to say, unless these systems were proven to work, no one, let alone the US Government, would sanction such spending on something which didn’t have any end product.

Bathmate’s work as they increase the flow of blood to the penis leading to them increasing in size permanently over a period of time. After all, we must remember that the penis is a muscle and just like any other muscle, exercising it and over time leads to muscle growth as the tissue inside the muscle expands as it needs to accommodate the increased blood flow. If this is your first time using a Bathmate, we recommend taking it easy during the first few sessions as the muscles inside the penis needs time to grow. Over a period of time, just like any other workout, your penis inside the muscles will grow permanently as well. In most cases, we have noticed permanent results after around 6 weeks of proper use. You can use bathmate to solve all your penis-related issues concerning small penis size, erectile dysfunction, and mild penile curvature!

Can I Use the Bathmate Without Water?

Even though the Bathmate is a water-based male enhancement device, it can be used in the air as well. While we recommend using it with water for the best possible results and for obtaining a solid erection, the Bathmate can be effectively used without water and without lubrication as well.

Can I use Bathmate Xtreme without water?

Just like any other Bathmate product, the Bathmate extreme can work in the air as well as water. However, water is just better to use if you are looking for better results.

Is the Bathmate effective?

Bathmates have proven to increase the length and girth of males all across the globe. On average, we have noticed that men have added at least 2-3 inches to their penis length with regular use. Without the need for surgery, your penis will get bigger, erections much harder, and orgasms more powerful vis-à-vis alternative methods. To further increase its effectiveness, we recommend complementing it with a penile exercise such as jelqing after every 5-minute session.

In addition, Bathmates have proven to be effective in helping men with erectile dysfunctions while also helping increase your partner's pleasure during sex. If you’re looking to shuffle up your dull routine and improve your sexual contact with your partner, Bathmate is the way to go. Stop wasting time on pills, exercises, and recipes as Bathmates can bring with it intensified erections, thus making foreplay and penetration a lot more fun. Put simply, Bigger is always better.

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