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About Durex

Claiming to know their way inside and outside of the bedroom, Durex has inscribed history for themselves. Durex holds a whopping 26% of the market share globally and dispenses around one billion products every year. It has made the world of lovemaking an exotic and safe place to be.

Durex has helped over 150 countries practice responsible and safe sex. Durex focuses on innovative ways for not just the physical connect but an emotional connect as well. For the last 16 years it has to been trying to establish itself as a overall sexual wellness brand instead of a mere condom brand. Durex is breaking the myths of condom being less pleasurable by its varied range of pleasure enhancing Durex condoms and lubricants.

Durex plays around with a wide spectrum of colors, material, sizes and textures. Durex India has aced the strategy part of targeting the right consumers in the right way. Durex serves its consumers with the best quality in order to provide ultimate pleasure in their passionate moments.

Buy Durex Condoms India

Buy Durex condoms online in India at is smoother than a well-oiled machine. Not only you receive high-quality products at lower prices than the market, you are also guaranteed extreme anonymity online. Your parcel is discreetly packaged and delivered to you and no one comes to know the content of your package. No more raised eyebrows and curious eyes around you. Shop for best Durex condoms online right within the comforts of your home

Durex Condoms in India

Condoms are the most popular methods to prevent pregnancy and other harmful sexually transmitted diseases during sex.Condoms do not in any way hamper your intercourse in turn the flavors and varieties make it even more pleasurable.

Durex is world’s No.1 condom brand for a reason. Durex produces heavily trusted and reliable range of condoms which is passed through a stringent inspection. Durex with its exceptional range of condoms aims at providing unforgettable experiences to its loyal consumers.

Durex makes usage of super fine quality raw materials and electronically tests its condoms by pumping 18 litres of air in order to test its strength and elasticity. Durex has grown leaps and bounds with its ever-growing range of skillfully designed condoms. From ribbed to dotted to ultra thin, Durex is taking over the world with condoms destined to go the distance. Durex dotted condoms provides extra stimulation through the dotted texture on the condom. Durex superthin condom boasts to be the thinnest condom on the lot. With these pleasures in hand, Durex deserves to be reigning condom brand across borders.

How to use Durex condoms

  1. Firstly, make it a point to check the expiry date on the condom pack. An expired condom is more likely to break during the act.
  2. Avoid using teeth or sharp nails to break open a packet of the condom; it may cause damage the condom. Look for the arrow on the packet
  3. which will guide you to the thinnest area of packaging. You must open it from that particular area.
  4. Make sure your penis is erect before you slip a condom over it.
  5. Place a condom on the tip of the penis and roll in down until it covers the entire shaft.
  6. Pro Tip- Ask your partner to roll it down for you, she will feel more empowered and sexy.
  7. If you feel it has not fitted properly, you can always remove the condom and put it back again. Until you feel comfortable in it.

Types of Durex Condoms in India

Durex goes beyond providing just safe sex, Durex India has fanned its scale to bring to you extreme pleasurable sensations with its use. Right from fostering closeness to bringing in flavor, Durex India has done it all…..and yeah aced it.

  1. Durex Ribbed condoms

    Durex India gifts us the power to transform our lovemaking sessions into sensational waves of pleasure throughout with different textures on the durex condom. Durex India has created ribs and dots all over the condom to heighten sensitivity and trigger extra stimulation. Durex condoms like Excite Me is a dotted condom that contains added dots to bring exploding orgasms for both the partners.

  2. Durex Superthin condoms

    Durex India understands the range of myths and taboos surrounding condoms in India. One of them being a barrier to sensations. And to tackle it effectively, Durex India has introduced the super thin range of condoms that sleeker and offer more closeness. Durex thin condoms are also electronically tested to ensure that the effectiveness doesn’t get compromised.

  3. Durex Enhanced Performance

    We all ultimately look for better performance in bed. What if a condom enables you to achieve that? Sounds surreal right? Not anymore! Durex India heard our prayers and created Pleasure Me range to enhance your performance in bed.

Durex Sex Lubricants in India

Lubrication be it natural or derived, is extremely crucial intercourse without any pain and discomfort. Lubricants are gel-based liquids which can be used on vagina, anus, penis and also on sex toys for a slippery smooth experience.

Lubricants are a life-saver when it comes to smooth pleasurable sex and Durex knows their way with sex lubes. With an exceedingly innovative range of condoms, Durex lubricants are your trustworthy best friend to have the sex of your dreams.

Durex have evolved lubricants into sensual stimulating gels that excite and pleasure you both at the same time. Using Durex lubes while having sex not only heightens the pleasurable sensations but also reduces friction to a great extent.

How to use Durex Lubricants

  1. Keep a bottle of Durex lubricant within your reach.
  2. Squeeze a quarter size amount of lube into your palm and rub in between your hands to make it a little warm.
  3. Then it can be applied to a man`s erected penis and smeared on his balls Alternatively, men can rub some lube onto their woman`s clitoris and vagina.
  4. As for the condom, it is advisable to apply a little bit of lube on the tip of the condom for an enhanced sensation during intercourse.

Durex Vibrating Rings in India

Durex India goes on to produce vibrating pleasure rings that provide pulsating stimulation during sex for both the partners. These rings can be used for already rocking sex life or for reigniting the lost spark. It’s a must-have for couples looking to try new things in bed and enjoy the vibrating pleasure. It is worn around the base of the penis and can be used along with Durex condoms and Durex lubricants for added pleasure.

How to use Durex rings

  1. Lubricate the insides of the ring with a water-based lubricant.
  2. Slide the ring down to the shaft of the penis till the base.
  3. Turn on the vibrations by pressing the Durex button on the ring.
  4. The vibrations can be used all over the sensitive areas of the body.

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