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History of Fleshlight

Fleshlight was designed by Steve Shubin, who was granted a patent in July 1998 for his invention, as a “device for discreet sperm collection”. It is marketed by its parent company ‘Interactive Life Forms’. Having made its mark in the sexual wellness market, they have made simple and normal internal sleeves to heavily textured ones in different orifice and colours. And now, Fleshlight has 48 different internal textures available with them. These sleeves are designed in three different openings named as Vagina, Anal and Mouth. A couple of new orifices have also been added to their collection called Cheek, Lovesack and Fleshlight Girls. However, at, you can only buy different circular designed entrance and Anal Fleshlight for sexual stimulation as we ensure that all the products imported are not regarded as 'obscene' under the Indian Penal Code (1860). We ensure that the products are not advertised in a manner that could be seen as violating Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act (1954), and The Indecent Representation of Women Act (1986).

Types of Fleshlight

There are various types of Fleshlight masturbators, but the most famous inner sleeves are designed as Vaginal, Anal and Mouth so that the user can purchase the fleshlight sex toys according to their preferred entrance design to enjoy the masturbation.

Vaginal - Most men prefer the lady vagina fleshlight as this type of fleshlight is designed to make it look very similar to the real one. It can easily be used with the water-based lubricant, and after completing the masturbation, the sleeve can be easily removed and cleaned as well.

Anal - Some men go for the anal type fleshlight as it is designed in a manner that its entrance looks very similar to the real anal. The visual treat of Anal Fleshlights may excite you as it gives a tight feeling due to its deep anus hole. Also, people who are more interested in anal sex give a try to the Anal designed Fleshlights.

Mouth - Men who want to be involved in a sensual blow job prefers the mouth designed fleshlight. Made with the same material the lips of the mouth fleshlight are made extremely soft along with a fine shape for visual attraction, sultry vibes and excitement. While inserting the penis, the lips spread wide enough for intense blow-job masturbation.

Fleshlight Series

The Fleshlight products consist of different series called Flight, Quickshot, Ice, Go and more. These series include various types of design but with different shape, colour and size of sleeve and case.

Flight - Flight series includes a normal-sized version of fleshlights with a different style of circular designs on the entrance of the sleeves.

Quickshot - Quickshot series have some newly released products. They are short in size with a compact design. It is made of the dual orifice design for quick and intense masturbation fun. You just have to open both sides of the caps to enjoy the penetration. (It becomes non-penetrating when only one cap is opened.) However short it may be, its internal textures keep you grooving during the process. Also, the sleeve is easily removed from the case, which makes it super easy to wash and maintain.

Ice - Transparent like ice, the internal case and the sleeve are so transparent that one can enjoy seeing detailed textures and bumps. While the textures may keep you engrossed in the session, seeing the penis getting harder through the transparent wall makes it more intense as well.

Go - Go series include Fleshlights that are light in weight and are designed with a tighter hole for an extreme level of suction. This super-tight hole offers an authentic anal experience. The clear design takes your masturbation to the extreme level to enjoy watching every stimulating motion for you or your partner.

Case, Material & Texture

Fleshlight is made with high-quality and body-safe materials. The outer case of the Fleshlight is made of hard plastic to protect the sleeve from dust and bacterias. It also helps in giving support and grip to the hand during the masturbation process. It houses the sleeve to make it look like an oversized flashlight/torch to keep it safe and discreet for easy hide and travel. The sleeve is made of a Superskin material that helps in providing a super soft feel of the real skin. It is known for its highly realistic feel that finely moulds and replicates the look and sensation of the human skin. It's compatible only with water-based lubricant and is super easy to clean as well. Not just that, but there is even more to Fleshlight other than the case and Superskin sleeve. All the sleeves inside the case are creatively designed with multiple textures like fingers, rings, small to large bumps, criss-cross texture, ribs and more in different shapes and sizes to give you a realistic and intense masturbation fun.

How to use Fleshlight?

  • Soak the Fleshlight sleeve in warm water for a few minutes before use. (A warm sleeve shall give more enjoyable moments).
  • Place the sleeve back into the Fleshlight case.
  • Gently and thoroughly lubricate yourself and the insides of your sleeve with water-based lubricant.
  • Insert the penis gently into the sleeve to enjoy the masturbation with its multiple textures
  • You can also experiment with the twist base at the end to control the suction level that is created inside the sleeve.
  • Masturbate until the climax for a maximum orgasmic experience
  • After each use, clean yourself and rinse both your Fleshlight sleeve and case in warm water and mild soap. Shake off excess water and allow the sleeve and case to dry before returning the sleeve to the cap.

Please Note

  • Keep it out of reach of children
  • Keep it away from direct sunlight
  • Avoid oil or silicone-based lubes, they can damage the material
  • Use only water-based lube
  • Wash it thoroughly with water after each use
  • Avoid using hot water
  • Handle with care
  • Clean after each use


Is Fleshlight okay to use at any age?

Fleshlight welcomes everyone above the age of 18. But if someone is dealing with bent or curved penis we do not suggest to use Fleshlight. One can try one of our penis extenders to straighten it and later on buy Fleshlight to explore the masturbation fun.

Why are Fleshlights so popular?

Fleshlights are popular because they help in giving a real feel of pussy, anus and mouth. And who wouldn’t love to feel all of them in a stroker/ masturbator, right? Its supersoft Superskin material helps in providing a realistic feel. So it is different and popular from other male strokers/masturbators and much popular in India and all over the world.

How to choose Fleshlight?

When purchasing for the first time it's a bit tricky to choose a product, but with Fleshlight, you can freely choose any product you want as the material used is very much the same with all the Fleshlights. If these products still confuse you, you can always go for the smaller series, (Quickshot) and later on explore the larger ones. Also, you can select them based on your preferable entrance design and internal textured sleeve.

Why does my Fleshlight sleeve feel sticky after I rinse and dry it?

Make sure each time after cleaning the sleeve with warm water, allow it to dry. Then cover it with the case. Whenever you wish to use it again, rinse it with warm water once again, allow it to dry, apply the water-based lube and then continue to use it.

Does it vibrate?

No, none of the fleshlight products features vibration. But the multiple textures inside the sleeves are sure to raise your heart beats for the climax.

Who can wear it / Is it wearable for any penis size?

There is no such fixed penis size to use Fleshlight. The sleeves of the Fleshlight toys are stretchable and comfortable to wear for any penis size.

How to maintain fleshlight?

After every use, rinse the Fleshlight case and sleeve thoroughly with normal tap water. (Make sure the water isn’t hot) Allow them to completely dry and gently put the sleeve back to its case.

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