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ThatsPersonal Announcement

Jes Extender


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Jes Extender Product Explination
What does Jes-Extender do?

Jes-Extender is a device just like an exercising tool or machine that is used to build your body muscles. This penis enlargement device is similar to bodybuilding exercise where you will be working towards increasing the size of your penis. Not only the size growth will give you extra pleasure to push your limits but it will also boost your self-confidence. Jes-Extender uses mechanical traction to stretch the penis lengthwise which gives an expansion to penile tissues inside the penis due to which over the period the penile tissues will multiply to provide with the permanent benefits.

Safe and natural penis enlargement is possible with the Jes-Extender, and you may be wondering exactly how it works and how to use the penis extender device properly to get maximum results. Watch the instructional video below about the penis extender below. Jes-Extender also comes with a full step-by-step guide on exactly how to use your penis enlargement device. Read further for more information.

The Jes-Extender works by taking advantage of a naturally occurring process in the body – that of cell duplication. It’s the same process as building muscle in the gym – as you lift weights, you stretch the muscles you’re training by causing microscopic tears in the muscle, which causes cell duplication as the muscle heals and then builds

The Jes-Extender consists of four basic units
  1. Anatomically correct rings in a circle for the base of the penis.
  2. Two spring-loaded arms, attached to the base. They come with round screws to adjust the length of the width.
  3. A special molded support
  4. And, a soft adjustable silicon tube that holds the head of the penis while traction

Special extension rods are also included to extend the total length of the device up to 4 inches. This will be in use as the length of the penis increases.

How to Use it?
  1. First, assemble the device with the appropriate number of extension rods so the entire length of the device is a bit longer than the unerect and gently stretched Penis.
  2. Loosen the silicone tube and slip the device over the penis.
  3. Before fastening the tube behind, press the spring bars then tighten the silicon tube to get a grip at the head of the penis.
  4. Men who have not been circumcised should fit the silicon tube just below the glands with the foreskin either emplaced or rolled back whichever they find more comfortable.
  5. The ends of the tubes are pressed into the two notches to prevent them from slipping.
  6. After that, use the screws to fine-tune in the length and adjust the degree of traction. Make sure to adjust on both sides at the same time so that the device doesn't bend.
  7. You will see three marks (900g, 1200g, and 1500g) on the spring-loaded arms which indicates the degree of traction. The further the arms are depressed the greater the traction. But, an overdue of the degree of traction is not recommended as you can injure yourself.
  8. For the first two weeks of use, the traction should not exceed over 900g.
  9. Make proper adjustments in the degree of traction by using the screws to regulate the length. Once the threads on the rods are visible do not unscrew any further or the device will come apart. to avoid that you can attach the extended rods to get the desired length.
  10. To remove the device, simply release the silicon tube and slip-off the device. Also, a special protection pad is included with every Jes-Extender which is used to cushion the silicon tube if that becomes irritating for you.
  11. To protect the device, the entire device should be washed in lukewarm water after each use and dried properly.

Permanent Penis Growth Category Comparison

 SensitivityStronger ErectionsIntermediate GrowthPermanent GrowthMedical Documentation
Surgery No No No Yes Growth Documented* Limited
Jes Extender Yes Yes Yes Yes Growth Documented* Unlimited
Pills Yes Yes No No Growth Not Documented
Creams & Lotions Yes Yes No No Growth Not Documented
Jelqing No Yes No No Growth Not Documented

Penis Traction Gives Permanent Results

The table below shows the average results in penis growth, both flaccid and erect, gained by men who used a penis extender to treat Peyronie’s disease and the same goes for anyone who wishes for bigger penis.

 Pre-treatmentPost 3 months UsagePost 6 months UsageIncrease %
Length in flaccidity (Original state) (cm) 9.78 12.1 13.1 33.94%
Length in erection (cm) 14.4 15.3 16.5 14.58%

*Important - You will have to use the device regularly for recommended period to achieve permanent results.

Jes Extender Startup Schedule

Jes Extender's ‘Slow Start-Up Schedule’ is an ideal training program for first time users to get you used to the Jes Extender device and penis traction method. The Jes Extender training program for new starters gives your body time to adapt, by starting out with low traction and short periods of usage of the Jes Extender device. Traction and duration of use are then gradually extended week by week. Because the Jes Extender is completely safe to use, the length of use can be determined by the user individually. Once the desirable results have been achieved, the penis enlargement program can simply be discontinued.

Jes Extender Product Explination
Week 1 Get used to wearing the device
Week 2 Feel comfortable and confident, increase the duration
Week 3 Increase traction and duration slightly
Week 4 The Recommended increase in the number of hours
Week 5 Feel completely confident, up to the wager
Week 6 You’re flying
Benefits of using Jes-Extender

As soon as you start using the Jes-Extender, it will increase the blood flow to the penis which will help you in getting bigger and harder erections. Eventually, you will start gaining self-confidence and will be able to perform better.


Do’s and Dont’s when you use

  1. For the first few weeks, the device should not be used more than 4-5 hours per day.
  2. Later, when the cell division is under the way the extender can be used for up to 12 hours a day. But, it is important to start slow to avoid pain and possible injuries.


How long can my penis get and are the results permanent?

You will notice the results with the continuous use of the product. The users who have used the product patiently have seen an increase in their size. Please refer to the section above - “Results in Erection” to get details on output received by the customers as per the brand.

Will the increase in the size be permanent?

Your results will remain the same even after stopping the usage since the new cells created will stay around and won’t reverse.

Does this work for all types of sizes?

Yes, everybody will see a result after right and constant use. The increases mentioned are from clinical research, and they are an average. Some will see results slightly above or below these figures. The device will fit penis sizes from 4-22 cm in the stretched flaccid state.

Are there any side effects?

No, using this won't affect the fertility, stamina, urination or erection force. In fact, many users report developed erection and stamina, due to the increased blood flow from the treatment.

Can I wear it at home or while I sleep?

If you have a non-physical job, the penis extender can be worn under boxer shorts and loose-fitting trousers which will help you to achieve a bigger penis all day long. It can possibly prove difficult to keep-on during sleep if you twist and turn a lot, but if not you will be fine. The only way to find out is by trying!

Can I have sex with my partner during the treatment?

Yes, you can make love with your partner during the treatment but, remove the device beforehand.

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