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  • Sensuva Brand

    Sensuva brand was created out of an immense need within the sexual health industry for naturally derived products. Products that can restore testosterone levels and bring back the youthful energy using natural products.

    Steering clear from chemical ingredients, Sensuva products are infused with high-quality botanical blends designed to support hormonal health, physical energy and sexual satisfaction in both women and men.

    Sensuva is on a mission to create the most healthy, body-safe, natural products that genuinely work. So that people feel more turned on, aroused, and more connected to their partner every day.

    It has focused their investment on designing original formulas that put men and women's bodies back in balance, heighten awareness and sensitivity so that their love lives can finally feel the way they've always wanted them to.

    Within the first 18 months of ON’s release to the market, Sensuva received multiple awards as “product of the year” and started getting distributed internationally. With the accolades of a nationally-renowned sexual health expert, Dr. Jennifer Berman, M.D., & the tremendous response from women via their testimonials

  • Sensuva Products

    Sensuva’s collection ranges from long and short-term arousal solutions to enhancers, desensitizers, a tightener, erotic cosmetics, and a wide selection of personal moisturizers.

    1. Sensuva ON arousal oil-
    Sensuva arousal oil is an oil for women. It helps a woman’s body respond more excitedly to any kind of physical stimulation. It gives her a complete body awareness and heightens her senses to whatever sexual activity she is into. This way she gets aroused more, her body responds better and she enjoys better sexually.

    2. Sensuva ON arousal balm-
    Arousal balm is a an upgraded version of the arousal oil for women. It works exactly like the arousal oil giving a more woman arousal, but arousal balm are more convenient to use. It comes in a lip-balm kind of formula which is easy to apply. In one swipe, a woman would feel sensitive and tender over her private areas.

    3. Sensuva ON power glide-
    Power Glide is a fast-acting gel penis gel for men. It dramatically heightens sensation for men and increases blood flow. It makes penis feel thicker, firmer, and maximizes a man’s satisfaction during sex.

    4. Sensuva Insane Moisturizers-
    Insane from Sensuva is a range of intense moisturizers for a woman’s vagina. Once applied, it provides radiating heat and the sexiest feeling inside her body.Women can feel it internally as well as externally when it comes in contact with the clitoris.
    Enjoy this wild roller coaster of sensation alone or with a partner, to take your love making to a climactic burst.

    5. Sensuva ON chocolate-
    ON chocolate Arousal Oil is a chocolate flavored arousal product made with a unique blend of pure essential oils & extracts. When applied to the clitoris,ON chocolate Arousal Oil creates an exciting sensation that pulsates and vibrates the most sensitive part of her sensual body, and has a delicious chocolaty flavor for her partner to enjoy. ON CHOCOLATE Arousal Oil will dramatically heighten a woman's arousal, and most women feel as though they are lubricating MORE!

    6. Sensuva ON ice oil-
    This one creates fireworks inside the panties. When applied directly to the clitoris, ON ICE Arousal Oil will dramatically heighten a woman’s arousal and give her an exciting sensation that pulsates, vibrates, tingles and cools the most sensitive parts of her sensual body.

    7. Sensuva ON silicone lubricant-
    Sensuva ON is a silicone lubricant to be used for smoother sex. This blend of exceptional silicones & natural essences provides the silkiest, smoothest glide of your life!

    It is extremely long-lasting so a little amount goes a long way. It NEVER feels sticky or tacky to the touch. Eventually, it disappears from the skin and leaves the surface of your skin feeling soft and silky. You could use it for an all-over body massage. The consistency of it allows your hands to glide across the skin for very long time.

    8. Sensuva ON Delay Gel-
    ON Bold increases a man's timing in bed and hence his pleasure. This delay gel slightly desensitizes the nerve endings on the tip of the penis reducing overstimulation and helps prevent men from ejaculating soon in bed.

    9. Sensuva Nip Zip-
    Nip Zip is an all-natural balm that was designed to be enjoyed on the nipples of both men and women, alike. It can be applied to various places on the body when you want to experiment with different sensation.

    10. Sensuva Lic-O-licious-
    Lic-o-licious is designed with the aim that a man’s pleasure will be the woman’s pleasure as well during oral sex. This delicious edible cream keeps a woman’s tongue and throat completely coated . The sensual oily consistency stays present in the mouth longer than typical oral gels, allowing to take your love deeper than ever before.

    11. Sensuva Sizzle lips-
    Sizzle lips is an edible gel that feels warm when rubbed onto the skin. It can be kissed and licked off. The more you rub it in, the warmer it feels. It comes in amazing flavors and leaves no bad aftertaste.

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