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Increase your Penis Size Permanently!

Does size matter? Medically, it should not, but psychologically, it does matter. The average size of an erect human penis is around 5.17 inches. This size should be enough to satisfy your partner. However, the bigger the size, the better is the psychological feeling you get. It brings us to the question whether it is possible to extend the size of your penis. Yes, you can do so by using SizeGenetic Penis Extender.

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About SizeGenetic Penis Extender

Let us have a small analogy. Do you not build up your biceps and triceps by doing specific exercises? Yes, it is possible to stretch and train the muscles by lifting weights and performing regular exercise. Similarly, some exercises can help you to extend the size of your penis. SizeGenetic Penis Extender is one such traction device that helps to enlarge your penis scientifically without any side effects. It is a natural process that can extend your penis up to 29% in about six months.


Benefits of SizeGenetic Penis Extender

Besides extending the size of your penis, the SizeGenetic Penis Extender has other advantages.

  • Increases your self-confidence

    The smaller the size of your penis, the lower is your self-confidence. It is natural for a man to feel awkward when his partner or others comment on the size of his organ. Using penis extenders can enhance the size comfortably by around 30% within six months of regular use. This enhancement in the penis size increases the self-confidence of the individual.

    An enlarged penis size gives you a new zeal to proceed into a relationship with high confidence. An increased level of confidence reflects in your other activities as well.

  • Paves the way for a better general well-being

    A person who used penis extenders for enhancing the size of his penis will naturally pay attention to other areas of his health. Hence, it paves the way for overall better health of the individual.

  • Acts as a motivating factor

    The regular use of SizeGenetic penis extender enhances the size of the penis by a considerable amount. It goes on to instil self-confidence in the individual and paves for a better sexual experience with his partner. This satisfaction reflects in his other activities and acts as a motivating factor to set and achieve other goals in life.

  • Improves your sexual techniques

    The increase in the size of the penis through this natural process strengthens it overall. It enhances the ability of the individual to maintain the erection for a sufficiently long period. Hence, it also serves to remedy issues like premature ejaculation by helping you to master the art of controlling it. As you manage your ejaculation, it helps you to try out innovative sexual techniques to satisfy your partner. Therefore, it leads to a satisfying sexual life of the individual.

  • Straightens curved penises

    Many people suffer from the problem of curved penises. This condition can cause great distress from performing the act. The SizeGenetic penis extender can help in straightening curved penises, thereby providing relief to such people and enable them to have regular sex lives.


How it works – SizeGenetic Penis Extender

The SizeGenetic penis extender is a traction device. We shall go back to the same analogy to understand how the penis extender works. As you lift weights to improve your physique, it causes micro tears in the muscles that result in cell duplications. As you allow the tissue to heal, it becomes firmer and larger because of its enhanced capacity to hold more blood than it used to do earlier. The penis extenders work on a similar principle.


Permanent Penis Growth Category Comparison

 SensitivityStronger ErectionsIntermediate GrowthPermanent GrowthMedical Documentation
Surgery No No No Yes Growth Documented* Limited
Penis Device Yes Yes Yes Yes Growth Documented* Unlimited
Pills Yes Yes No No Growth Not Documented
Creams & Lotions Yes Yes No No Growth Not Documented
Jelqing No Yes No No Growth Not Documented

How to use SizeGenetic Penis Extender

The SizeGenetic penis extender comes with a simple attachment that allows you to attach the device to your penis. The padded base sits at the base of your penis comfortable. Using the adjustable rods, you can set the length you want. You can fasten your penis tip to the device whereby it provides steady, constant, and gentle stretching exercise along the Corpora Cavernosa. It is nothing but the part of your penis that retains blood during erections to maintain it.

It is a painless stretching procedure whereby the cells within the penis pull away and split in the same way your biceps do during weight training. The healing process is also similar to the creation of healthy new cells, thereby increasing the size of your penis. Consequently, the capacity of the Corpora Cavernosa increases, whereby it holds more blood than it used to do earlier. Thus, you experience more significant and harder erections.

Regular use over a period of six months can increase the size of your penis by more than 30%.



Does it cause pain while using the SizeGenetic penis extender?

No, the SizeGenetic penis extender is a painless device. It stretches your penis gradually causing the cells in your penis to split and divide. It uses a slow rhythmic extension to improve the size of your penis progressively.

Will the improvement in the penis size be permanent?

Using the SizeGenetic penis extender regularly can improve your penis size considerably. The process causes the development of new cell around your penis. These new cells are bound to stay, thereby ensuring a permanent improvement in the size of your penis.

How long should I use the SizeGenetic penis extender to get optimum results?

Wearing the penis extender for a minimum of five to six hours daily in the initial two to three months can increase the size of the penis by a minimum of 10%. As you continue using it for four to six months, the expected growth in length will be around 28% to 30%, and the girth will grow by approximately 19% to 20%.

Does using the penis extender cause any side effects?

No, the use of the penis extender does not have any side effects. It does not affect the fertility, erection force, or your stamina. The penis extender improves the cell growth in the Corpora Cavernosa, thereby ensuring that it holds more blood than it used to do earlier. Thus, you feel an improved erection. The capacity of the penis to store more blood makes you sustain the erection as well.

Can you wear the SizeGenetic penis extender at all times?

You need to wear boxer shorts or loose-fitting trousers when using the SizeGenetic penis extender. Hence, you cannot use them when you wear your formal pants. You can wear it while sleeping provided you do not toss around in your sleep.

Can one have sex during the treatment procedure?

Yes, you can have sex during the treatment procedure that lasts up to 24 weeks. However, you have to remove the device when having sexual intercourse. Regular use of the penis extender improves the blood circulation inside the penis, thereby leading to a better erection.

Can men of all ages wear this device?

This device is suitable for all men from 18 years of age and above. There are instances of men over 70 years of age benefiting from the use of this device.

Can circumcised males use it?

Yes, both circumcised and non-circumcised men can use SizeGenetic penis extender. Usually, non-circumcised men prefer to use it.

Do you need to wear the penis extender under medical supervision?

No, it is not necessary to use the penis extender under medical supervision. The product comes with a user catalog that details the entire procedure of using it.

Is there any minimum size of the penis for using the penis extender?

No, men having small penises measuring up to 1.6 inches can also use this device to improve the size and thereby their overall sexual performance.

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