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Bathmate Pumps - Which One To Buy?


Now that you have made the right choice for your penis Enlargement by selecting the world’s best selling penis pump - Bathmate, you will be stumbled with the query - “Which Bathmate Hydro Pump will fit and is best for me?”. Selecting the right size and variant is not always simple and customers land up making the wrong choice. To get the most out of your Bathmate penis pump routine, it is very important to choose the best size and variant for you.

To know in detail on ‘How Bathmate works’, ‘How to Use the Hydro Pump’ and to ‘Finally buy from an authorized Indian Partner’, click here.

Hence, to make it easy for all of you, we have created a very simple Bathmate Size Guide to help you figure out what variant and size of Bathmate can fit you to hit your penis size goal.

All you need to do is follow these 4 simple steps -

  1. Get An Erection - Your penis should be in an erect position so that you can get an accurate measurement to choose a right Bathmate Hydro Pump.
  2. Measure your Penis Length - Measure your erect penis with a ruler from the pubic bone to the tip of your penis.
  3. Measuring your Penis Circle - Measure your erect penis around the centre of your trunk.
  4. Select The Hydro Pump According To Your Size And Type - Once you confirm your penis size, identify the right Hydro Pump according to it. We have provided detailed instructions below to ease this step.
  5. Choose your color - Choose your desired colors from red, blue and clear. (All the colors are transparent so that one can see the growth).
  6. Choose your Bathmate accessories - These will ensure that your Bathmate experience is fun and effortless.

Now, let’s jump in detail to help you select the right Bathmate Type and Size based on your penis size and the suction power you need.

Basically, Bathmate is divided into three series called, Hydro, Hydromax and HydroXtreme that are specially designed based on its ‘Functionality. Each type has multiple sizes to cater to all penis sizes. Yes, all sizes - be it 1 inch to 9 inches... And Yes, even 9 inchers want to grow it.

Types of Bathmate hydropumps and its Functions

Hydro Series: Bathmate Hydro series is ideal for first-time users. It creates a powerful yet sturdy pressure, while effectively increasing your penis size. It is available in below sizes -

  • Hydro7 - Suits best to the users whose penis size measure between 5 - 7 inches / 13 -18 cm in length in erect position.

Hydromax Series: The Bathmate Hydromax series is ideal for only both beginners and experienced hydro pump users. With its 35% more power than the Hydro series pumps, it delivers a higher performance with even more faster growth in penis size. It is available in below sizes -

  • Hydromax3 - Suits best to the users whose penis size measure between 1 - 3 inches / 3 - 8 cm in length in erect position.
  • Hydromax5 - Suits best to the users whose penis size measure between 3 - 5 inches / 8 - 13 cm in length in erect position.
  • Hydromax7 - Suits best to the users whose penis size measure between 5 - 7 inches / 13 - 18 cm in length in erect position.
  • Hydromax9 - Suits best to the users whose penis size measure between 7 - 9 inches / 18 - 23 cm in length in erect position.

HydroXtreme Series: Known as the most powerful Hydro pump, Bathmate HydroXtreme is for expert users who are looking for extreme performance. With a handball for effective pressure control, it allows the users to experience the maximum safe pressure leading to powerful performance and faster growth. It is available in below sizes -

  • HydroXtreme5 - Suits best to the users whose penis size measure between 3 - 5 inches / 8 - 13 cm in length in erect position.
  • HydroXtreme7 - Suits best to the users whose penis size measure between 5 - 7 inches / 13 - 18 cm in length in erect position.
  • HydroXtreme9 - Suits best to the users whose penis size measure between 7 - 9 inches / 18 - 23 cm in length in erect position.
Bathmate Pumps Sizing guide
Bathmate Pumps Sizing guide

As per the diagram above, “Room for Growth” is the space where your penis can grow. Once your size has grown in length or thickness and reached the upper limits of a particular pump, it is a sign that you have outgrown it, and it's time to move on to the next type and size.

Select Bathmate Penis Pump as per your penis size and Pump Features
Series Hydro Hydromax HydroXtreme
Power / Suction   35% more than Hydro More Power than Hydromax
Negative Pressure 0.35 Bar 0.55 Bar 0.55 Bar
Locking Valve No Yes Yes
Locking Valve No Yes Yes
Handball with Pipe No No Yes
Shower Strap No No Yes
Measuring Guide No No Yes
Cleaning Kit No No Yes
Lockable Storage No No Yes
Recommended For Beginners and Value for Money Beginners as well as Experienced Experienced Users
Current Erect Penis Size
Length Upto 3 in / 7.5 cm
Girth less than 6 in / 15.5 cm
  Hydromax3 Clear
Hydromax3 Blue
Length between 3 - 5 in / 7.5 - 12.5 cm
Girth less than 6 in / 15.5 cm
  Hydromax5 Clear
Hydromax5 Blue
Hydromax5 Red
HydroXtreme5 Clear
Length between 5 - 7 in / 12.5 - 17.5 cm
Girth less than 6.5 in / 16.5 cm
Hydro7 Clear
Hydro7 Blue
Hydro7 Red
Hydromax7 Clear
Hydromax7 Blue
HydroXtreme7 Clear
Length Upto 7 - 9 in / 17.5 - 23 cm
Girth less than 7.5 in / 19 cm
  Hydromax9 Blue
Hydromax9 Red
HydroXtreme9 Clear

This recommendations above is specifically made to help you select the right type and size as per your penis size and the performance you look for. If you still have queries, you can ask them on the respective Product Page FAQ (Frequently asked Questions) section or you can chat with our Sexpert Team or call them at 022 4896 6969.


Where else? Right here!!!
Now that we have guided you on how to select the right Bathmate penis pump, we are elated to inform you know that we are the official distributing partners of the world’s best Penis Pump, ‘Bathmate’ in India. So, you can conveniently explore entire range of Bathmate hydro pumps on ThatsPersonal and buy them with ease and confidence. With high-class packaging, value for price and hygienic Hydro Pumps, we also assure you with discreet delivery, customer self pickup, cash on delivery, best customer service always.


1) How often can I use a Penis Pump in a Day? How long one particular pumping session should be?
Your pumping session should be of 15 minutes daily, by splitting them three times into 5 minutes each.

2) Can I use the pump daily?
Recommended to use for 5 days a week.

3) HHow much will my penis size grow?
Though you can definitely find improvement in size and thickness after initial few usage, the overall growth would depend on your Bathmate exercise routine and dedication, your choice of the pump and your overall health.

4) Is the result permanent?
After its regular use, these pumping sessions will help in growing your size, but regular use of it will only make the gains last longer. You need to keep the sessions on as per the directions without skipping days to see your desired result. But if you stop the session, you may see the results reducing to some extent. Just like, only a regular workout at the gym helps to build muscles, similar to see the gains to last forever, one needs to keep a regular session with the Bathmate pump.

5) Can I use Bathmate without water?
No! As the name already reads ‘Hydro’ Pumps, it is only suggested to use it with water.

6) When And How To Upgrade the pump?
Upgrades can be done in Sizes and Type. You can do so on 2 occasions
A. Once you have outgrown your penis size either in length or girth and there is no more space to grow, it’s time for you to upgrade your Hydro Pump. For eg: If you have achieved your desired result by using Hydromax7 and you wish to increase your penis size even more, then you can buy Hydromax9. You can even try HydroXtreme9 that gives even more growth to your penis with its super suction power.
B. Also, if you believe you have the necessary experience and want more power for your pumping, then you can definitely go for an upgrade. Say from Hydro to Hydromax or from Hydromax to HydroExtreme. But Beware! Let’s not be in a hurry to upgrade. You need to be comfortable for that jump.


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