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Buyer’s Guide - Condoms

Beginner’s Guide to Condoms

Condoms are the most simple and effective way to prevent pregnancy and other sexual infections during sex. Condoms are widely available at extremely affordable prices both online and offline. Condom makes it easy to practice sex in a safe and responsible manner. With the advancement in the sexual wellness industry, condoms no longer come in between you and your partner and ruins your experience. Today, condoms have advanced to the point of being skin thin. All of this without compromising its effectiveness.

Condoms are available in all textures, colors and flavors. They are very convenient to use and travel-friendly. You need not visit a doctor in order to purchase a condom, you can pick up a condom easily from chemists, supermarkets and online stores without a prescription. Condoms are just supposed to be rolled over the penis and it does the work of protecting you against pregnancy and almost every sexually transmitted disease.

Types of Condoms

Unflavored standard condoms

Standard condoms are made out of latex rubber and are the most widely available across India. However if you are allergic to latex, this condom will not be ideal for you and your partner.

Ribbed condoms

Ribbed condoms have an outer layer of ribs all over it. It stimulates the inner areas of a vagina much more effectively and makes a woman reach an explosive orgasm.

Flavored Condoms

There is no harm in bringing some flavored aroma to bed. A flavored condom allows you to do just that. These have a never-ending list of variants like chocolate, mint, fruity and butterscotch to name a few. Although it comes with flavors, flavors condoms are not meant for ingestion. It only serves the purpose of an aromatic fragrance.

Ultra Thin Condoms

For the times when you don’t feel like wearing a condom and still want to have protected sex, this type of condom comes to your rescue. Ultra thin condoms are designed like a second skin on your penis to provide you with that natural feeling. Ultra thin condoms are extremely lubricated as well.

Delay condoms

Delay condoms lubricated on the inside with a layer of local anesthetic called benzocaine which comes in contact with the penis and de-sensitizes the area so that you last longer in bed.

Dotted Condoms

These condoms have dots carved into their outer surface. It is the most ideal kind of condom when you want to have a slightly different experience in bed. The pleasurable friction these dots create guarantees the supreme amount of pleasure.

Female Condoms

Female condoms works like its male counterpart in preventing unwanted pregnancies and other sexually transmitted diseases. A female condom is worn inside the vagina before intercourse to prevent semen from entering the womb.

Choosing the right condom for you

Last Longer in Bed Delay Condoms
Enhanced Experience Ribbed and Dotted Condoms
Greater Intimacy During Sex Ultra Thin Condoms
Increased Sensation Warming and Cooling Condoms

How to use a condom

1. Firstly, make it a point to check the expiry date on the condom pack. An expired condom is more likely to break during the act.

2. Avoid using teeth or sharp nails to break open a packet of a condom; it may cause damage the condom.

3. Look for the arrow on the packet which will guide you to the thinnest area of packaging. You must open it from that particular area.

4. Make sure your penis is erect before you slip a condom over it.

5. Place a condom on the tip of the penis and roll in down until it covers the entire shaft.

6. Pro Tip- Ask your partner to roll it down for you, she will feel more empowered and sexy.

7. If you feel it has not fitted properly, you can always remove the condom and put it back again. Until you feel comfortable in it.


Can condom prevent pregnancy?
Yes, Condom is mainly brought into existence to prevent pregnancy, however condom cannot prevent pregnancy 100% of the times. You and your partner needs to use a condom correctly to prevent pregnancy.

Can condoms break?
An expired or low quality condom has chances of breaking during the act. There could be other reasons as well- lack of lubrication or sharp things can also cause a condom to break.

Is condoms safe to use while pregnant?
Yes, you can use a good quality condom.

Can I reuse a condom?
No, you should never reuse a condom as there are high chances of spreading infections.

Can I use two condoms instead of one for better prevention?
No, that is a baseless myth. Wearing two condoms at the same time will increase the chances of tearing.

Which lubricants to use along with a condom?
Many condoms already come with lubrication inside and outside. You can also use water-based and silicone based lubricants safely with condoms.

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