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Buyer’s Guide - Lubricant

Beginner’s Guide to Lubricant

Lubricants or lubes are gel solutions that help you have better and easier intercourse. While having intercourse with your partner, there may be some feeling of pain or discomfort due to the small opening of vagina. By applying some lubricant to the areas, penis is able to slide easily into the vagina without any pain.

Lubricants can be used both by male and females during masturbation for more intensified experience. They enhance sexual arousal by stimulating the flow of blood to the vagina. It helps maintain the firmness of vagina and keeps it soft and hydrated all through sexual activities.

Why Use Lubricants?

The pain in the vagina is mainly caused by dryness and lack of natural lubrication which is the wetness released by the vagina during foreplay when a woman is turned on or seduced. And this dryness could be due to many reasons namely- breastfeeding, menopause, hormonal changes and even anxiety.

The frustration of not being able to enjoy the intercourse properly can be really stressful and takes a toll on your mental health. Many people are not able to cope up with the pressure and drop indulging in sexual activity all together. And that can be hazardous to any healthy relationship.

Even if your body is giving you no pain while having sex, you can still have more satisfying sex using lubricants. Lubricants are the best and easiest way to make any sexual intercourse more enjoyable for both men and women.

Types of Lubricants

Water-Based Sex Lubricants

The most popularly known to our Indian masses, Water based lubes are extremely safe to use along with latex condoms and can be easily washed off with plain water. They provide extra wet glide during intercourse and because they are made out of water, they do not leave any stain behind. Water-based lubricants come in gels, creams and liquids drenched in several flavors and scents. On the flipside, these kinds of lubes do not have high moisture retention and tend to dry out after a certain period of time.

Silicone-Based Sex Lubricants

Contrary to the water based, silicone lubes do not dry up and allows you to have sex smoothly for a longer period of time. Silicone-based lubricants double up as a full body massage gel for a softer skin experience. If you have a planned shower or bathtub session coming up, silicone lubes are the best to use as they do not get broken down with water. The only precaution to take with these lubricants is to avoid their usage with any silicone material sex products or sex toys.

Flavored Sex Lubricants

It is pretty exciting to pick your favorite flavor in the ice cream parlor from over a range of choices. Your favorite ice cream flavors are now available in lubes too!
Flavorful lubricants elevate the senses during sex for an unforgettably tasty experience.

Speciality sex lubricants

Speciality sex lubricants cover a range of caring and hydrating elements along with giving extra heightened sensations. Warming lubricants- These lubricants bring intimate heat to your passionate sessions for a fiery hot bedroom experience. It provides additional warmth between you and your partner. Cooling lubricants- Cooling lubricants ease out the discomfort during intercourse and effectively counters vaginal dryness. The cooling sensations heightens sensitivity and improves overall lovemaking experience.

Choosing the perfect lubricant

Lubricants are available in market in different ingredients which may definitely confuse a beginner in this category. Let us give you a clear picture of the lubricants available and what are their uses and which one will be perfectly suited for your custom needs.

Smooth vaginal sex

If you are experiencing pain while insertion of penis, you can use both Water based and silicone lubricants which will ensure slippery penetration while rubbed all around vagina and penis.

Along with sex toys

The safest lubricant to be used along with your precious soft toys will be water based lubes as some sex toys are made up with silicone material. Hence silicone based lubes will degrade the material of your sex toys.

Oral sex

Flavored lubricants can take your oral sex experience to a whole new experience with its wide range of tasty flavors. So if you are a fan of oral sex, flavored lubricants are going to be your new best friend!

Anal sex

Anal sex can be really painful especially for a first timer. In that case, using a lubricant can help make the experience smooth and painless. For anal sex, you will need a lubricant that is thick in consistency and more long lasting. Water based lube dry out quite often during sex and needs to be reapplied. And therefore, silicone lubes will be a great choice for anal sex.

Increased sensation

If you wish to experience something other than the usual sensations, warming and cooling lubricants can help you achieve that. These kinds of lubricants increases and enhances the regular arousal that you experience during sex. In turn you reach exceptionally satisfying orgasms that leave you wanting for more...

Smooth Vaginal sex Water-Based Lubricant and Silicone Lubricant
Along with Sex Toys Water Based Lubricant
Oral Sex Flavored Lubricant
Anal Sex Silicone Lubricant
Increased Sensation Speciality Lubricant

How to clean up after using a lubricant

Lubricants needs to be cleaned up thoroughly after sex as it lubricants are slippery and can stain your sheets. It is advisable to wash off the lubricated area with warm water and soap after sex. If you end up staining your clothes or sheets, remember that lube stains are like grease stains which can be easily cleaned by using dish soap. Wash the stained fabric with some dish soap and warm water.

How to use a sex lubricant

Using a sex lubricant during sex is fairly simple and here we enlist the steps you can use them.

1. For males a suitable amount can be applied to the head and shaft of the penis. This allows the penis to glide in smoothly through vagina or anal opening.

2. For females, a lubricant can be applied directly to the opening or insides of the vagina.

3. For sex toys, you need to apply a water-based lubricant to the part of the sex toys that is going to be inserted in your vagina.

4. To start with a lube, squeeze a quarter size amount of lube into your palm and rub in between your hands to make it a little warm.

5. Then smear it onto the penis, clitoris or vagina.

6. As for the condom, it is advisable to apply a little bit of lube on the tip of the condom for an enhanced sensation during intercourse.


Who needs to apply the lubricant - Men or women?
Lubricants can be applied to the private regions of both men and women for smoother sexual experience.

I can use coconut oil so why do I need to use a lubricant?
Although oils can be the cheapest form of sex lubricant, it can break down the condom and hence degrade its effectiveness. Oils contain antiviral and antibacterial properties can disrupt the PH balance of a woman’s vagina.

What is the difference between water and silicone-based lubricants?
The formulation of water-based lubricant contains pure water as the main ingredient. It gets absorbed by the layers of the skin whereas silicone lubricants do not penetrate into the skin and provides long lasting lubrication.

Is it safe to use lubricants with condoms?
Yes, water based, silicone based and flavored lubricants are all safe to be used on a condom. However “oil based lubricants” should be avoided to be used over a condom as it can degrade the latex in the condom.

Is it safe to use a lubricant during pregnancy?
Yes it is safe, there is no danger by the lubricant to the newborn as your cervix is tightly closed and won’t let the external lubrication reach there.

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