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Buyer’s Guide - Penis Extender

Beginner’s Guide to Penis Extender

Any ordinary man would think what exactly is a penis extender and why does he need one in his life? Well, this complicated looking device is great for adding the desired extra inches to the length and girth of your penis for bigger, firmer erections. If you have ever desired for longer, harder manhood , penis extenders are for you. After using a penis extender, you will be left with higher self-esteem and confidence along with hulking penis.

If your confidence is really low due to the small size of your penis, you won’t be able to satisfy your lady as much as you would like to.

If your penis is long but does not have the needed thickness/girth, your woman won’t be able to feel filled up and loaded inside her. The thickness of your penis leaves her bursting with sexual pleasure.

There may be chances you achieve your fair share of erections but they are not hard enough to make your woman scream and moan.

Penis extender takes care of all the aspects involved in enlarging the penis for effective and visible results. You do not have to perform surgeries or intake harmful supplements anymore. Penis extenders offer you an extremely safe and comfortable option to finally own the penis you have always desired for.

Penis extenders work on “Traction” and “Cell Division” principles

What is Traction?
Traction is nothing else but pulling and stretching. Traction in penis extender involves applying steady pressure to the shaft of the penis. Penis extenders use gentle but consistent pressure to stretch the tissues in the shaft of the penis. And when this pressure is applied on tissues ,your body’s natural response to create more tissue cells and from here starts the second process of cell division.

What is Cell Division?
Our entire body is made of cells. Cells divide when they are stressed. If the cells of the penis divide, then it becomes larger. Once traction gives a pain-free tension on the tissues, they start to stretch and this leaves gaps in them. Cell division takes over the gaps created and creates new cells in that place. Hence multiplying the cells into the shaft of your penis giving you longer and thicker penis. The cell multiplication is a natural ongoing process that keeps happening in our body and therefore penis extenders stands free from any negative effects.

The amount of time penis extender may take to increase length can be quite significant. You should not be under the impression that a penis extender can deliver results within a short period of time. In reality, many months may be required to achieve maximum size increases. The increases will depend on your genetic factors.

Not only is it stylish, discreet and can be used in the comfort of your own home, but it's scientifically proven to get you the best results to grow the length and girth of your penis.The best part about penis extenders is its permanent gains. Even after you stop using the extender for some reason, the achieved results will be there with you forever.

Features & Benefits

  • Supports safe penis growth
  • Increases the total number of cells in the penis
  • Made of light-weight and high-quality materials
  • Minimal inputs and efforts
  • Easy to extend
  • Full control on the amount of pressure
  • Dynamic range of tractions
  • Durable organic plastic
  • Permanent increased gains in length and girth
  • Pain-free process
  • Corrects curved penis issues
  • Versatile to fit all size
  • Strengthens erections
  • Can be worn comfortably under clothes

Components and their functions

A Ruler - To measure the length and growth of your penis and keep a track of your penis enlargement progress.

A Rubber strap - It is a comfort device which is easy to use, adjustable and safe with no damage risk to the penis.

Elongation Rods - To adjust the rods to the length of my penis

Front Piece - The piece on which the rubber straps fit.

Base Ring - Through which your penis is supposed to be inserted.

Protection Pad - This is given to ensure protection and safety of your penis during the traction. It is snug and comfy fit. There will be no discomfort or irritation when the device is being used.

Cohesive Gauze - This is given to increase the level of protection and better securing of the strap. It ensures that you get the maximum protection while the device is at work.

How to use

1. Before beginning, the penis extender requires some simple adjustments depending on your penis length.

2. If your penis length is above 5 inches, you will have to turn the front piece around.

3. If you are below 5 inches in length, you can keep the front piece in its original position.

4. Separate the rod and ring from the rubber strap and front piece.

5. Slide the ring on the penis on the rod towards the base of your penis, and leave it there.

6. Place and tighten the rubber strap on the glan (penis’s head)

7. Clockwise, Rotate the rod on the ring and pull the rod to the desired length

8. Once you have pulled it to a desired length, rotate the rod anti-clockwise to tighten it there. You will hear a click once it is fastened properly

9. Now you need to connect the front piece to the rods

10. You can do this by pressing the rods up against the front piece firmly

11. You will hear a click again once they are fitted correctly.

12. To increase the traction, hold both your thumbs to the rods and push them forward, one hole at a time.

13. Do not go any further than the last hole.


Can a man with micro-penis use this extender?
Yes, penis extenders accommodate a range of penis sizes starting from 2 inches to 11 inches.

How does this work?
Penis extender devices work on traction and cell division principles that apply pressure on the tissues in the penis and due to body’s natural process, the cells in the tissues gets multiplied in number. This results in longer and thicker penis.

For how much time should I use this?
You need to wear this for about 5 to 6 hours daily for better results

Is it painful?
No, penis extending devices do not cause pain although you might feel a little uncomfortable at first and you will need some time to get used to the device.

Does this work for all men, having all sizes to begin with?
Yes – everybody will see a result after correct and diligent use. The increases mentioned are from clinical research, and they are an average. Some will see results slightly above or below these figures.

Any side effects?
No – use will not affect fertility, stamina, urination or erection force. In fact many users report improved erection and stamina, due to the increased blood flow from the treatment.

Will this improve my performance in bed?
Various researches uphold the fact that women do place emphasis on the size of your penis and how thick it is so that she can feel fuller inside herself. And there’s no better device to achieve all of that except penis extenders.

Can it be worn at work and while you sleep?
If you have a non-physical job, the penis extender can be worn under boxer shorts and loose fitting trousers - helping you to achieve a bigger penis all day long. It can perhaps prove difficult to keep on during sleep if you twist and turn a lot, but if not you will be fine. The only way to find out is by trying!

Will it improve my erections?
Due to the entire process, there’s a huge increase of blood flow to your penis which improves your stamina and your erections become stronger and harder than ever before. It also cures any underlying symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Can I have sex during the treatment?
Yes! You can have a perfectly normal sex life during treatment. Some users in fact indicate they have stronger erections due to the increased blood flow from the treatment.

Do I have to follow a fixed treatment pattern?
No, you can wear the penis enlarger as you please.

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