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Buyer’s Guide - Pheromones

Beginner’s Guide to Pheromones

All socializing species, be it animals or human beings, feel a need to make their presence felt in a group of other people. And this is achieved by releasing chemical substances into the environment known as “Pheromones”. In the most simplest sense, pheromones can be classified as “Irresistible seduction through smell” by the opposite gender where you do not have to use words or sense of styling to impress.

Perfumes have been an age-old trick to attract and get noticed by the opposite gender. However, many big companies and well-known brands have taken perfumes up a notch to come up with an even more potent solution that is pheromone infused perfumes.

Once you use these pheromone perfumes, your confidence and attractiveness will be amplified multifold and you will notice potential partners observing you more than ever before. You will have a major edge over most other competitors around you. Its delicate yet effective scent will have the opposite sex taking interest in you and hopping over every little chance they gain to get closer to you.

How does pheromone work?

Pheromones are detected by humans on a subconscious level. They convey healthy emotional and physical information about the person’s genes in order to elicit a sexual attraction in the potential partner.
It travels directly to the hypothalamus also known as the “behavior centre” of the brain where all the behaviors are controlled and acted upon. If the signals sent, appear to be healthy, attractive and fertile, it is bound to evoke a sexual reaction from the opposite person.

How to use pheromones

1. It is highly important to note that pheromones needs to be applied on your clothes instead of entire body to make them twice as effective. As the bacteria present on our body will breakdown and nullify the effects of pheromones.

2. In this way, the effect will last longer than applying directly on the skin

3. It is advisable to start with small amounts of sprays.

4. Spray approximately 2 sprays on your neck, ears, wrist, armpits, behind your knees and even genital areas.

5. Watch out for over-application and staining your clothing material.

6. Wash the areas you applied it thoroughly by the end of the day.


Your answers to the seductive spell !

When to apply pheromone?
Apply it before a date night, or a party or even before any special even you are gonna attend.

Is it really going to make me irresistible between women?
It is really important to have realistic expectations with any product you try out. Pheromones are more of a tool and not a magic wand. It is going to put you in a confident state of mind and create the initial attraction between you and your potential mate.

How does it smell like?
Pheromones have very natural and fresh smell for a breezy personality.

Is it safe to use?
Yes, pheromones have no side effects and is absolutely safe to carry around.

How long does an application last?
You can expect an active scent to run around 6-8 hours approximately.

Is it better to apply on skin or clothes?
Due to sweat and active bacteria present on the our body, there are chances the active ingredients in pheromones gets broken down completely so its better to apply it on clothing.

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