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Buyer’s Guide - Women Sexcitement

Women in India are real-life super women. They work round the clock but don’t demand a salary, they operate a feature phone and never wish for a smartphone, they are selfless beings who care about everyone else but themselves.

Even sexually, women don’t demand pleasure. Sex stops when a man ejaculates. That’s how it has always been. Women receive sexual pleasure at the peak of their days- that is when they are extremely young or few years into their marriage.

Caught up between rearing kids and keep their husband well-fed at all times, women lose their sexual desire. They reach a point where they are simply not interested in having sex anymore. And when that happens, they start making excuses to avoid sex. The most common one in every Indian household being headache.

Well, that's just plain sad. Because no one should be having average sex or no sex at all. Life is too short for that.

Enter women sexcitement products which are designed to arouse women like it's their first time getting intimate.

Types of women arousal products

Arousal Oils, Creams & Balms

Arousal products are used to make a woman respond more excitedly towards every touch, every kiss and every stroke of the penis during any sexual activity. It gives her full-body awareness and raises her arousal levels which means a woman would get arouse more than she did before. It works perfectly through all medications or hormonal changes in a woman’s body. Arousal creams and balms are a little bit more convenient to use than arousal oils given its solid consistency.

Stimulating Gel & Cream

Stimulating gels work as magic to heighten feeling of a woman during sexual activities throwing her into of orgasm. Using this product will make her more than a little enthusiastic when engaging in sexual acts. This product does not only heighten the female intimate experience, but it also produces an intense warming sensation. This warming feel is relished by women during play time as it drives them further and further over the edge!

Vagina tightening spray

Vaginal tightening sprays give a tightening effect inside the vagina during intercourse. It adds a huge boost of moisture to the vagina and helps relieve vaginal dryness.

Clitoral stimulants

Clitoris is the most underestimated pleasure spots for women. And it's the one that gives most amounts of pleasure. Clitoral stimulants are gels that excite this pleasure button and make her sexually aroused and wild.


More exciting sensation for women Stimulating gel / stimulating cream
To arouse a woman more Arousal gels / oil / balm
Tightening vaginal effect Vagina tightening spray


1. After one application, will the woman come in the mood and want to have sex with me?
One word. No. No amount of gels or creams can make a woman want to have sex with you unless she wants to. Stimulating gels and creams can “only” increase the arousal levels in a woman. If she’s a little aroused, after applying this gel she may get really really aroused. That’s how it works.

2. Do these have an instant effect?
Absolutely. We don’t want to keep you waiting to reach that level of pleasure. Once you apply, the gels and creams will instantly work their magic.

3. Does it have any side effects?
No, these products do not have any side effect.

4. How much quantity to be used for one time?
For oils and gels, use about 1 to 2 drops per use.
For creams, use a pea sized amount on your fingertip.

5. Will this cause any complications during pregnancy?
Not at all, these products are designed for women and are absolutely safe to be used.

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