10 Ways to Have Fifty Shades of Grey Sex Tonight

Aleena May 15 2018 at 9:16 AM

One of the most random fact about me still remains that I completed the entire Fifty Shades Trilogy in One Week! Quite an accomplishment, you see. There was no way I could manage to bring the racy novel home, so my naughty liberation found home in an application on the Google Play Store. It was a new app back then meant for budding writers and readers without having to download a PDF of any novel or book. It was all free and I managed to get my hands on Fifty Shades of Grey. Although I had to dig down a bit for Fifty Shades of Darker and Freed. But it was all worth it.

The moment I started reading it, I really can’t point out one element that kept me hooked. It was the seamless language, the skillfully-crafted plots, the luxury of the setting and of course Christian Grey! All these worked in synergy and flawlessly surpassed my coffee addiction! I spent my days and night visualizing everything happening on the pages, felt jealous of Anastasia and created my own Christian Grey in my mind, and it was all Dreamy to say the least.

The lovemaking scenes gave me a solid rush of eroticness everytime I read them. Even though sex scenes were huge in number, you would still witness fresh sensuality oozing out of the pages and rushing to your nether. If you have been anything like me, your soul has desperately craved for that kind of sex at least once in your entire lifetime. The kink, the spanks, the struggle and the gasps. The pulling you, pushing you, feeling you and stretching you. The manliness, the dominance, the pleasure and care. Aah it’s all a heaven to be in!

Fifty Shades of Grey has been on the sex bucket list of many ladies out there and as unfortunate it might sound, Christian Grey isn’t going to walk out of the pages and leave us shaking with pleasure. But hey, like always, there’s always hope. You can still indulge in luxuriously steamy sex with your man tonight! Read along to discover effortless ways you can let go of all your inhibitions and bring in Seattle to your own bedroom. If you have been having the same boring sex every night, this article is for you. You have no idea how irresistibly sexy this change is gonna be! Even if you think you are not into all this kind of stuff, think again. You might actually start loving it. Take our word, your body already does. *wink*

1. Create sexual tension-

If you have taken notice, there is truckloads of sexual tension present between Grey and Ana. Grab his private part and leave or kiss him passionately for just a few seconds. If you are just sitting chatting casually, randomly take his hand and guide it towards your inner thighs. Be careful not to let him stay there more than a few seconds. And then retrieve yourself before 30 seconds ticks in. Leave him right there, hanging and drowned in nothing but pure lust………

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2. The game of sight

Can we be honest here for a moment? When you are in the act, it’s really not a turn on when you can clearly see what your partner is going to do next or what he is doing right now. It’s a totally boring routine. Fifty Shades of Grey stands apart for its element of mystery. Pick a plush seductive blindfold and ride along the raunchy mystery that’s going to be created in your bedroom.

3. Learn racy lines

We cannot deny the essence of their erotic scenes is the dirty talk. The way Christian upholds his authority through his smooth words and Ana’s innocent lines sure do tease us like no other. Replace Mr.Grey with your man’s surname and go ahead with lines like “Mr. Kumar will see you now”. It’s bound to give you the same amount of rush. Change your names if you both feel a little bold. Get well-versed with some hot and dirty lines from the story and use them during the deed.

4. Sign a NDA

NDA is a non-disclosure agreement that Christian made Ana sign on. Wherein all the things he’s planning to do her is listed down and she has to agree. Create your own agreement together and list down the safe words, any specific requirements and so on. Sign it together and feel the excitement bursting inside both of you.

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5. Be irresistible

You may not have a red room of pain, but paint your moments in red by sporting red hot lingerie! Don’t freak out if you are overweight or your assets aren’t the best parts of your body, there’s a lingerie for every need. Start off with a seductively classic red baby doll.

6. Get armed up

Fifty Shades is Fifty Shades for a solid reason and that is the accessories used. There is a distinct charm in bringing sex accessories to your stressful, boring sex life. Get your hands on a feathery soft flogger and tease your partner’s sensitive areas leaving them shivering with lust. It will give them an ocean of pleasure and teasing, they won’t be able to take it. Better even, grab handcuffs and let your partner lie back to enjoy the fiery sensations you are gonna give them with the flogger. Let them close their eyes and sink in the dripping passion.

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7. Nipple orgasms are a real thing!

If you have been too focused on G-spot orgasms, you may wanna step back a bit. Men are obsessed with boobs and now they can give you an orgasm with that obsession. How cool is that? Apply constant sucking to the nibbles in combination with light nibbles and licks and build up the sensations. Wanna know a sure fire way to reach an orgasm? Invest in nipple clamps that exotically pinch your nipples striking a perfect balance between pleasure and pain. Just how Mr.Grey would like to do to you.

8. Get off that bed!

You have had loads of regular sex on your bed. Pick your kitchen, living room sofa or even bedroom floor. Do it everything else except the bed. The coldness of the floor mixed with hot fire from your desires is gonna ensure you the sexiest time of your life.

9. Spank the grey style

If you are anything like the normal Indian couple, you have spanked your partner while doing sex. Drench your spanking in “Fifty” shades and grab a silky satin paddle that ensures a gentle yet firm spank just the way Grey and Anastasia liked it.

10. Embody characteristics

For one rough night, try and start behaving like Anastasia and Christian Grey. Send each other raunchy emails and texts throughout the day or make an appointment to see your husband or pick up an achievable scene from the book and reenact it before the actual sex. Get into the skin of the character and you will have a guaranteed racy time.

BDSM is all about your inner passion. Go back and get acquainted with the inner teenager inside you that used to get butterflies at the thought of intimacy. Observe qualities that Anastasia had. Her fearless body language, her confident stride, her delicate ways in the bedroom. All of these culminated into an iconic BDSM experience. Take on the sultry trilogy your way and paint your night grey!

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