101 Guides to Take Care of Sex Toys

Rakshit Vedia Jan 10 2019 at 11:17 AM

Sex toys are the best tools that help in arousal and pleasure. It has been used by men, women and couples to improve their sex life. One can buy sex toys online and choose the toy that meet their needs. There is no doubt that these sex toys helps in many ways but it is also necessary to take care of them. One can shop for sex toys online and select the ideal one for them. Below is a guide to take care of your sex toys –

Wash Sex Toys After Every Use

In order to maintain hygiene and to ensure your toys last longer it is important to wash them after every use. If toys are not washed then the material can become discoloured and can contaminate them with bacteria.

Wash Sex Toys Before Use As Well

Your sex toys can come in contact with lint, pet hair, or other bacteria and when inserted can harm your body. It is best to wash them before you use it.

Wash It With Right Soap

It is advisable to use a mild, unscented hand or dish soap to wash sex toys. No need to go with antibacterial option as they sometimes leave a residue. The Fifty Shades of Grey Cleansing Sex Toy Cleaner is a great toy cleaner that has a better formula to keep your sex toys hygienic.

Battery-Operated Toys

If your sex toy is battery operated, plugs into the wall or buzzes in any way extra precautions must be taken. Wipe these toys with a warm, soap washcloth to keep your toys safe.

Remove Batteries

Sex toys that are battery-operated needs some extra care. It is advisable to remove the batteries from the toy as it can corrode and drain the battery life of the toy.

Use The Right Lube

It is important to use the right lube for the sex toy. Don’t use oil-based lubes with silicone toys because it will stick to the material and break down the surface of your toy. Instead, use a water-based lubricant and ensure that the toy is washed off afterward.

Replace Them When Required

Some sex toys get old with time and would require that you replace them. After a year of heavy use, sex toys may begin to deteriorate in quality and fall apart. Even if there are no mechanical or structural damages to your toy there are chances that the toy has become porous after prolonged use. It is advisable to keep track and replace them.

Proper Storage

Sex toys are personal and it is important to store them properly. Don’t leave them open inside the drawer or any secret place. Always store them in a storage box wrapped in a cloth or cloth bag.

Keep Them Dry

It is important to always wash and dry your sex toys to prevent icky intruders from ruining your toys.

End of the Line

To summarize sex toys become an integral part of your lives and it is very important to keep them clean. Caring for your toys in the right ways will ensure that they last longer and one will continue to have pleasurable moments. So get ready to clean your sex toys and take a step towards maintaining the hygiene.


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