12 Naughty Valentine Gifting Ideas for 2020

Aurumie Baubo Feb 1 2020 at 6:05 AM

One day in a year when you can forget about all about life and think about the love of your life. It’s a day when you each can make the other feel the most important person in your world. A day when you can let go of all your inhibitions and let your mind lose to the spirit of love and yeah, uninhibited sex. Every day is pretty routine and tiring too. Valentine’s Day is something that can add that spice back in your life and hold it warm and strong at least for a few weeks. The excitement of the day can be planned like one plans a presentation, to create memories that will last you for a lifetime. Aim to win your audience, that’s your mate, with your sensitivity, your generosity, and your deepest desires. Few things that can spark you to your path of love.

  1. Love her too much : Cocoon your woman in warm sensations of a nice body massage before she hits the bed the night before Valentine’s Day. There are some amazing erotic massage oils available that can titillate her body and arouse her through their amazing aromas. These oils are available in luscious fruity flavors – cherry, vanilla, rose, chocolate. The touch of your hands mixed with slippery oil will do wonders for her sense of security. She will be more than happy to return the favor. And boy what all can she do if she is happy? It can surely be a riot for you and your boys if you get the drift.
  2. Love her too much

  3. Wake up your man with a nice rub : There is nothing more arousing than finding your penis getting some wonderful oral action or oral like action. Slip on a Stroker. Strokers are male vibrators that you can slip on over his penis. They have multiple ribbed textures that create more pleasurable friction when stroking the penis in up down motion. Imagine small round beads in your hand when you massage your clitoris. Surely very orgasmic. It would be so for him too. Slip one over him and wake him up gently to a blazing orgasm.
  4. Wake up your man with a nice rub

  5. Watch Sunrise together : Somewhere there will be a spot where you can have a glorious view of the sun rising. Find that. Let the power of daylight power that spirit of love between you two. Take a nice breakfast basket with you – a mat, pillow, sheets maybe and some yummy food. The sun, the sand, the wind in your hair and your fingers on each other can make for some amazing view. Take some fruity creams and gels just in case you get a chance to go down on each other. What are the sheets for? These are edible and their taste can make you want to go on forever. Strawberry flavor anyone? Or maybe Cotton Candy?
  6. Watch Sunrise together

  7. Make breakfast in a naughty Lingerie : Buy some sexy lingerie. Not for him. But for your own pleasure. The art of sex is about feeling sexy. You can wear one through the day and keep titillating him. There is lace, leather, satin, sheer chiffon lingerie – corsets, sexy costumes for role play, teddies, bustiers and so much more. Jazz up on what makes your clock tick faster. Something you saw on the tele somewhere that aroused your mate? Did you note it down? Play with ideas that can help you build that visual chemistry. Visually arousing sexual tools like clothing can boost sexual arousal not just in your man but give you that confidence to go that extra mile into an unexplored sexual territory even. Slip on that lace or leather, whatever makes you feel sensuous and let his imagination go wild.
  8. Make breakfast in a naughty Lingerie

  9. Slip on a Cock Ring : Massage your man up to a hardon and slip on a Cock Ring over his erection. A Cock Ring will force the penis to stay harder for a longer time. While he sits eating his breakfast or lunch even, his penis will continue to zing with expectation. And no he can’t come. It’s a great way to keep that sexual buzz on for a long time. You can partake some fun too if you put on a vibrating Cock Ring. Straddle him without your panties on and get some for yourself. The Cock Ring will zing him and at the same time, the vibrator will drive your clitoris nuts. You can come or not, but finish your meal. It’s a long day ahead and you need your energy.
  10. Slip on a Cock Ring

  11. Go for drive : The drive can be more fun than the destination. Step out to go nowhere. Find a nice spot where you can show some love to each other. Sometimes it’s more fun to give an orgasm than to receive one. Go down on your partner and give him or her some lip love. And what are your fingers for? Let them do some work too. Run your fingers down your lady’s vagina and let her feel those soft and hard thrusts of your fingers. Remind her how it feels when you are inside her. Find her clitoris and massage it to give her a kaboom of an orgasm.
  12. Go for drive

  13. Find some dark Chocolate : Chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac. It contains cocoa that improves blood circulation which can help with better sexual arousal. But a simpler reason to eat chocolate? Just to put yourself in a good mood. Chocolate can improve serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain that makes us feel good. So just for this love day, forget your diet and go down on some dark chocolate. Buy chocolate with high cocoa content. There are some fabulous concoctions available in the market. Don’t be stingy. Go for the gold class in chocolate.
  14. Find some dark Chocolate

  15. Fun with Dick? : Why should boys have all the fun with the beautiful lingerie their ladies wear? Return the favor with some men’s lingerie too. Oh yeah, they exist! Your boys can be laced up too. Show off your junk with some nasty G-strings, Thongs, Bikini and Lacy Shorts. Let her eyes feast on your manhood and relish the wonder that can give her some mind-blowing happiness. The spirit of sex games begins with the imagination. Let her drool for what’s behind the stretchy lacey piece of material.
  16. Fun with Dick?

  17. Take a shower together : If you are all tired out with the love games, take a shower together. Light some flavored candles that can arouse your senses and put you in that mood for some more fun. Add a basket of chocolate covered strawberries or a champagne bottle to the mix and you can take up that wetness to another notch. If you are blessed with space in your bathroom, add some bath oils and bubbles to the bathwater in the tub. Sprinkle it with red and pink rose petals or maybe the flowers she likes and you will have the romantic barometer hitting higher notes.
  18. Take a shower together

  19. Make her come over and over : Stamina is something not everyone is blessed with. Should that stop you from giving your woman the love she deserves? Think about adding a Vibrator to your sex tool kit. There are so many kinds – finger, bullet, the delicious rabbit for the clitoris, the g-spot vibrator. There are couples vibrators which can pleasure the man and woman simultaneously during sexual intercourse. For a woman, a Vibrator can come in very handy for some self pleasure too. Open yourself to a more explosive orgasm with a pleasure tool that never gets tired. Let this Valentines Day help you shed your inhibitions and give you the orgasm you deserve.
  20. Make her come over and over

  21. Game your sex up : Curiosity can heighten one’s sexual expectation. Get some packaged adult games that can spice up your foreplay. With every hand, the game can invite you to do interesting sexual things that can put you in a fun mood to explore each other more freely and maybe yourself too. The game will make you ask naughty questions, do role play, play strip poker, play out your fantasy even. Add more spice to your game by wearing edible lingerie, for him and for her, that you can eat off each other. If you want to have fun there is a lot to choose from. Remember what you ate the last Valentine? Her bra? Or his brief?
  22. Game your sex up

  23. Control her orgasm : To come or not to come so soon? That you can decide for her. Get a remote-controlled vibrator where you can control the power of the vibrations remotely. With the shaft inside her, she will be fully at your mercy for relief. If you are having lunch at a restaurant, this can come in pretty handy. With every bite of food, buzz up the vibration. Should she eat or moan? If you are spending the day home, you can make her crazy with arousal while she does some routine chores. Some remotes can be very powerful for your sex life.
  24. Control her orgasm

Your day of love should bring you closer. And what will do the trick is when you explore each other’s body and mind with freedom and without judgment. Some degree of planning will need to be done. But that’s what love or self-love is all about. To understand what makes you or your partner happy and then helping him or her or yourself reach that happiness. There are many ideas that you can build on provided you have an open mind and the will to do it. Invest this Valentines Day in planning for some awesome sex and it can go a long way to make your sex life more passionate and uninhibited.

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