157 things u need to know about lube

Aleena May 31 2019 at 10:34 AM

Everyone needs a personal lube. Everyone.

Lube makes sex better. Period.

Lubricants are a small investment in a healthier sexual life.

Intercourse is painful for the first time. That’s where a lubricant helps.

Lubricant is applied to make vagina, clitoris, vulva, anus and penis wet and ready for intercourse.

If you try to think about the basics, personal lube is created to “make sex possible”. As simple as that.

The end goal of a lubricant is to reduce friction.

Indian women are used to bearing pain for years now, any kind of pain. They do the same with sex too…….because they are not aware of lubricants.

Sex with lubes is simply more fun. Period.

Lube gives pleasure in that motion of penetration.

When two dry private parts rub against each other, they cause friction. Lubricant takes away that friction by making the area wet, slippery and smooth.

Do not use saliva as a lubricant. It will filled with germs and bacteria. These germs gets transferred to the private area and cause serious infections. Besides, saliva is just plain gross. Yucks.

Vaseline worked as a lubricant in the olden days, not in the modern world.

Coconut oil is harmful for the PH balance of the vagina. It gives high chances of causing infections, now no one wants that. And come on, is coconut oil really gonna give you pleasure? Like really? You are having sex or giving champi?

Oil, vaseline, aloe vera gel all of them don’t get washed off with when you pee like a lube does……and this can cause nasty infection in your private area.

There “is” a lubricant for each of your sexual activity.

Lubricants are available in tiny tubes and small sachets as well which you can carry around in your purse or pocket just like a condom.

Lubricants can be used in shower as well. No, it won’t get washed off with water.

Once you use a lube, you would not go back to having sex without lube.

There is nothing wrong with women who needs a lubricant during sex. Stop thinking there is some problem with her!

Lubricant is a simple, inexpensive addition to your sex life which holds the power to transform your sex life.

If pleasing yourself is your thing, you should buy a lubricant right way. A lube is much needed for masturbation.

The slippery friction that the lube creates adds more erotic sensation.

Playing with your partner’s body? A squeeze of lube will make it easier for you to play with their body parts and it will your partner enjoy what you are doing.

Sometimes more wetness is required for sex than a woman’s body produces.

Lubes are not ONLY meant for women. Lubes are beneficial for both men and women.

The first time you use lube, you are going to wonder why the hell you didn’t use a lubricant before.

Some people simply use lube because it feels good.

Lubricants drastically cut down the risk of vagina infections

Lubes increases sexual excitement in both men and women.

Lubricants are a “must have” for anal sex. No ifs and no buts.

Even when it comes to foreplay, lubricant can make it more exciting and sexier.

Special lubricants can heats things up and cool things down.

Make sure to check the ingredient list while buying a personal lubricant.

Lubricants are available in beautiful, stylish bottles that you can keep on your bathroom shelf next to shampoo and conditioners.

Lubricants can also be used to give a sexy, sensual massage to your partner’s body.

If you have been struggling with giving a handjob, a slippery lube gel is what you need. Squeeze a good amount of lubricant on your hand and penis and watch your hands magically twist and turn into a pleasurable motion. No more painful hands.

All lubricants are safe to be swallowed. Incase you get naughty to lick your partner. *wink*

There is no standard amount of lube that you can use. You can squeeze as much amount as you both feel good.

Younger women in their 20s and 30s ALSO need a lubricant.

For men, lubricant helps increase sensation thereby making their erections last longer.


There are three types of lubes in the Indian market- Water-based lubes, silicone lubes and flavored lubes all of which serve a different purpose.

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