5+ Reasons to Use Lube During Sex!

Rakshit Vedia Jan 10 2019 at 11:19 AM

Applying sex lube has been a recent trend when couples want to have more fun during intercourse. There are many kinds of lube available in the market suiting to different needs for men and women. Example water-based lubricants are inexpensive and easy to find. It may not last long as anyone would want and may need to be reapplied again during sex to maintain moisture. Silicone-based lubricants tend to last longer than water-based lubricants. Oil-based lubricants provide a long-lasting and silky smooth experience. Choosing the right sex gel is a personal choice and one can try different lubes to see what works the best. Lubricants for sex can be used both by men and women and it is advisable to stop using lubricant if it causes irritation or an allergic reaction.

There are multiple reasons one should use sex lubes and ensure that pleasure is not compromised and one is able to satisfy their needs completely.

Vaginal Dryness

Many women face dryness in the vaginal area as the vagina does not lubricate enough. This can typically happen when estrogen levels drop during menopause or when a woman is breastfeeding, undergoing chemotherapy or when she is treated for breast cancer. In such situations, women can use a lubricant to make the vagina wetter and ready for sex.

Erection and Arousal problems

As men grow old they face problems having stronger erections. Lubricants help in such cases to ensure one has erections that last long and ensure that pleasure is not compromised.

Penetrative Sex

Lubricants help during foreplay or when one is unable to have penetrative sex. One can apply lubricant and increase pleasure and arousal.

Improved Sexual experience

Lubricants are a great tool to enhance your sexual activity. A woman can apply it on the vagina to ensure the vagina is wetter and a man can apply the lubricant on his penis so it can easily penetrate the vagina.

Prevents Sexually Transmitted Infections & Diseases

Lubricants prevents membrane tearing further protecting a woman from Sexually Transmitted Infections and Diseases.

In Conclusion

Sex lubricants are important as they help you to meet your needs and ensure that pleasure is maximized. One can choose from the array of available sex lubes and feel satisfied and they are equally vital for both men and women. So don’t procrastinate and get the right lube for yourself now.

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