5 reasons Why using Flavoured Condoms is a Good Idea

Natasha Jul 13 2016 at 8:23 AM

Sex is a personal and intimate activity that needs to be enjoyed. Sex can be pleasurable only when there is no worry on the mind. Safe sex using condoms eliminates the fear of unwanted pregnancy and STIs/STDs and results in uninhibited pleasurable sex. Condoms should be used for all forms of sex- vaginal, anal or oral. With time most things change and improve for the better. The condom is no exception. The condom industry is making all effort to woo adults and leaving no stone unturned so that couples can have a pleasurable sexual experience. There exist a range of flavoured condoms that taste and smell like Mint, Banana, Cola, Strawberry, Chocolate, Grape, Apple, Orange, Vanilla and Bacon.

Five reasons why you must use flavoured condoms:

Vibrant colourful experience

Flavoured condoms are made in colours matching their respective flavours. Like, chocolate flavoured condoms are brown in colour and banana flavoured condoms are yellow in colour. Colurful flavoured condoms add that zing to the adult sexual experience making it more vibrant, colourful and exciting.

SKORE: Banana Flavoured Condoms Kamasutra: Excite Dotted Coffee Cappuccino Flavoured Condoms SKORE: Chocolate Flavoured Condoms

Delectable fragrance

Fragrance can be quite a turn on and the various fragrances of flavoured condoms enhance the romantic mood and helps make things more intimate. Women are easily attracted to good smells and fragrances. Strawberry flavoured condoms smell like strawberries while coffee flavored condoms give out that whiff of aromatic coffee.

Moods: Choco Condoms Moods: Strawberry With Dots SKORE: Strawberry Flavoured Condoms

Avoid smelly penis

Flavoured condoms are great for women who do not enjoy giving their partners an oral. Women tend to get turned off by the taste and smell of pre-cum when going down on their partners. Men desiring oral sex from their woman can slip on flavoured condoms during foreplay and the woman can enjoy the taste and smell of the penis. Women love the taste and smell of flavours on the penis during the act of sex.The main role of flavoured condoms is to make women feel comfortable when she is giving her partner oral sex.

Avoid smelly penis

Tasty oral sex

Unflavoured condoms do not taste good and feel and taste like rubber in the mouth. Flavoured condoms help mask the latex taste and smell of regular condoms. Flavoured condoms are meant primarily for oral sex and not for vaginal or anal sex. Flavoured condoms get their flavour from sweet glycerine. Glycerine can disrupt the pH balance in the vagina thereby increasing the risk of yeast infections which can put sexual activity on hold for a long time.

Tasty oral sex

Prevention of STDs/STIs

Most people think that since oral sex is not penetrative they don’t stand a chance of contracting a STD/STI. Unprotected oral sex can transmit HIV/AIDS and other STDs/ STIs. One can get STD/STI while indulging in oral sex with a partner who has the infection. Whilst engaging in oral sex one can come in contact with the infected partner’s blood, semen/vaginal fluid or skin, all of which can transmit STD/STI. Using a condom while engaging in oral sex greatly reduces the chance of contracting an STI/STD. Flavoured condoms have been specially designed so that couples can enjoy oral sex.

Prevention of STDs/STIs

Spice up your sex life with flavoured condoms which not only enhance the mood to make love but also protect you from diseases coupled with the pleasure of uninhibited sex

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