6 Lingerie Packing Tips You Must Know

Somnath Kamble Apr 23 2019 at 1:38 PM

While traveling to a place domestically or abroad with our partner, we girls pack up a lot of things but often forget to take the sexy lingerie that can make the action in the bed more passionate. There is a particular sequence to decide what kinds of hot lingerie we should pack and how. Since we spend a fortune on buying those pretty pieces of lingerie to get our partner’s heart racing, our heart aches when a gorgeous pair of erotic lingerie get ruined while traveling. There are a few lingerie packing tips and tricks to pack them in a way that will not ruin them and still keep them nice and fabulous like they were.

Tip 1 - Always carry the set of lingerie which goes with your clothes while packing for a trip. We often have at least a couple of dresses in our travel bag which never see the daylight and that is mostly because of the fact that we have not packed the right pair of Lingerie. Imagine you wearing a white top with a black bra underneath! It’s a big fashion no! Before packing for a trip always lay out all the clothing on your bed and decide what kind of lingerie goes with which outfit. This way you will never have to think twice or adjust to what you have and there will be no regrets ever. A pair of seamless is always a must in your travel bag as it goes with almost everything.

Tip 2 - Put your socks in your sexy lingerie. It really does sound very weird, but it is an amazing way to keep them the way you bought them. We most certainly keep all our pretty lacy bras just like that in our bag which ruins its shape and distorts the shape of its pad. Fold your hot bra so both the cups are on one side and then put a pair of socks in them. This also helps in saving space in your travel bag and also keeps the shape of the cups in a proper position and does not ruin them. Imagine if you ruined the perfectly beautiful lacy bras that you had planned as a surprise for your partner, just because you didn’t know how to pack them. This tip can help you save a lot of money that you would otherwise spend on new pairs of extravagant lingerie.

Tip 3 - Pack all your expensive erotic lingerie in a ziplock bag. Having a beautiful lacy thong or bra stuck in the zip of your travel bag is the worst nightmare possible. Stack all your lacy stuff in one ziplock bag if you are ready to take more luggage with you. Hot Lingerie is usually made out of very delicate fabrics which would get snagged if kept with all your other clothing. Putting it in a ziplock or mesh bag will make them stay the way they are and will never get lost among other pieces of clothing in your bag. Having it put up in a separate bag will also make it easy to find among all that pile of clothes in your bag. Also, make use of the mesh compartment in your bag if you don’t want too much luggage with you. Just stacking up all your lingerie won’t keep it safe, folding them properly will make them last longer and will help to save some space in your bag as well.

Tip 4 - Pack laundry essentials. If you are one of those people who does not believe in packing too many clothes or lingerie, this tip is extremely helpful for you. Since all sets of lingerie are made up of very delicate fabric, harsh detergents can ruin their texture. Using mild ones can help increase their life. Taking this detergent with you can help you wash your lingerie while you are on the go. Pack a couple of pair of lingerie and while you wear one pair, wash the other and dry it by putting it between the towel and let it dry in the balcony or any other place in your hotel room. This will help you have a fresh pair every day which is quite a luxury while traveling. If you don’t wish to travel with a lingerie detergent with you, you can even use shampoos for washing them. Try avoiding pigmented shampoos as they can leave a stain on your nice sexy lingerie. Always wash your lingerie separately.

Tip 5 - Know your essentials. While traveling one can never take their whole wardrobe of lingerie with them. Picking out pieces which go with every dress or top of yours is the key here. Having a black lacy bra and a delicate lacy thong can be a good combination. Wearing a wrong pair underneath your clothes can make you feel uncomfortable and you definitely won’t be able to enjoy your vacation. Always carry a seamless bra and panties with you as they are pretty good at covering what they actually should cover. Packing up a pair of stick-on cups or a strapless bra is also essential while wearing a strappy or strapless dress or top. If your bra straps keep peeping out of your strappy clothes, it can make you really very conscious and will destroy the overall look of elegance. If you are more into saving space in your travel bag, then a convertible bra is a life saver for you.

Tip 6 - Protect your lingerie. No girl can barely the thought of her hot lingerie being ruined while traveling, it can be a mood spoiler while things are getting hot and heavy in the night. Since lingerie is made up of a very delicate material one must always keep it between a tissue paper layer. This will help you keep your delicates under wraps and will not give a wrinkled or worn out appearance to it. There are a variety of ingenious devices which help to keep your lingerie in better shape but can require a lot of space in your bag. So, the choice is up to you, whether you want to enjoy the maximum amount of space in your bag or ruin your expensive pieces of lingerie? The choice is yours completely.

By knowing these tips, you can now take your lingerie safely and not ruin those expensive little pieces. Always know that their care comes first let it be while traveling or at home. Those little pieces of clothing can shape your body and ruin then can ruin your elegance as well, so the choice is completely yours.

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