6 ways to convert bedroom boredom to bedroom fun!

Natasha Jun 10 2016 at 11:42 AM

Bedroom Boredom to Bedroom Fun!

Often after a few years of marriage, boredom sets in. Couples find sex routine and mundane and treat it like a regular chore. The honeymoon phase is over and complacency sets in. This chronic boredom sucks out the happiness from couple’s lives. It takes a toll on the quality of lives that they lead and on their relationship too. Boredom is actually a by product of feeling bored and discontent. It is important that one becomes a little selfish for maximum sexual desire. There is nothing wrong in being selfish. It is in fact healthy. Both partners need to be connected yet separate, separate enough to surrender to their own desires and happiness without worrying too much about the other’s. Here are some ways to tackle the bedroom blues and bring some bedroom fun into your lives:

1. Display some PDA

Flirt with your partner, give your partner a peck on the cheek or a brush on the lips. Touch his sexy butt as you walk past, hold hands, passionately kiss under the door, and hug each other. Physical contact is a sign of commitment and makes them feel wanted. It will spike up the bedroom fun which will follow.

Flirt with your partner

2. Indulge in each other’s fantasies

Both partners list down your erotic fantasies and bottle them up in a jar. Pick out one fantasy each time before you have sex and make sure you make that fantasy come true. It could be as wild as tying up your partner and having sex or even giving a blow job or even ejaculating on your partner. Indulge in your fantasy to revive bedroom fun. Alternatively, let your partner undress you for a change. Instead of mechanically taking off your clothes while having sex let your partner do the undressing. The bedroom fun will be fantastic!

Indulge in each other’s fantasies

3. Stay well groomed

Grooming is an important element of attraction. Who wouldn’t like a well groomed partner? Take effort to dress for your partner. Wear nice clothes or spray that exotic perfume. If you are well groomed your partner will be attracted to you and want you. Grooming includes fitness levels too. If you have grown out of shape, hit the gym and get back on track. Who doesn’t like fit partner?  If you complain of bad health or lack of energy all the time, it will affect your partner’s mood. Also, with exercise fitness and stamina levels also increase and then you can’t complain of being tired all the time especially before sex.

Stay well groomed

4. Talk dirty

When away at office or away on a business trip try sexting or emailing your partner. Write dirty and erotic messages. Tell your partner what you would like him or her to do to you in the bedroom on your return home. Send your partner a provocative image of yourself. Or simply pick up the phone and indulge in dirty sex talk. Moan, groan and talk sex talk. It will build up the anticipation for the bedroom fun which is to follow. You will be waiting to get home!

Talk dirty

5. Change the routine

To magnify the bedroom fun shake yourself out of the routine by indulging in quickies. A quickie is the easiest route to instant gratification and pleasure when you have the desire but are falling short of time. Make out in unusual places like the backyard or the kitchen counter. Create a romantic mood by lighting massage candles, ask someone to babysit your kids, wear attractive attire and not the boring sweat pants and oversized tee, take an erotic shower together. Adding new elements to your sex life will ignite interest and intrigue and add spark to your bedroom fun.

erotic shower together

6. Use props

Though candle light, music, fragrances can add a different dimension to bedroom fun, using sex toys can take bedroom fun to an orgasmic level. Sexual props like vibrators, dildosrestraints, and role play costumes, sexy lingerie’s for women, massagers, lubricants help the partners to explore each other’s bodies in erotic ways and give the partners mind blowing orgasm. Visit a sex shop together. Or maybe even watch a blue film together and try out new fantasies on each other. Bedroom fun will reach a totally orgasmic level.

Sexy Lingeries  Candle Light

There are numerous ways to bring back the zing into bedroom fun and ensure that one’s sexual relationship doesn’t become routine, mundane and boring. Use creativity and spontaneity wisely in your sex life and reve up the bedroom fun!

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