7 easy tips on travelling with sex toys

ThatsPersonal.com May 31 2019 at 10:34 AM

I’m sure all of you whether young or old would want to have a little mischief and be naughty during your vacation or even your very own Honeymoon.

It’s pretty natural. Because the one reason that would make you want to think twice is “How in the world would I get it through airport security?” Let’s be brutally honest and admit that we all have our wild side and wouldn’t like embarrassed in front of the airport authorities right?

So today at ThatsPersonal.com, we are going to give you a handful of tips that’ll get your sex toys through the airport security.

1. Remember when your dad used to tell you when you were a kid to pack light as it’s just a day’s picnic?

Well, the same formula applies over here. Pack Light. As simple as that. Even when it comes to your sex toys, choose a smaller vibrator than the bigger one. It is always advisable as bigger objects or things are more likely to pop up on the screen/monitor.

2. Double check!!

Whether it’s a battery-powered sex toy or a rechargeable one. We advise you to double check the sex toy. As you wouldn’t be the happiest if your sex toy starts to buzz when your bag goes through the security check. If it’s battery operated, make sure you remove the batteries. And if it’s reachable…. then.. well a quickie would be a great idea to run out the charge before you are set to leave to the airport.

3. It’s the 21st Century.

So play it cool and don’t break a sweat. Everyone has their sexual lives and has the right to live it. So just be cool and don’t be nervous. As being suspicious will draw unnecessary attention to you.

4. Own it!!

Even if at all the security finds the toy. Own it and tell them the truth. They would appreciate the truth. Who knows ?? They may even consider buying one for themselves end of the day.

5. Measure the ounces.

When it comes to carrying Lube or a sex toy cleaner. Make sure that it isn’t more than 3 ounces. Anything less than 3 ounces is perfectly okay. So just remember this “3 and your free. 4 and it goes out the door”

6. Pack your sex toys in a clear plastic bag.

As the security personnel will be able to see and know what it is rather than touching it and contaminating it. Hence it is always better to be clear.

7. Know before you go!!

Some countries like India, UAE and some states in the States have restricted rules. So it is best to go through them,  do your research and then go ahead with it.

So that’s that reader. A few but very important tips that’ll educate you on the same. Do write to us and tell us your wildest honeymoon/vacation. We would love to hear it.

Until next time. Be safe and be wild!

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