How Adult Games Can Improve Your Sex Life

Natasha May 12 2016 at 12:48 PM

The Impact of Adult Games!

Often, after years into a marriage or a relationship, the excitement and zing begins to wane. Sex becomes mundane and routine. You’ve got to face it! Your sex life isn’t as wild and exciting as it used to be. It surely is not easy to keep that rush of passion and sexual excitement going every night. Sex can get repetitive and boring after a while. And no, either partner is not to be really blamed for this. The trick is to get that spice back into your sex life. Don’t let things get repetitive. Try new fun stuff in bed. Try new innovative stuff to stimulate your brain. Your brain is your biggest sex organ. Excite the brain and stimulate it with sexual thoughts and you’ll start feeling hornier and have a hard time keeping your hands off your partners’ body. Instead of worrying about penetration, play adult games for couples to stimulate you. Not only will your sexual excitement resurface with adult games but so will your enthusiasm for sex. Some adult games you can play:

1. Pillow fight

Engage in a naked, fun pillow fight. The partner who is defeated owes the other one a sexual favor. Naughty games like this help you recall the fun times in your marital life and extend that fun to your act of sex. Fighting can be fun too! ; P

2. Sex Dice Adult Games

These dice-based exciting adult games of different sexual positions will have both partners longing for more. Wait in anticipation for your favorite to roll on the dice and have some real fun while your partner indulges in what you’ve always wished for!

3. Truth or dare Adult Games

This game makes your partner reveal secrets or then perform hidden fantasies and desires you really want them to even the penalties for losing can add an erotic twist to your evening. This game unleashes your sensual side. Enjoy romance and rediscover passion in your relationship with this adult game.

4. Board Adult Games for Couples:

With so many interesting board adult games available online, couples these days are really spoilt for choice! Try playing ‘You and Me’ and discover your lover in a completely different way than you’ve done ever before. With 90 innovative ideas, sexy suggestions and adventurous activities this is your sure-shot pathway to a raunchy naughty night! Alternatively, try using ‘Path to Pleasure’ where the journey is as exciting as the final end climax! ; P. Fans of Poker can try the ‘Kama Poker Game’, one of the best-selling adult games available online.

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5. Ditch the quickie

Try this adult game if you wish to break out of the quickie rut and enjoy some satisfying sex. Set your phone alarm to 15 minutes or less. Indulge in kissing, dry humping, licking, nibbling ear and other forms of foreplay. You are not allowed to penetrate till the alarm sounds off. This naughty adult game increases your desire by not giving you what you want the most.

6. Blind date

Blindfold your partner and then tease him, taunt him and ravish him. Let his moans guide your actions. Being unable to see during sex not only increases your partners’ psychological vulnerability but also his sensitivity. He will explode with passion.

7. Cuff your partner

Cuff your partner to the bed with arm and leg restraints available online and let him please you in whichever fashion he deems fit. You’ll never want to be unchained. Being powerless and helpless during sexual intercourse in an extremely erotic feeling. To have no control and responsibility over what happens to you can simply blow your mind off during intercourse.

There are many more such adult games. Adult games not only rekindle romance and passion, they also lead to an increased intimacy between couples. Adult games help partners understand each other’s desires leading to a better communication between lovers and stimulate the sexual energy between partners!

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