Here’s how we used adult games for a steamier sex life

Aleena Aug 2 2018 at 10:04 AM

“Couple that plays together, stays together”

Every kiss, touch, stroke, lick and spank will be amplified with the thrilling plot twists of naughty adult games.

Sounds exciting? Yes it does in the exact same way it did for us a few weeks ago…..


In one of the bachelorette party I went, the sight of insanely fun games made me gush about it to my boyfriend.

The next week itself we went on to explore the untrodden path of adult games for couples who wish to include some fun and extra naughtiness in their sexual activities.

After a long session of browsing, we handpicked the ones below and here’s how our naughty experiment turned out.

Kheper Games Sex Invitation

Probably the closest thing to a royal invitation- with a loaded dash of dirtiness.

This adult game included - 8 sexy invitation cards.

Description says-

Are you running out of sexual ideas with your partner to perform on nights of passion?

Sex invitation from Kheper not only gives you unique foreplay and sex positions ideas but also allows you to surprise your partner in the most sexy way possible!

If you are the kind of person who loves showering their partner with little surprises, you’ll be damn elated to own this product. Plant tiny surprises for your partner in places they won’t expect and take on a sexual adventure after that!

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When we tried-

Varun and me played little games to win our choice of card.

Games like rock paper scissor or pillow fights……extremely childish games to win the card we want.

Once the card is in the winner’s possession, the next part of the excitement starts. (Which is my favorite)

Which goes something like this-

For example, if Varun has a card and I know he has it, I’ll be in anticipation the entire time !

I am always looking forward to when he will redeem it and this gets butterflies running around my stomach.

Although I should admit that sometimes it led to disappointment as well but when it actually happened everything was made up.

Same goes for Varun as well.

When he knows I have a kinky card in possession but he has no clue when I will perform the task it says.

Whether it’s gonna be in the morning with a cup of coffee or in the evening watching Netflix. The surprise just kept on growing….

These are mostly foreplay ideas and pretty sexy ones I must say!

They added a bit of extra fun and excitement to our relationship and encouraged us to try new things which we both really enjoyed together.

To talk about the experience, the entire game is packaged very neatly and decently which is direly needed for an Indian household. The cards and the envelopes are thick, glossy giving it a royal, luxurious feel.


Overall, the anticipation was worth the spending that we did for these cards.

Even though we ended up using all of these within a week, I think we are going to keep reusing these.

Nookii The Hot Game for Passionate Lovers

Our next one was a best-selling adult game that had card and dice both in one.

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This adult game included - Set of 90 cards for him & her into 3 levels

Description says-

If you are having a date night, move beyond scrabble and jaenga to a whole new intimate experience. Explore your partner’s body in the most interesting way, thanks to this assorted set of unlimited amusement.

The “mmm” levels of card cover an entire array of irresistible touching and teasing while the “Ooh” and “Aah” cards offer you role-play scenarios and much more coupled with flirty accessories .

Lose the track of time with this fun-filled adult game!

When we tried-

Firstly, we both were blown away with how premium this game looks. It really does look different from other cheap games you get in India. This one has an international touch to it.

The packaging is shiny and looks rich.

Each card has been molded to perfection and screams high-quality in every inch. Unwrapping this game itself put me in a sexy mood to be honest.

This game starts off really slow nothing steamy but it made us laugh a lot on the initial levels. Because of a game for the first I have yelled “Stop Varun don’t touch me”  all the while laughing and taking hysteric pauses in between.

I have never laughed so much in the bedroom.

Both of us laughed, discovered new sensations, took our time over things we might usually rush through or not even notice and got into an easy natural flow – yes, even though it was a game, in a box!

As the game progressed, it started getting sexier.


The sexual tension between us got immense. I got soaking wet and Varun was as hard as I have ever seen him.

The game lasted for hours and we genuinely lost the track of time. I found out new sensitive areas on Varun’s body which I never knew existed.

At one point, we both didn’t want the game to end.

I’d open-heartedly recommend this game to anyone who wishes to bring in a lighter playful energy to their relationship.


One thing I can say with surety that there are really are no losers in this game.

What wins is certainly your relationship….

I would recommend lighting some candles, getting some sexy music playing and letting the game do the rest for you.

Monogamy: A Hot Affair Game

The game I have heard about EVERYWHERE!

This adult game included - 1 x Board, 65 x Intimate Cards, 65 Passionate Cards, 65 x Steamy Cards, 50 x Fantasy Cards, 2 x Players Pieces, 1  x Die, 12 x Level pieces, 1 x Set of Rules.

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Description says-

Monogamy will have you loving, laughing and lusting after each other with just a few throws of the dice. Along the way you’ll experience new, exciting and occasionally hilarious challenges with stimulating, sexy and wild conversations. The game climaxes with the winner choosing to make real one of fifty breathtaking fantasies! Monogamy the perfect start to a really hot affair!

When we tried-

For some reason, Varun and me kept pushing off playing this game. Probably because of all the previous games we tried in the last few days.

We just didn’t feel like jumping into another game just for testing sake you know. So we pushed it off for several days at a row. And somehow forgot about it.

Few more days later from office, Varun sent me a naughty meme that got circulated on his WhatsApp group. What followed were steamy texts to and fro. That’s when our luck had decided- “They are gonna have sex tonight”.

Around evening, a thought crossed my mind. Since we are certainly having sex, why not include the game and make it more interesting.

Varun was onboard with the idea (Anything for sex- Men will be Men).

Once opened, the different elements inside the game looked great. Made us want to use it. It came with instructions which explained how to play the game and what activities to do at each ‘level’.

The first level which is the intimate level starts off slowly giving gentle reminders of your journey together as a couple. It made us think of all the memories we have made together up until now.

Next, came the passionate level which is designed to you on along with leaving you both wanting for more.

The steamy level is where it gets really sexy and hawt!

I also liked the fact that there are many different fields on the board, to make us able to perform different activities in addition to the card based activities.

This games gives you plenty of new things to try which you haven’t thought of before.

The only part I didn’t like about this game was that there were some activities that could be done at home. Outdoor activities are not a bad thing but it’s just that we couldn’t do it given the society we live in.

Varun and me have been dating for 5 years and living in for 2 years so we naturally thought we knew everything about each other, but I loved what this game revealed! We learnt a lot about each other, got a chance performed a few “firsts” and laughed a lot!


This adult game genuinely brought a really flirty and fun element to our date nights. Maybe next time, We will skip the low level early stuff and play the kinkiest cards directly to make it more fun!

Kheper Games Bedroom Commands Card Game

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From the Adult game giant “Kheper Games”

This adult game included - 108 game cards

Description says-

Boredom in the bedroom can make sex seem like a compulsory routine! Add a dose of intimacy with this bedroom game which will lead to healthy, fulfilling lovemaking.

Bedroom Commands is a double deck card game of commands. One deck is for the Dirty Daddy and the other is for the Sexy Bitch. Whenever either of you feels like taking charge of your love life, select a card to reveal an action for the evening.

Take charge of your love life with the bedroom commands card game from kheper games. Bedroom commands is a double deck card game of commands. Other cards offer unique sex suggestions for bringing some variety back into your relationship and some health into your sex life.

Indulge in some fun together to give fire to a healthy sex life!

When we tried-

The first thing that really irked me about this adult game was the there was no instructions or rules whatsoever!

We figured out we would probably have to make our own rules and play this, its just cards at the end of the day.

To start off, the card were really small. The color combination of red print on black cards just made it more worse – too difficult to read.

Coming down to the meat of this adult game, Each card had “Sexy Bitch” and “Dirty Daddy” printed on the backside.

So here’s a thing, Varun LOVES it when I call him “Daddy” in a sexual context and we have used the word during sex several times. So content-wise this worked great for both of us.


One of the card says “Being treated like a dog” which I performed on Varun making him according to my wishes, sexually and non-sexually as well.

One card said “Smacked with a newspaper” which Varun performed on me and kept me in anticipation the entire day thinking when he will do it.


Not my most favorite adult board game but definitely a decent and fun one to have in your adult game arsenal. Also, I think with 108 cards, we will be playing this game for 1-2 years!

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