How to arouse a man

Aleena May 31 2019 at 10:33 AM

There is a lot that concerns the arousal of an individual when it comes to sex. As sex is not just about the act of two bodies making love in unison, it is about the chemistry, the spots that arouse the partner, the pleasure, and most importantly the feeling that causes the stimulation of the act. Since every individual is different, even their sexual preferences vary, with which, even their spots of arousal and their definition of pleasure varies. There are a lot of ways that are known to turn women on sexually when compared to men. There are lesser known ways that can turn men on sexually. There are indeed many ways in which a man can be turned-on sexually, here are a few of them:

1. Comforting:
This might sound like an easy thing but is not exactly how you think it is. Comforting your man does not mean giving him the treatment of a royal king and fulfilling all his demands, this actually means that ease his daily load. If your partner comes after a hectic day of work, and his face oozes tiredness and stress, you may act as a helping hand and assist him in doing things. It has been seen that men do not get the urge of making love until they are tired even if they get the best fantasy sex. So, easing them out and comforting them shall be the first thing to do before any other.


2. Back Massage:
Who in the entire world would deny a nice hot oil back massage, and that too, after a long and hectic day at work? Well, this massage, along with relaxing you and giving you a calming relief has another purpose too. For this purpose, to be fulfilled you might have to massage him in a different fashion than usual. Take him to a calm room, relax him and make him lay down. Remove his clothing with ease and turn on some soothing background tunes. Once he is relaxed and, in the zone,, start massaging his back specifically with hot oil. Whilst massaging make sure that you do it with passion and emotion that relaxes him as well as, charges him up and arouses him for the act.

Back massage

3. Whispering:
Thus us something that we all have been doing since we were kids, but this does not have to be the Chinese whisper that you used to make. Whispering can turn out to be one of the biggest turn-ons for a man if done in the correct way. Relaxing a man and easing him your way and resting his head on your shoulders and making him cozy can do the trick. You may look in his eyes and kiss him on the forehead, you can then whisper those dirty little talks in his ears. Dropping those wild fantasies in his years with warm breaths and the closeness can surely do wonders for you.


4. Kisses:
Kissing has always known as the best turn on for women as well as men. The closeness and the passion that is involved in kissing might even be considered more intense than the act itself. There can be multiple types of kissing that one might indulge in for arousing men into his sexual zone. One of the most common methods of engaging in the act of kissing is waking your partner up in the morning with kisses and slowly forwarding with small and soft kisses on his lips, after which he might slowly respond back. Whilst in the act, you may stop in the middle, this shall, in turn, induce the feeling of arousal in men and heat them up for the act further ahead.

5. Fragrance:
This is known to be one of the things that seem to arouse women more than men, but this even works in case of many men. Men get stimulated and respond in an arousing manner when they come in the presence of a fragrance that seems to appeal to them. These fragrances can be from the fragrance emitters that seem to create the astounding aroma. One more way that you can appeal to your partner with the factor of the fragrance is by wearing the scent or the perfume that he seems to like among-st the rest. The closeness that increases between the two of you brings him nearer to the fragrance and work its magic on him and can arouse him.

6. Clothing:
There is always a part of your body that your partner seems to like. These things vary from men to men, but every man in their partner is aroused by that one body part. There also are specific items of clothing with which men are aroused usually. Some of which are sexy lingerie, one-piece dresses, and several more. This can be one of the biggest turn-ons for men. When you are on a date or wish to arouse your man with your dressing you can wear the dress that seems to appeal to your partner, or you can opt for a dress that seems to expose the body part by which you man is aroused the most. Once you do this, you might have to put little or no efforts and your man will automatically be turned on and you just have to enjoy the attention and the act.

7. Memories:
Memories play a pivotal part in the stimulation of the turn-on sensation. The memories induce the sensation from the brain rather reaching to an external stimulus. These can be memories of your first time together, or your first meet, or how you did it for the first time. You may not start this conversation directly, you shall go with the act first and while you are at it, slowly and calmly, you may remind your partner of your first sexual experience. The first sexual experience of a person with their partner is truly memorable and unlike any other. It involves immense passion and intense emotion which is not there all the other times that you make love. This will not only turn him on but will also induce some extra emotion and passion in your car of making love.

8. Touch:
As vague and bizarre as this might sound, this can also be one of the most stimulating and the biggest turn-on for men in general. The touch not only signifies the physical interaction between the two bodies but the touch on the proper parts and in a proper way. There are also sensitive regions in a man’s body similar to that of a woman. To your surprise, even men do have a G-spot that most of us are not aware of. This spot resides in the inner region, near to the rectum of men. Touching men on the shaft of their penis and even on the testicular region is a turn-on for most men. Except for your touch, you might even want him to the job and let him touch you across your body for a heated-up action. Men are usually more turned on when they touch the bodies of women themselves rather than women doing the job for them, so, let them get the warmth and the tenderness of your body and ease in the act.

Well, if you want to have a passionate time while making love to your man, then do try any or all of these tricks to turn him on and keep him raring to go to give you that orgasm that you have been longing on for so long. There are some interesting toys and oils available on which will help you turn him on and keep going on for long.

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