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Aleena May 2 2018 at 7:15 AM

Right from virginity to penis size, we know your mind is filled with extremely personal questions which you don’t feel comfortable asking anyone but they are really stressing you out. Here are some intimate questions that fell on’s ears and we are not leaving them unresolved. Peace of mind, you see?

Q.1) My girlfriend’s behavior in bed is confusing me of late. I have always thought penetration into vagina gave the best pleasures. But my partner apparently gets really wild when my penis is rubbed over the exteriors of her vagina compared to penetration. Is something wrong with me?

Answer – A woman’s intimate anatomy is a world of exciting complexities. The exact part where a woman can get pleasure vary from woman to woman. When a man’s penis is penetrated it stimulates the inside region of woman which contains the G-spot while the exterior part consists of the clitoris and outer labia. In your case, looks like your girl gets maximum pleasure when her clitoris gets stimulated. It’s perfectly normal and in fact it works in your favour and gives you an extra spot to explore and pleasure her. Cheers and all the best!

Q.2)  Do women like thick and long penis?


Answer- For solid insights on this topic, read what real women have to say about this here.

Q.3) Hey I am really interested in sex but I got no partner. I haven’t found a girl I could connect with on that level. I couldn’t vibe with anyone I have met till now. Recently I am having a strong urge to indulge in sexual pleasure. What to do? Please help.

Answer- The need to have sex is completely natural and that’s what makes us human. You cannot force a connection with someone unless it’s written in your destiny. Although we would say masturbation is a great way to explore the world of pleasure and sensations without having to go through all the girly tensions. Sex toys for men are designed specially keeping men’s pleasure in mind making orgasms more intense and rewarding for them. You can try powerful strokers, penis rings and masturbators to make the whole experience feel extremely real.

Q.4) I am getting married next month and I have already had sex with my ex boyfriend. Is there any way my future husband does not come to know about this?

Answer- A woman’s virginity depends on the condition of her hymen. There is no other way it can be found out if she has had sex before or not. And hymen as upholded by many can easily break through rigorous physical activity. Moreover mutual pleasure, consent and safety should be of paramount importance in your relationship with your future partner. So we would suggest focusing on a happy,healthy sex life.

 Q.5) I love my girlfriend a lot. Yesterday, she swallowed my sperms during blowjob. Will this cause her any problems in the future?

Answer- It’s so refreshing to see such a caring nature! To answer your question, No it won’t cause her any problems because sperms don’t have any power once they are inside the stomach. The acids present in there cuts down sperms without causing any further harm. So cheers, all is good!

 Tune in next week to explore more such questions coming from you guys and learn more about sex it’s all its exciting glory.


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