6 Best Sex Positions for Deep Penetration

Natasha Dec 16 2016 at 12:04 PM

Sex is exciting and fun, however, it can also be boring and predictive. Sex can be erotic and pleasurable as long as you keep trying new things to juice up your sex life. Great sex is all about mutual satisfaction. If you wish to satisfy your partner and give the ultimate satisfaction on a bed then you must master these best sex position for deep penetration for the ultimate pleasure.  Some women adore deep penetration position but, some absolutely hate it; as the positions can be painful for her as you are reaching deep inside her.

There are so many new sex positions to try, you have to select that gives you and your partner the utmost enjoyment.  Before you start trying different sex positions you must do following things-

  • The “deep spot” also known as anterior fornix is located right about women’s cervix. The stimulation on this spot is highly pleasurable during deeper penetration sex, but if your partner doesn’t quite do it right, then he might unintentionally hit cervix which can be painful.
  • During the transition from first sex position to a new sex position, you need to be aware and careful.
  • Third, communication between you and your partner is key to having an enjoyable sex, especially during deep penetration positions. You need to talk to your partner which position works the best and gives the maximum pleasure.
  • Finally, make sure you are fairly lubricated enough that he slides in and out easily. Prefer water based lubricants for the best deep penetration sex, try flavored water based lubricants if you like.

Now that you have taken all the precautions, let’s talk about the best sex positions for deep penetration. Ensure that you tell your partner when he is hitting the deep spot and when he’s hurting you.

1. Missionary Position

Dating back to the ancient greek era, missionary is the best position to start. The missionary position often preferred by couples who prefer to have eye to eye contact during sexual intercourse. This sexual position can also be used by gay and lesbian couples. For women, start off by lying on your back and raising your legs in the air. Your partner will then enter you while on his knees and then will lean right over to you. If you pull your legs back, it will allow your partner to go much deep inside you. Tip for men, put a pillow below her back to get slight inclination which will allow you to penetrate deeper.

2. Jockey Position

This sex position is the best sex position in every way, as it’s not painful for women or a man, you don’t need to have flexibility, anyone can easily try this sex position and it allows deep penetration. Jockey is a rear entry sex position where the girl lies on her belly, arms bent at elbows and pulled behind the head. In this position girls’ buttocks should be slightly pushed up in the air, like a small hump. You can use a pillow to make the entry smooth. The man will straddle from behind while on his knees. For a man, you can change the angle by sliding up on her.

3. Leapfrog Position

It is considered as a new version of doggie style. To get into the Kamasutra position, the woman stands on four limbs but not her knees, she leans on her arms and legs while exposing her ass up. The man stands behind her back, keeping legs wide and knees bent little and the body leans forward. This position allows deep penetration at it’s best. Man’s hands grab women’s waist and pull himself deeper.

4. Cowgirl Position

How about letting women take the control to dive deep. This is one the most favorite position for guys, as in this position man lies down and women sit on his penis, facing towards him. Men can penetrate deeper by moving his hips upwards. Another variation of this position is reverse cowgirl where women sit backward. Cowgirl position is the best sex position for women as she controls the tempo and speed.

5. Leopard Position

This hot position fulfills the sexual desires to a new dimension. This g spot stimulation position allows a man to penetrate deeply. In this position, a man sits on his feet and lean backward a little. The women sit on the penis and lean forward, legs spread wide and close to man’s legs. This sex position will please her on a bed without a fail.

6. Harp Position

This is a clitoral stimulation position that allows deep penetration. In this sex position, women lies on her side supports the upper part of her body with her elbow. A man sits between the female partner’s legs so that her lifted leg is on his side. Meanwhile, the male partner can stimulate her crotch or caress her breasts for the ultimate satisfaction.

 Deeper Sex Positions

Deep penetration sex positions are not for every couple. Some women can have very small and unresponsive deep spot, while some women like G-Spot stimulation, which does not require long penis and few women prefer clitoral stimulation. However, most prefer a combination of these three. The key to knowing what you enjoy the most and what gives you most sexual satisfaction then it could be a female sex toy such as vibrator or dildo and for men, it could be any male sex toys such as cock rings and much more. ThatsPersonal is the premium adult toy brand in India that offers a huge variety of adult sex toys for women as well as men. With ThatsPersonal you don’t have to worry about privacy when it comes to privacy, it is of paramount importance to ThatsPersonal. All the purchase & delivery will be discreet in India. So buy sex toys confidently online in India with ThatsPersonal.com


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    Nice.which is the best sex toy for men?

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      Hi Rajendra,
      It depends on your need, you can chek out our full range of sex toys for men. If you still have any difficulty you may get in touch with our customer support team at customercare@thatspersonal.com or call us on 022–30770158

  • Vibrators

    First, a quick primer for those of you who haven’t yet experienced the joys of G-spot play : The G-spot is located on the anterior (the side under your belly button) wall of the vagina, about two inches in. It responds best to firm, consistent pressure. There’s a lot of conflicting research about the G-spot, but there’s no denying that stimulating it feels good for a lot of women. Here are the six best positions for trying to hit it.

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