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The most basic answers related to sex every Indian must know!

Is sex good for health? Good news ahead, Yes! Along with giving pleasurable feelings, sex releases the love hormones, oxytocin which helps in releasing overall stress in the body and energises your mind. What is masturbation? Masturbation is the act of arousing yourself without a partner, by touching and teasing your private parts on your…

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Reasons why your sex life sucks and what you can do about it

I guess there’s one thing we all agree upon and we should, “Life is too short for shitty sex and bad relationships” And there’s no reason why anyone should go through bad sex and stressful relationships. Relationships are meant to beautify our lives and not take us through overthinking and teary eyes. If you are…

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Interestingly new types of masturbation techniques for men

Everyone touches their very own body every now and then –the genitals, the nipples, the anus or different components. Most people who've explored their body quickly discover that touching may purpose sexual arousal and satisfying sensations. When human beings spend time on my own touching themselves and frequently bringing themselves to orgasm, it's called masturbation.…

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Anal Sex – Everything Indians need to know!

Can anal sex make you pregnant? How to do anal sex ? And so much more….. From men to women of all ages, people in India are hell lot of scared of anal sex. Some even consider anal sex to be a taboo. Here is, as always breaking through the shackles of baseless taboos…

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New Year sex resolutions- Sex positions ideas to try this year

What better way is there to start the new year with pleasure and naughtiness? Here, at thatspersonal we give you some wild and most importantly pleasurable sex resolutions that you and your partner must try and make it a point to execute them in bed. Topping our list is, 1.       The Backdoor Oral. Very sure…

How to play with a woman's breast, how to touch and play with boobs

How to touch and play with your girl’s breasts

Getting your grip over your partner’s boobs. Now ever heard that saying “Show me how you drive and I’ll tell you who you are.” A memorable quote from the fast and furious franchise. Likewise in bed, it’s all on how you grab those assets of hers that’ll tell her how good you are in bed.…

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