Choose your sex toy according to your zodiac sign

Aleena Apr 20 2018 at 6:19 AM

Your zodiac sign says a lot about your personality and your preferences in your life. Ever wondered what your zodiac says about your naughty preferences? Sit back while we reveal to you 12 pleasure items that are best suited for your zodiac traits. Take our word for it, you are gonna have a great time with these. As they designed to tease and appeal just those traits of yours.

Pro Tip- Check for your crush’s or lover’s naughty quirks as well. Who knows you might come across a turn on secret you never knew before. And you can thank us later for that.


Aquarius are simply the go-getters. They are individuals who lead their lives the way they wish to and refuse to follow the herd or norms laid by the society. They walk the road less traveled and seek out their own path in life rather than following the herd. For this free-spirited woman, DND Rabbit vibrator just seals the deal. Not only its structure stands out from the crowd, but also its pleasure giving sensations is proven completely different from the rest. To all the hatke souls out there, your sex toy choice is sorted!


What’s on the inside is what actually counts for a Pisces. Armed with romance and spirituality, a Pisces woman keeps her secret secure only to herself. And the most perfect sex toy for a woman who keeps her guards strong could be a super discreet Screaming O vibrator that keeps her naughty secret safe from the prying eyes and secretly give her groundbreaking sexual pleasure.


Aries are the ruler of the zodiac sign and hence possess some strong dominant traits. They love taking control and showing off their controlling side in bed. For the commanding Aries, Sex and Mischief Kit is the perfect bet ! It lets you take control in the most irresistible way. This pleasure item satisfies an Aries internally and drowns them in lusty passion. What more can an Aries ask for *wink*


Taurus are known for their oozing sensuality. Taureans also prefer to have simple, comfortable and creative things instead of the flashy, glittery and over the top ones. For such a personality, we suggest this simple looking Masturbator for men which is extremely snuggly and sensual at the same time. It has ribbed texture inside for intensely realistic stimulation all over the penis.


A Gemini is known to represent TWO different types of personalities. Interesting eh? We are super excited to offer a Gemini our super kinky bunny vibrator that have TWO different motors in it to provide powerful dual stimulation. Such a big turn on for the dual personalities Gemini right?


A cancer is all about the little things. They love searching for those little things, little moments in life that affects their relationships in a huge way. For such a personality, the most perfect sex toy would be this tiny package from Fifty Shades of Grey. Its so little that you will never guess the powerful potential it has within. Cancers are also incredible intense which goes just perfect with its intense vibrations. You need to see to believe it.


A Leo is all about the luxury. Things that have rich, luxurious feel is all that attracts a Leo. And nothing spells luxury better than Christian Grey and Fifty Shades of Grey effects. So here we present to a Leo stylishly elegant handcuffs straight from the land of Fifty Shades of Grey. Its exclusively curated by the ace author E.L James herself to mix in pure eroticness to your passionate moments. It just cannot get better than this!


Virgos are mainly subtle in their choices of pleasure. Nothing too luxurious or flashy appeals to their senses, or should we say nethers *wink wink*.

For such personalities, something as simple as this gorgeous cock ring works great! But do not go by the simplicity of this beast as it can really give your sex a solid boost of pleasure. Just wear around penis and relish in the rock hard vibrations sent through the woman’s sensitive part as well.


Libras are peace loving people. And nothing goes better with such a personality than this super quiet clitoral vibrator from the Satisfyer brand. It’s so adorable and peaceful that you will guaranteed fall in love with it.


Scorpios are people with passion. And a lot of it. Even in bed they look for passion more than anything else. Pleasure is secondary and the desire comes primary to them. A flogger brings out the primal desire a Scorpio essentially craves for. This sensual and lavish flogger from the official Fifty Shades of Grey collection makes for an ultimate pleasure object for a Scorpio.


A Sagi is more open to experimentation in bedroom than anyone else. And hence a complete set of restraints kit would be able to blow life into their experimentation quirks. They’ll be as satisfied as it can get and get immense pleasure out of it.

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