Confessions of an Indian sex blogger

Aleena Aug 27 2018 at 1:38 PM

An Indian girl in a sex toy shop.

How does that sound to you?

No she’s not a salesperson…..No she’s not using it.

The world of blogging in India is ablaze with female writers who put down their feelings on their blog and nourish their blog like a child.

So, what am I doing different?

I run a blog where I do put my feelings down but, I do it on a taboo topic. A topic Indian girls are kept far away from….at least at this ripe age of 21.

Yeah you are smart. You got it. (Or you just read the headline).

The topic I am talking about here is – Sex.

I strongly believe, In India we need to talk more about sex and that’s the mission I have taken on my shoulders.

And this mission so far has been exciting and difficult both at once.

Being a blogger for an online sex store has its own perks. This profile gave me an experience of a lifetime but also had me do thing I never thought I would be doing.

Here are some things I would like to confess, raw and original-

“Turn on is real”

When you go through millions of sex stories and sexual blogs throughout the day, it is but natural to get aroused a little. The same happens with me.

I work with a bunch of 10 guys and 2 girls….but everyone follows a respectable, professional environment even though we work in this industry.

Although yes, my work does get me turned on. More times than I would like it too.

I get wet down there, my heart races and I can’t stop fantasizing about the things that are currently on my screen.

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