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SHOLAY, this blockbuster movie was a great hit in the 90′s. Popular dialogues from the film like ‘Basanti In Kutto Ke Samne Mat Nachna”, “Kitne Aadmi The?”, “Ye Haath Muje Dede Thakur!”, “Holi Kab Hai, Kab Hai Holi?” etc are still remembered and spoken today. But what if you could associate sex toys with these dialogues and have some naughty fun?

DND presents So-Ke-Le, a movie that will rock your Valentine’s week. It has an amazing star cast that consists of sex toys. Each sex toy resembles your favourite character from the movie Sholay. Have a look at the naughty characters below -

  • DND Happy Rabbit Vibrator as Veeru  - This naughty Veeru will tickle your clitoris and provide maximum stimulation. It is small in size and comes with vibrating functions for intense orgasms.
  • DND Ultimate Penis Enlargement Pump as Jai – This penis pump is just like the character Jai, who is clever and will complete the job. It will help your penis with a rock hard erection as this automatic-pump provides ultimate pleasure.
  • DND Glamour Vibrator as Basanti – The Glamour Vibrator is always ready to provide intense orgasms. Like Basanti’s Dhanno, it is equipped with powerful vibrating speed and known for providing intense sensations.
  • DND Dark Fantasy Vibrator as Radha –  This vibrator is quiet, silent and discreet. It doesn’t talk much like Radha but will do the job carefully. It has a flexible tip and 7 powerful vibration modes that provides amazing pleasure to the sensitive spots.
  • DND Pleasuribe  Penis Pump as Thakur –  This penis pump will help your penis to achieve stronger and harder erections. Just like the Thakur, this penis pump is the real hero who will always be your ideal companion and provide maximum pleasure. The penis pump also comes with a vibrating bullet and a multispeed dialer to help you with the perfect erection.
  • DND Mighty Body Wand as Gabbar – This mighty wand doesn’t need any description. It is the naughtiest, just like Gabbar. This bad boy is big in size and has plenty of power that can provide intense stimulation to sensitive spots.
  • DND Macho Penis Enlargement Pump as Ramlal – This macho penis pump will not let you down. Just like Ramlal, he will provide you with all the help you desire. With massage heads inside the penis pump, it will enhance and stimulate your penis.
  • DND Dual Slider as Rahim Chacha – This dual slider looks simple like Rahim Chacha, but will work very hard to satisfy your needs. The double-ended dildo is great for vaginal and anal play as it comes with stimulating pointers at the top and at the end.
  • DND Exotic Set of 3 Erection Rings as Ahmed – These cock rings are always excited for their new job, just like Ahmed. The set of 3 erection rings will help to enhance erection size, stamina and delay ejaculation.
  • DND Dual Explorer Dildo as Soorma Bhopali – This dual explorer is witty and humorous. It provides the best stimulation as it features graduating jelly beads at one end and a luxurious bulbous head at the other.
  • DND Bendy Beads as Mausi – The bendy beads will take care of your desires, just like the Mausi who takes care of Basanti. The bendy beads are great for foreplay and are extremely smooth for easy anal insertion and come with a finger-loop for confident release.
  • DND Adam’s Ring as Jailor – The Adam’s ring is alert and watchful, just like the Jailor. This stretchy, ultra-smooth cushioned cock ring will assist you with erection strength and maximize your climax.
  • DND Torpedo Bullet Vibrator as Harriram – This small and powerful vibrator is very keen to know about your private life, just like Harriram. Its 7 powerful vibration modes will ensure stronger stimulation and can be used for solo or foreplay sessions.
  • DND Ultra Power Penis Enlargement Pump as Sambha – This penis pump will always respond to your needs, just like Sambha responds to Gabbar’s questions. This penis pump will help you to get the best erection and improve your performance, size and stamina.
  • DND Mini-Wand Intense Power as Kaalia – This mini-wand is big in size, black in colour, just like Kaalia’s appearance. With 7 powerful vibrating modes, it helps in relieving minor aches on the body or provide deep and strong vibrations to your sensitive spots.
  • DND Get Hard Set of 3 Cock Rings as Inspector Khurana – The set of 3 cock rings are here to fulfil their duties, just like Inspector Khurana. Each ergonomically designed cock ring is suitable for a different mood, supporting harder and firmer erections.
  • DND Finger Sleeves as Mehooba Mehooba – Once you wear these sleeves on your fingers and use it on intimate areas, you wouldn’t mind humming the song ‘Mehooba Mehbooba’. These finger sleeves have dotted heads and wave design for extra stimulation.

These sex toys will surely add more fun and drama to your sex life. It’s your turn now to take a look at these brilliant sex toys.


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