Everything you knew about sex and women is probably wrong!

Aleena Aug 20 2018 at 9:39 AM

Here’s an universal truth.

Male orgasms come easy…..very easy.

For a male to orgasm, there is nothing needed to be involved other than the head and shaft of the penis.

No other part of his body needs to be touched, caressed or stimulated in order to get him to climax it just happens and it’s that simple.

But for women, it’s a lot more complex. We all believe that a woman’s vagina has to be penetrated and thrusted mercilessly for her to experience that ultimate sexual pleasure. Sorry to burst your bubble that’s not true.

Here’s the actual truth-

An intercourse – insertion of a man’s penis into a woman’s vagina was NEVER meant for women to orgasm. Because the vaginal walls deep inside have really few nerve endings.

The actual chhupa-rustam, the powerhouse of pleasure is the “Clitoris”.

There is even a famous saying that especially Indian men should take really seriously- Think clitorally not vaginally. Because Indian men are internalized to believe that fucking your wife is everything to keep her happy and sexually satisfied.

Do not go into believing such half-baked knowledge instead gain some knowledge here on this very critical topic and never have a bad phase in your marriage again.

If you thought penis was most sensitive, and got excited even by the faintest touch so hear this out-

A woman’s clitoris has 8 thousand nerve endings which is twice as many in the penis.


Don’t mistake that little button for the entire clitoris…because that’s not it.

The head of the clitoris is just the tip off the iceberg. Clitoris has the ability to produce multiple orgasms in one single session of sex.

So guys just imagine. If you focus on the clitoris instead of the vagina, you give so much more pleasure to your lady.

Now coming back to intercourse that you all men are so crazy about-

When men talk about sex they think words like “deep” and “hard” are more suitable and required. As if women experience please after ramming something deep inside her.

Never you will find a man say “I fucked her subtly” or “I made love to her as lightly as a feather”.

The deep inside walls of a vagina have really few nerve endings and are quite insensitive when gently touched or stroked by the penis and that’s why women can’t reach an orgasm through penetration. Reason is that the clitoris is in the outer of vaginal opening and during intercourse the penis completely misses the clitoris.

So how does women moan out of pleasure when penetrated with a penis?

We feel awful breaking this news to you but that heavenly feeling is not caused by the power and reach of your penis thrusts,they are actually caused by the pressure that the whole action creates on the parts of the clitoris that is surrounded on the vagina opening.

The nerves of clitoris runs so deep inside that the so-called G-spot in reality may be nothing but the end of the clitoris.

If you were shocked by that, hear this-

Even male stimulation is dependent on clitoris. Let us explain how….


When clitoris is filled with blood it creates a horseshoe like arch in the vagina which applies pressure and friction on the male penis which is responsible for male orgasm.

While its possible to achieve a clitoral orgasm without any penetration, it is not possible to achieve a vaginal orgasm without clitoris being present.

Even if the idea of penetration being overrated in a bitter pill to swallow, it can really make the process of sex easier and simpler.

It makes you think of creative ways of pleasure that involve not just penis, but hands, mouth, body and minds.

It frees you from the usual stress about size, stamina and performance. With this approach, we are free to love our partner with something more of yourself, with our entire being.

With that said, here’s something else you may wanna know-

Your tongue is mightier than the sword (penis)

A woman’s orgasm is complex and men are not able to control their hard penises in that way. A man’s tongue on the other hand is soft and more controlled.

It sounds strange, but it’s true. It’s not that the tongue is a replacement for a man’s penis; it’s an addition, an enhancement—an extension.

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