Pleasure Rings – All you need to know!

Natasha Apr 25 2016 at 10:49 AM

How does a Pleasure Ring work?

If you’re reading this post by That’s Personal now, it shows that you’re an evolved person and more importantly a well-read person. To understand Pleasure Rings or Cock rings better, we need to understand what an erection means first!

When does an erection happen?

An erection happens when arousal forces the brain to send signals to the specialized blood vessels in the penis. Blood flow to the penis is vastly increased and this specialized penile tissue is engorged. Increased blood flow during sexual arousal and the entire activity of a sexual intercourse, keeps this tissue engorged, which has the effect of maximizing the size the tissue can expand to, and hardening the penis in the process. If I were a layman reading, I would have to stretch my eyes to understand what’s written. To make it easier to understand, increased blood flow to the penile region causes an erection! Simple.

What does a Pleasure Ring do?

Essentially a cock-ring or a pleasure ring helps to create a situation where the blood can’t escape the penile tissue as easily as it can enter it. This results in the penis becoming slightly more engorged than before. Since it becomes harder for the blood to flow out and blood is being held in the penis a little more aggressively, it stays harder for a longer period of time. Seriously, it is that simple! And not only that, special cock rings do not just give a harder, longer erection to males, they stimulate females too making them perfect ‘third’ love partner to experiment, innovate and have even more fun!

Where do you put a pleasure ring?

It actually depends on the ring you’re buying and more often than not from the place you’re buying from would have instructions on the site. The Screaming O for instance, provides excellent manuals along with each pleasure ring. However, as a general practice rings can be worn around the base of the shaft of the penis, making sure the ring is as close to your body as possible. However they tend to be more effective when you wear them around both the shaft and the testicles, constricting your whole genital area. There are also cock rings which are worn at the top of the penis, just below the glans.

Pleasure Ring and its different types?

There are pleasure rings with a motor, multiple motors, reusable or disposable, made of different types of material. To buy pleasure rings online, you need to do your research and then buy the right cock ring to match your needs.

Reusable Cock Rings:

As the name suggests, these male rings can be used multiple times and hence also cost slightly higher than the disposable ones. Check out a few below:

o-yeah-cock-ringstri-o-cock-rings the-big-o-cock-rings

Disposable Cock Rings:

Again, as the name suggests these are inexpensive rings that can be used and thrown away. If you wish to use one secretly and then wish to throw it away, disposable pleasure rings are a great option. Some options shown below:

go-vibe-cock-rings screaming-o-cock-rings two-o-cock-rings


Variable size cock rings

There are also rings which have a variable size, then you simply place the pleasure ring over the base of your penis and tighten it to your personal preference. These type of rings can be varied in size by means of a drawstring and toggle

Stretchy cock rings

If you are using a stretchy pleasure ring then all you have to do is take the ring and slightly stretch it between your fingers to make it bigger; a bit like stretching an elastic band. Place it over the base of your penis and let it go back to its original shape.

Solid cock rings

If you have a rigid, solid pleasure ring then it is best to put it on when your thing is semi-erect. Put some lube on your penis, slide the pleasure ring to the base of the shaft, hold it in place and wipe off any excess lube to stop the ring from sliding about. Then you can proceed to bring yourself to a full erection which will keep the pleasure ring in place.

Pleasure Rings can be of multiple types and made of variety of materials. If you try to buy pleasure rings online in India, make sure you suit them to your needs before you purchase. Once you’ve bought them, you’re ready to have a fun trip of a lifetime! ;P

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