F.R.I.E.N.D.S with benefits : Episode 2

Natasha Jun 15 2015 at 9:46 AM

Episode 2


Tired and nervous, Sai’s next day at work is an absolute nightmare. All he can think about is the stuff he ordered last night. The numerous things he was exposed to, most of which he didn’t know had anything to do with sex.
A sleep mask , a simple piece of satin cloth can act as the key to an amazing sex life…


Sex, Sex Comedy


He gets tired and anxious and can’t focus anything else all day. He decides to leave early, saying he’s not feeling well. His boss let’s him go without too many questions too, because he looks pale and so very tired.

So he reaches home only to find a neat little box with “that’s personal’s” logo on it, waiting for him on the doorstep.It was getting real now. This little box and what it contains could make or break his new relationship. He takes it inside.

2 (2)


It just sits on the sofa as he can’t find the will to open the box. The most satisfying part of the whole ordeal was that no one would know what he purchased, as the whole thing was very private and discreet. He feels it’s all too weird and so, he calls Cassy.
Cassy tells him it’s all right and gets him calmer than he was before. She explains to him that it’s all right, it’s normal to try something new or have a fetish.
Even he begins to feel a little better after a while on the call.

3 (3)


They hang up after a while. Alone in his house with that one little package. Sai looks at the clock. It’s getting kinda late now. It had almost been 2 hours since he came home. He looks at the box one more time.
He musters up all his courage and opens it. He didn’t find anything unusual inside, well, the handcuffs surprised him at first.
Later on he started fantasizing and making up scenarios in his head. To his surprise he was getting a lot more ideas than he thought he would.

Only one day left for date night. This is the calm before the storm or so it seems.
Stay tuned and find out what happens next week on F.R.I.E.N.D.S with benefits.



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