Listen up Men! 5 places you *have* to touch her on first wedding night sex

Aleena Sep 27 2017 at 11:37 AM

The first night pressure to perform well can be really daunting especially when we Indians hold the “first night” concept in such high regards….yes we feel you! However trust us when we say this, it`s fairly easy, all you have to do is locate pleasure spots on her body and focus on targeting them to create pleasure waves in her body. Too much work you say?

Surprise! Surprise! We, at ThatsPersonal, did all the work for you so you don’t have to. Sit back and glance through the specific erogenous zones we have highlighted in this article.

1. The one with the bone

Yes the collarbone, there is nothing better than your hands on her waist with your warm breath fanning across her shoulders. Press your lips for a kiss coupled with light suctions against her collarbone and witness her moan like never before. Collarbone is an extremely sensitive region to explore with your tongue and lips.

Neck kisses

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2. The one with the Back

No not her back, specifically the lower back has to be kindled with your fingers. Strike your best couple dance pose and grab her lower back, she is sure to let out a soft gasp. It has tons of nerve endings to be played along with to satisfy her innermost senses.

Run the tips of your fingers along her spine or lightly caress your palms against her lower back curve! It`s all for you to explore.

3. The one which is all Pink

Well, hold your thoughts right there. It is definitely not in the southern regions of your dirty mind. We are talking about the spot lip gloss adorns! How beautiful is that curve that’s matte at times and shiny pink the other?


Girls do care about the appearance of their lips way too much and what happens when you hold them in place and lightly brush through that pink flesh? Exactly!

4. The watchful area

You might be surprised to know a girl`s wrists can be as sensitive as any other part of her body. It`s even more delicate as it looks. The wrist is also the very first area you can touch your partner intimately and the anticipation in her mind of what might come next will turn her onto unthinkable heights.

Girl`s wrist

5. The One with the Nipples

Breasts are a visually sexual and extremely sensitive for a woman. Some women have also been known to reach a climax by nipple stimulation alone. Sounds really exciting, doesn’t it? Don’t you want to give it a try and experience for yourself? Go ahead and give her free visit to the pleasure town!

We at that`s personal, identify with your nervousness and have dedicated an entire section to the newlywed first-timers to help you smoothly sail through all your firsts. Go ahead and explore the world of Firsts with our First Timer section here.


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