Game Of Condoms – Infographic

Aleena Jun 20 2016 at 3:51 AM

What if condoms were available in the age of dragons?


From the Lannisters to the Starks and the Dothrakis to the Second Sons, sex and nudity  has been an integral part of the Seven Kingdoms or the hit TV show Game of Thrones.Well the show does provide you with lust and pleasure but doesn’t cover safety and protection. How about safe sex using condoms where Tyrion Lannister will be the brand ambassador!

Well folks, now that The Battle of the Bastards is over, That’s Personal invites you to see The Battle of Size, Type and Flavour in a Game of Condoms.
WARNING: Don’t try to make these at home :P
Special Thanks to Lady Brienne for the size chart  #GameOfCondoms

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  • poojit rohra

    Brilliant, This one got my funny tickling. Love how apt the comparisons with the characters are.

    • Samarpita Sahani

      Funny what Poojit?

  • geda nayak

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